QR Code - original by JK

True, but some can do it much better than others.

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Bravo, JK. That was fabulous. Really enjoyable tune in every respect.

Apart from everything else that has already been mentioned and goes for me too, I thought the guitar tone was superb.

As for vibes, I thought the first chord progression had a slight Nirvana sound to it. Of course you know exactly how not Nirvana tuned in I am, so may be nonsense :joy:

Now, I know you want things to think about, so despite my preference to general be to keep my thoughts about originals to my self …

I thought the last chord in the second progression didn’t quite work. I was loving the shift up in pitch but that chord didn’t flow as well with the others.

Now I am wondering what is behind those closed doors? Are they the doors to the kids rooms, hence limiting the time when you can rock your electrics?

Thanks for a wonderful start to Sunday.

Unfortunately Brian, not for me :wink: Thanks for checking it out.

Woah, Jeff, thanks for popping in for the listen and comment! I’m a big Jack Johnson fan and he does a lot of percussive hits, so I can totally see the relationship there. I’ve leaned into mixing up percussion and interesting rhythms while I’m just jamming. Seems to be my kind of thing at the moment.

Thanks for the kudos on the singing. It’s still pretty early days but I’m finding my voice a bit more thanks to my singing teacher. As I develop a bit more I’ll try singing rock/grunge/whatever. I told myself I’d do the lessons for a year and see how far I get.

A QR fan??? What! To be real I use them a bit. But I really prefer to not use them. Ordering an extra drink or snacks and not having to get up is nice… but I like getting up and walking around, and having an excuse to talk with strangers. What gets me are a couple of chain pubs in Australia that don’t have table menus anymore, only QR codes, which is a huge PITA when going out with kids and they want to read the menu too. And having a bunch of friends at the table and we all have to stare at our phones :roll_eyes:. But I totally get the convenience part for having a waiter bring something to the table.

What have you been up to anyway? Any AVOYPs or LL update coming soon?

Hey David, thanks for checking it out, glad you enjoyed. Guitar tone, well, that’s just the Maton :wink:. I did have a little bit of reverb & an acoustic compressor on it too. The main chord progression was E - G#m - F#m, so the minor chords probably added to that Nirvana-y feel. Although that would have been coincidental :wink:. Thanks for the chord tip, they’re all from the key of E :smiley:

Closed doors, ahhh… yes, one of my kid’s rooms is there, and also the guest room. If both kids had their rooms there I wouldn’t ever get to play guitar! :rofl:


Hi JK, another original, I’m very impressed :smiley:.
I love the rhythm. It’s very catchy, got me tapping my foot.

Yes, I totally agree with Jeff. This is meant to be a compliment :blush:.

Funny lyrics (I’m no QR code fan either) and very well implemented into the rhythm.

I hope, you got your beer in the end :smiley::beer:


Oh nice one JK! Great idea neatly done, and very catchy.

Although…you could have set it up to require people to scan a QR code to access the video.


A creative original in JK style, I like it, thanks for sharing!

Haha, that made me laugh out loud :grin: :+1:

:thinking: This should do the trick :smiley::



I feel ya, bro! Great commentary on our society that is drifting away from interpersonal communications. But that wasn’t it, was it? You just wanted your damn beer! :laughing:

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Wow JK, that was gold!! I was really taken by surprise by your vocals, as I have become used to hearing your lower deep singing voice. The riff was so catchy and everything about the performance sounded so uplifting… except for the fact that you had to wait more than 20mins for that damn beer :beers:

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Yeah, totally get that! :rofl: Sometimes it is hard enough to have a conversation with someone at the pub without their phone coming out, let alone when it is mandatory for ordering :roll_eyes: :laughing: Maybe I should just grab myself a seat at the bar in future :wink: :sweat_smile:

Lots! :sweat: :joy: Yes, I’ll get a LL update done soon… plus hopefully some recordings too, although that’s a bit tricky at the mo, but I’m working on it. However I won’t take up anymore space on your thread with all that… to be continued elsewhere… :joy:

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Hi Jk ,
Great playing and sung :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:, nice and your voice in this higher register is a very pleasant singing voice :smiley:
Wonderful happy sounds/vibes came from my speakers… :smiley:

But about those QR codes… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I don’t want to keep looking at my phone on the terrace…my phone doesn’t even have WiFi outside the garden because I don’t want it…but my wife also hates ordering food and drinks like that… so we asked for a card at our favorite terrace/restaurant (they still had a few behind the counter for some dinosaurs) and after a month or 3 …
there were menu/drink cards on the table again :sweat_smile:

In the summer we are there a least one time a week, so they knew that we would keep asking for the card, and when people see that there is a card, more and more people asked for it…I`m a rebel :rofl:
Thanks :smiley:



Wow JK!
That was very impressive!

Specially so for your contemporary subject matter that seems to effect us all.
You did really good at writing your own song.
Very enjoyable listen for sure!
Your singing and guitar playing was perfect for ‘your’ song.

Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice JK! :clap: :clap:

The song had a really nice groove to it and I found myself nodding my head along with it while listening.

I know it’s early, but I think the vocal lessons are paying off. You had a different tone to your voice than I have heard before from you before. I think I may just be used to hearing you sing in your lower register, but the tone really fit and I really liked what you did with the vocals at the end of the song. Really nice!

