Prospective pedal order

Just looking again at this, what pedals do you have and why ?

Two of mine bought after buying an interface as guitar straight into that needed something. Tube amp modeler and multi FX.

Since then I did a bit of research and added compressor and fuzz, the lastly the tube screamer.

Looking at power cables with a 90 degree plug so I can get pedals closer together so I should be able to add a mini pedal to the end (looper I already possess or have that as extra next to board and add reverb…).


I got 5 pedals.
They’re a bit different than yours, but also similar.
All pedals go into the front of my amp.
Guitar plugs into a
joyo dyna compressor.
2nd is a joyo vintage overdrive.
3rd is a tc electronics gauss tape echo (delay)
4 is a joyo vintage phase
5 is a joyo tremolo.

tremolo is pluged into a fender a/b/y switch.
a amp is a fender prri
b amp is a supro blues king 12 or I can pull that input and put it into a peavey bandit 112 red stripe.

No particular reason for the pedals I have.
compressor, vintgage phase, deley, were all just gotten off the craigs list. Got them when I started back with the guitar and thought I needed some gear (pedals). So they were just hit and miss as to what was available used.
Tremolo and vintage overdrive I got as I didn’t have any tremolo on any amp at the time. Vintage overdrive because I needed something for some overdrive, especially at lower volume.
imho, get yourself a tremolo pedal if ya ain’t got that onboard your amp. The tremolo is likely my most used pedal followed close by the compressor. Tremolo is just to fun.

The order was just taken off the www.
Researched a couple of how to organize your pedal train and what I came up with is what I use.

It seems to work as I’ve not changed their location since I put it together.

For sure get some of them short 90* plugs so they can be close together.
I find the pedal board optional. I don’t have room for one so what pedals I got are just lined up in a row in ft. of the bandit, which is right at my feet where I sit at my desk. Where I play at.

Good luck in getting it how you want your board.
I don’t think there’s a fast rule as to organization, just suggestions as to how others put them together.

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My set up I have fender strat going into my dod stereo flanger to a donner chorus to boss hyper metal hm3 to donner blues driver to makati looper into my fender deluxe 112 plus with fender reverb set to on . Is there any recommendations on my pedal order?

Think about what you want to hear. Do you want to distort the flanger and chorus (what you have now), or do you want to flange and chorus the distorted guitar? You can fiddle with the order to figure out what you like.

I have a processor, not individual pedals, so I get to fiddle with this pretty easily.

Basic rules of thumb is that linear pedals won’t matter where they are in the chain, but non-linear will give you something different depending on where they are. Linear is something like a clean gain, looper, EQ. Non-linear is anything that distorts - flanger, overdrive, chorus…

The place where this rule breaks down is when you have a far larger signal entering a pedal than it was intended for. An extreme example would be placing a 40W booster in front of most any pedal. It would be capable of too much signal level into the next pedal, maybe even to the point of damage in that case.

Another place this can break down is with EQ. if you EQ before the non-linear, you won’t get all the bandwidth of the signal entering the non-linear pedal. A non-linear pedal generates frequency elements above and below the original signal bandwidth. EQ before means that you can still have the elements you are trying to attenuate come out of the non-linear pedal if they are generated by the pedal. If you EQ afterward, then you get the attenuation, but there is more to remove and also likely a broader range of frequencies you may need to control.

That is possibly a messy explanation. If I have made a mess, just let me know and I can try to do a better job explaining. The bottom line is try different orders and take note of what you like and dislike.

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No ,you did good job explaining. I usually like flanger in front of distortion. So i think i will play with this setup for awhile. Thanks for helping.