Punk Rock Persuit - Rhys in Brisbane, Aus - a little about me

Because you like Green Day: One take Basket Case

I can’t remember of school of rock was where I got that phrase but it describes those 80s rock solos so nicely it a must use expression in my mind.

We’re gunna have to catch up it seems

Welcome aboard!

Punk rockers take nothing for granted but take nothing from anybody!
That’s why you sohuldn’t be shy to experiment with the fingerings for certain chords if they form a physical challenge. :smiley: |

By all means, stick to learning the conventional way as well but consider this as well; as a complement, not a replacement:

Surprise or not, many amongst uf have a certain quirk that made us find other ways to do things. I think you’ll enich yourself and your playing by gently learning how a major scale works and how it is used to form chords. If you can find the notes on the neck and you know how to build basic chords, you can explore and find your own shapes. They might be less conventional or even a chord inversion but they could enable you to achieve more. Plus: as soon as you take the red pill and detach yourself from the “this is the only way to play chord x” mindset, your musical creativity gets more breathing space! Check the lessons on triads for example!

then again, you don’t have to take anything from me remember :smiley:

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Cheers mate,

Just punched through some theory modules in the last couple of days. Because of my saxophone back ground the first few modules were easy as. Just looked into the early lessons on the caged system today and triads were on the to do list as well.

My work life is gunna suffer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi Rhys,
Welcome , And as for your work, there is a life to be learned in music theory…if your work suffers now it will never get better anymore :smile:…this is very addictive later in life it seems…guys and girls who have become “addicted” to this have become professionals (if only most of us had continued with it huh)…for us now applies better late than never
Have fun and see you in the “video recordings” section,
Greetings, Rogier

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Hi Rhys and welcome. Good to hear you have some music theory already… i have absolutely none whatsoever. I just learn songs and jam on my own mostly. Look forward to hearing some tunes in the AVOYP section soon



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we’ll do a virtual jam soon mate

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Cheers again. Have updated my initial post to include a picture of the funky fingers.

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Hello Rhys, welcome to the community.
That photo and your musical preferences makes me think I should link and point you towards a certain Irish punk band:

Stiff Little Fingers

Here’s just a couple.

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Awesome. Right up my ally.

A bit of an update.
Just bought myself a Boss Katana 100 MKII.



Arrived today - had a play. Mind blown!!! :rofl:

Such a difference having decent gear from my 10W 3 dial amp. Immediately some of the song I’ve been playing that kinda sounded like the original sound 1000000 times better. motivation through the roof.


Got a new rack today so I could have all the guitars out. Getting a bit of a collection together now .


Welcome Rhys! Hope you find some jam buddies. :slight_smile:

Long time since I’ve posted anything but I’ve slowly been chipping away.
Getting a reasonably good version of Greenday - Good Riddance down, have boulevard and When I come around pretty licked.

In new skills, I’m playing with string bending in the Jazz lead course. Nice photo of my first finger blister from playing. So proud.


:rofl: putting in the hard yards, good to see!

Great that you’re still going with guitar, I was still a lurker back when you posted your intro above, so a (very!!) belated hi from me now :wave: :wink:

If you haven’t already, check out the latest JGC Open Mic from the weekend, as you’re into punk I think you’ll definitely dig @liaty’s excellent performance here :metal:

All the best from across the ditch… :sunglasses: :+1:

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Thanks for the link mate. Yes loved that

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I bought the 50 MkII EX but wish I had done some more research and bought the 100 MkII. Welcome from a fellow Aussie.

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Hi Rhys, welcome to the community. Looks like you have good gear to rock out on. I’ve had to deal with a small pinkie that tends to curl toward the ring finger too much, but I have learned to work around it. I know that you will also. When you get to Grade 2 modules, you will learn power chords and have a lot more choices of songs that rock.