Prospective pedal order

bit of research and a bit of experimentation…

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I’ve always said there is something that just feels right about building out a pedal board. Let your ears be your guide.


I think I have them right to left as I want them…

No reverb ?

Haha! Here we go! :slight_smile:

I’m going to hold back a little bit and let the guy find his own tone and maybe he will post some of his playing in the AVoYP forum. The FX-600 has a delay, so that can add some space and fatten up his tone. I use delay a lot more than I use reverb. Delay may work better with that tubescreamer clone in the signal chain as well. So much depends on amp, guitar and playing ability.

Generally you would put the compressor first

And the fuzz/OD before the Tube amp modeler

Not sure what the Digital multi fx is doing

1970’s Japanese 20 watt amp. A Loco by Aria…
In theory with reverb but I seem to have broken while contact cleaning the pots.

Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Telecaster

Recorded using phone…

Around module 14, this from recent recording.

Fuzz plus Tube Amp modeller with distortion…
Recorded before the tube screamer clone arrived yesterday. And the board…

Assuming you’re going from right to left in that picture, that looks like a decent place to start.

You might want to experiment with placing the fuzz first. It depends on the type of fuzz, but sometimes a fuzz doesn’t like anything between it and the guitar (FWIW, it’s usually germanium fuzzes that can be picky like that).

I assume the multi-fx pedal is being used for stuff like delay and reverb (and maybe modulation). If so, placing it at or near the end is the most common practice, which you seem to be doing. You could also experiment with putting it before the amp modeler, just to see what works best for you. (Personally, I’d probably often just turn the amp modeler off since you’re running into an actual 20W amp.)

Anyway, that’s a solid arrangement. Play around and use your ears as your guide when you experiment and tweak things.

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The multi-fx pedal does Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Tremolo and Pitch Shifter. No reverb though.

I was using the tube amp modeller for distortion, it was quite noisy. Also to jazz up the clean sound a little. So put the tube screamer on the Christmas list.

The multi FX is more for chorus, phaser where I have got sounds that I liked. Will be playing with the delay a little. Not sure about the flanger.

I had reverb in the amp, before I used contact cleaner to stop the pots in the amp crackling.

Looks about right for a good place to start to me.
I got 5 pedals too and they are arranged much like yours albeit for you got a couple pedals that I don’t have.

From what I get, there’s no fast rule, but what you’ve got going is much like any picture I’ve seen of what works good for others.

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The multi FX was an experiment and may not stay on the board. I have a board that will hold 5 pedals and have these 5 pedals and a looper.

Only the compressor\limiter, the fuzz and the tube screamer were planned as such ( added to Christmas lists ). The other two arriving last year.

I have to set up then pack everything away after each practice, the board should save some time…

This explains all -


I think there is some universal law that says the pedal number will always grow to be one more than the capacity of your pedal board.

I’ve had to buy a bigger board. :smile:

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Thank you for posting this! I found it very helpful. When I originally set up my board, I was just kind of winging it and had no idea what would be best in what order. After watching this, it makes me think I need to completely re-do mine :thinking: I now have two additional pedals to add in as well.

Maybe I will ask for help with mine in a separate thread to avoid hijacking this one :laughing:


A pedal board is never set. Why should it be?


I watched a few videos like this, surprised the tuner is not first in their example…?

A lot depends on whether you’ve got an FX loop on your Amp, also how you want to shape your sound. I do have an FX loop so I usually put my time based effects in the loop and non time based in the front end of the Amp. That said there are occasion exceptions, in which case I don’t always use the FX loop for ALL of the time base effects depending on where I want the distortion to be. Doing this you can get subtle changes that can make an interesting difference.
If you don’t have an FX loop it’s very much trial and error to get what you want, the main thing that’s difficult is using a looper when you don’t have one but it’s not a problem that can’t be solved.

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I have a looper but this will now be on floor next to board using a power lead from board.
I just had pedals on floor before. Putting ones I use most on board as a time saver, setup and put away…

Guitar lives in case under bed. Amp in a cover under dressing table and pedals in their boxes under bed.

Though maybe if the get together with another old dog, from comments in whatsapp in meeting the other Monday, goes well I may be taking pedal board away from bedroom occaisionally…

The Andertons video made me want to stack gain pedals.

I liked the compressor before the fuzz.

Like fuzz AND gain together.

So the order in the photo.

Things may change…:grinning:

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Yeah I don’t know why either, I suppose they’re thinking that most people are using a clip on tuner not a pedalboard one, if I used a pedalboard one it would be at the start of the line that goes straight into the Amp.

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