As a side note, Dan shares your hate of QR codes :laughing: I’ll have to show him your song. I’m pretty neutral on them, mostly because I’m hopeful they are on their way out :wink:

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Hey JK, that was great.
I enjoyed this a couple of days ago and again now :smiley:
Look at your progress, from wondering if anyone else ‘couldn’t sing’ to blossoming into the singer-songwriter/guitarist :sunglasses:
Love the ‘chutzpah’, lots of energy and cool strumming pattern with muted hits.
Witty observational lyrics, avoiding the pitfalls of over-zealous rhyming.
To top it all, you even lured @nzmetal out of whatever rabbit-hole he was stuck in :laughing:
Bravo! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Suggestions (feel free to ignore)
If felt more like ‘musical observations’ rather than traditional song with verse/chorus/bridge etc.
Apart from the break and outro, the rhythm/feel sounded the same throughout, without too much variation in melody.
That’s cool if the intention.
Regarding the whole tech-invading-our-lives theme, it made me go back and listen to this :smiley:


Woaw… Jk… you have made some really good progress with your vocals in such a short period of taking up lesson… and what better way to showcase the improvement in vocals than to apply them to a JK OG… progress being made on that front too mate… great idea nicely implemented, a solid catchy groove, super vocals and a beer at the end… what’s not too like. It’s been great following your progress from the dawn of this new community but even more seeing you develop to quote @brianlarsen an all-round “singer-songwriter/guitarist”. That to me was your best performance to date. Have another beer, you earned it, just don’t QR code it.

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Cool stuff JK. It’s something Jack Johnson would write when he’s having a bad day (has he ever?). Maybe he’d swap the beer for a Tequila Sunrise.

All jokes aside, there’s lots I liked about about this song. A nice groove with good percussive hits, a catchy melody and lyrics coming straight from the heart. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to hear you sing in a higher range than your previous recordings. I’m sure you’re still feeling more comfortable in a lower key just like I do, but opening up makes such a big difference. Keep it up!

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Thanks everyone, sorry I’m a bit slow in replying here - it’s been a busy few days!

Thanks for checking out the video Nicole! Yes, I got my beer in the end :rofl: But was it even a true story, hmm… :thinking:

Catchy, I thought it was a bit catchy when I was putting it together the way it stuck in my head Phil. Guess that was right! Oh, here’s your partner in crime…

Nice follow through Franze! :rofl: And thanks for checking it out.

100% right Kevin, I just wanted the beer!

Hey Sandro! I’m so happy to hear all that mate, that’s the vibe I was going for. And yeah, I’ve been getting singing lessons the last couple of months. Learning how to sing properly.

And I’m looking forward to it :wink:

Thanks Rogier, I appreciate it. A couple of months ago I would not have been able to sing that, and it’s still not particularly consistent, but I’m getting there.

And I completely hear you on the QR codes. I think most people feel the same. They’re fine if they’re in addition to regular ordering/menus, but as a full replacement - so antisocial! Next time you’re at the terrace, wear a biker jacket to go with your rebel streak :rofl:

Thanks Jim, really appreciate it.

Thanks Jenn. Yeah the vocal lessons are working. The reality is a couple of months ago I couldn’t sing in this register without being fully head voice, and my head voice sounds terrible. The singing teacher has been really good with helping me learn how to sing properly.

Funny how so many people are either anti or neutral on QRs! I’m brothers in arms with Dan :rofl:


Hey Brian! Thanks for listening a couple of times :smiley: Turns out it is possible to learn to sing. Not sure where I’ll end up. I was feeling pretty despondent back at the start of trying to sing. Surely nobody can actually learn after 40 years of not being able to do it… well, it’s hard, and it’s taken a long time, but I’m getting there…

Thanks for your encouragement and advice along the way.

On the song structure, yeah, it’s not the traditional pop/rock song structure. That’s kind of deliberate. I wanted to keep it short, and I also decided to start it with the chorus rather than a verse. There are some other songs that do that (Every Morning by Sugar Ray is one I learnt). And you’re totally right about the lack of variation in melody. My daughter said the same when I played it for her. Her favourite bit was “marketing database” - because it was different. That would just be down to my ability to put together a vocal melody - noobish. So the structure was deliberate, but the melody was a skill level thing :smiley:

That video/song - The Robots vs Mrs Patel - I don’t know how you find this stuff! A clever little folk song, that. Don’t get me started on how over-hyped AI is though… just the other day it was announced that Amazon’s just-walk-out checkouts in their Amazon Fresh stores rely on over 1,000 people in India that watch video of everything you pick up to correct the AI. So they’re ditching their just-walk-out thing.

Thanks James! Glad you liked it. I did grab a beer, from the fridge at home :wink: The problem with having it in the fridge at home is that it goes too quickly though :roll_eyes:

Gotta say I’m a big Jack Johnson fan and listen to his stuff all the time, and being an ex-drummer I really enjoy mixing up percussion with chords (and sometimes melody) on the acoustic. He has a few moany songs that make me think he does have bad days, his first hit “Flake” is a bit like that as is “Sitting, Waiting Wishing” - some of my fave songs of his and ones that I play as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for checking it out Jeff!

Those danged QR codes! Haha, I never gave them two thoughts. Truly original track and point of view. Well done!

Great song and a subject close to my heart (I would outright ban them in the pubs - let me order at the bar!). Got a good chuckle out of it.

I noticed the change in your voice, but didn’t know you’re taking lessons. Great progress!

Now write another one on ordering and then being informed they don’t take cash!