QR Code - original by JK

QR Codes! Since COVID, I swear they’re everywhere. At one coffee shop I went to a while ago, they wouldn’t even take my order at the counter if it was dine-in (drink-in?), they made me order on my phone. Really! I didn’t go back.

This is a fun little song about QR Codes. At a pub, not a coffee shop. Listen, enjoy, leave a comment and tell me if you enjoyed it or it sucked, or any positive/negative feedback. :wink:


And because I think people might ask… I didn’t exactly plan to write this song. I was jamming, found the riff & rhythm, and then the chorus came out. The song started off about something completely different. I’ve changed the words probably about a dozen times, but it’s done now so it will stay. :smiley:

The lyrics

I ordered 20 minutes ago
I used the damn QR code
I’m still sitting here waiting for my beer

It used to be that I’d go out at night, see my friends it would be a good time
Now it seems I’m sitting here, waiting on my IPA tech support

I ordered 20 minutes ago
I used the damn QR code
I’m still sitting here waiting for my beer
Why do you need my email address anyway
I don’t wanna be on your marketing database
All I wanna do is come here and
Drink some beer

Is it me with the problem
I think my problem is that I don’t have my beer
I don’t think I’ve got the problem
After all isn’t that why I’m here

I ordered 20 minutes ago
I used the damn QR code
I’m still sitting here waiting for my beer
You know I should have ordered at the bar
It’s not even very far
I’m still sitting here waiting for my beer


Loved it JK! A really fun song and I think we can all relate to the lyrics. Apart from the really catchy lyrics and great vocals I really enjoyed the rhythm and the flow of the song. Excellent job mate and that one’s a keeper! :sunglasses:

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Pure awesomeness!
You had me laughing, great work on the lyrics. :sunglasses: :+1:

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lol @RobDickinson, you did it! :rofl: Glad I could inspire you to greatness! :rofl:

Thanks @Eddie_09, glad you liked it and found the lyrics catchy!

And @Richard_N, if you laughed, that makes me happy :wink:


That’s great! Such a fun little tune.
And it’s a completely different level, writing your own songs and singing while playing. The only thing I can tell is that I think you should involve more wrist movement instead of whole forearm. It greatly improves the dynamic and overall feel of your strumming.
But when you can come up with those rhymes it’s not that important. :laughing:


That was great JK - vocals coming on nicely too. I remember an interview with John Mayer when he said he went into Berklee wanting to be the best guitarist in the world, and left two semesters later deciding that his real goal was he wanted to be ‘listenable’. That was definitely very listenable!
Good job!


Always enjoyable to listen to you. Great job on your original song.

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Super job JK!! Veyr funky riff had my foot tapping from the off and the percussive hits are spot on for the song. Your playing is so polished these days, I never fail to be inspired by your posts.

Love the sentiment and couldn’t agree more, what the hell is wrong with a laminated / paper menu and some human interaction!

Cheers to you! (when your beer arrives :wink: )


That was great JK! Thanks for the early morning chuckle. :joy:


That was fun :joy: and catchy!
Great rhythm and vocals :smiley:
Enjoyed it! :+1:


Enjoyable stuff JK. Great rhythm and we can all relate to those lyrics.
Well done.


A song for the times JK, thank you for sharing this enjoyable song about silly ‘bloody’ tech, oh and I hope you enjoyed the beer when it arrived. :smiley:


Great job JK. The song is actually quite catchy and funny. I watched it a few times :slight_smile:


This is a fun one Jk! Also a bit sad I’m afraid…what are we humans becoming? Anyway…back to the song, I thought the rhytm was very catchy and I enjoyed the singing too. Bravo! And…cheers :beers::blush:


Jk @jkahn
Original songs are always interesting to listen too.
I guess it would be classed as a ‘Protest Song’.
I share your dislike of ordering from a QR code, one of the cafes in our local airport has this, ordered food last year on way to holiday still waiting for it to come!


Thanks for the listen Artem. Anyone can come up with their own songs… it’s fun, think of it like a bit of improv, then structure it a little.

John Mayer definitely became one of the best guitarists though! I hadn’t heard that quote before, but makes sense and I agree with it - about wanting to be listenable. Glad you enjoyed it and found QR code listenable Paul :wink:.

Thanks for the listen Jeff!

Aww, shucks Mark! It started with the riff. Although it was different chords, more bluesy, but I couldn’t make a vocal melody with it so put it in E major and the rest fell out. I gave up on that beer, but had a couple of lagers before dinner last night from this fine establishment (home) where the service is instant but the supplier often forgets to stock the fridge!

Thanks Mark, glad it brought a smile to your face :smiley:

Thank you Jasmine - the thing has been stuck in my head for a while now :roll_eyes:. Catchy is a double-edged sword.

Cheers Gordon… what happened to the times when we could escape being glued to phones by going and socialising :roll_eyes:


Don’t you know it Mal! I’m a tech guy and this kind of intrusive trash that makes our lives worse rather than better annoys me no end. A couple of months ago I was at a pub when everyone at our large table was ordering on their phones - I walked up to the bar and came back with my drink before anyone else! No queue at all. And I had a chat with the bartender… way better.

Thank you Mathieu! That’s what I was hoping for :smiley:

We’ve got to fight the machine Silvia :wink: Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the kudos on my singing. Slowly, slowly working on it. One trick with making up my own song is nobody knows if the vocal melody isn’t right :rofl:

Thanks for checking it out Michael! Protest song, I don’t know about that, maybe… but definitely a song that came from a lot of IRL complaining :rofl: Maybe your cafe food will be ready for your next trip!



Good fun. I wonder if thirst is quenched by creative juices?



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:beer: :rofl:

Love it, JK! Another great original! :smiley: Totally relatable and super catchy! :sunglasses: I felt the rhythm had a definite Jack Johnson vibe, not the lyrics mind, but definitely the guitar :surfing_man: :guitar: :call_me_hand:
I read your recent LL posts with interest (and admiration for taking that step) and can already see (hear) a progression in your vocals to what seems perhaps more polished from what I’ve heard previously. I thought you matched the vocal style and tone very well with this tune. I am also a fan of your darker, more tom-waits-style delivery but this is perhaps more versatile? So marrying this approach with some dirt could be interesting combination on a grungy track? It’s constantly inspiring to follow your journey, thank you for continuing to share your progress :metal:

As a side note, I have to admit to being a QR fan :joy: It may be that it works better in NZ? Or at least my experience with it. Or it could be just that my hands are jelly at the best of times, so getting a beer from the bar to the table can be quite the arduous task vs relaxing back whilst someone else tackles that perilous journey for me :beer: :wave: :grimacing: :rofl: