QR Code - original by JK

:joy: :joy: Brilliant! That was a great song JK and some nice work on the guitar as well.

This could well be that start of your transformation into a grumpy old man. :smiley: Welcome to the club.


Hey JK,
Nice tone on the guitar, nice vibe throughout! Vox fit in well and I think your song was great. It really captured the state of life today being ruled by the QR code!

Now, if you want some suggestive feedback this is it. To me, your song is a great start to something that could be much better. How about a change into a catchy chorus progression that is different from your main (verses?) vibe? This would give more life to the song and put forth that which most listener’s ears would be comfortable hearing. In other words a verse - chorus structure would be more recognizable, even if the listener did not realize it. You could have some repeating chorus, something like; Those bar codes are in my face and space… You certainly could come up with something better, I am sure!

That is about it and I do realize there are verse only songs. So, take in my words as food for thought on your next creation perhaps!

Keep writing as your vent was very expressive! I am sure most can relate to the song subject!

PS Edit - Hum, I missed the “chorus” at the start… shame on me!

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Hi Jk, again, I’m more than late with my comment, I heard your song a couple of days ago, but never found the time to write. Another original! Boy, you guys are so creative compared to me!
I like you took out such a everyday life scene to create your song, a nice distraction of all the love, pain, feel good, feel bad songs :wink:. Nice and amusing lyrics!
Well done on the rhythm aspect too, I liked the pushing accentuated rhythm a lot, variations in your strumming, so nothing not to like :blush:.
What stood definitely out to me, was the massive improvement of your vocal performance. I guess your singing lessons already led to a huge step ahead! It seems, you’ve found the individual “pitch zone” you are comfortable with and you show much more self-confindence in this area than ever. :+1:t3:

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it’s a cool, funny and relevant song! Great guitar rhythm, vocals and lyrics. The whole song is listened to in one breath, and that’s fine :clap:
I have only one piece of advice, can I do this by speaking to you as a composer to a composer? :laughing:
Somewhere in the middle of the second third of the song, something like a short bridge could be inserted, this would decorate the song and slightly diversify the overall composition.
Thanks for sharing. And suddenly I want a beer myself now, I’m going to get a can of light lager from the refrigerator :beer:

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This is great, haha. Fun song, and very relevant. As I was listening along, I couldn’t help but imagine an alternate version making fun of all of the dang tipping prompts we get on the checkout tablets here in the US now!

I swipe my card, waiting to see if the transaction cleared,
The cashier smiles, spins the tablet, and it’s just as I always feared,
It’s going to ask you a quick question, they do declare,
Twenty-five percent?! Just for ringing up a single pear?

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Sorry for the tardy responses, thanks for all the comments!

Thanks Clint, I appreciate you stopping by and the kind words, especially with how you’re often talking about finding your own voice on the guitar :wink:.

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, QR codes are a bit… bleh. A sequel on places not taking cash, might be something in that… but then perhaps I don’t want to be typecast as a social-commentator type artist :rofl:

I was born a grumpy old man Stefan! :rofl: Well, sometimes, only if I’m hungry, tired, don’t get my way… maybe I’m just a toddler. Thanks for the comment.

Hey LBro, thanks for the listen and for the detailed feedback. Really appreciate it. Yep, it’s a bit of an unusual structure with chorus up front, and similar chorus & verse melody. Something to work on. Thanks!

I’ll just double-down on tardiness with my super late reply Andrea. Thanks for checking the song out. Really appreciate your feedback on my vocals.

And yeah, I thought it would be fun to write about something simple rather than soul-searching-existential-navel-gazing stuff :wink:

Hi Leo, thanks for the listen and feedback! Yep, I agree a little bridge would whet the appetite for more :wink: Or maybe I should write an even shorter song, I wonder if one could be under a minute. Hmm. Enjoy the beer :smiley:

Thanks for the listen Beau. Just a fun little song… oh, and we get those tipping prompts in Australia too, and damn, we don’t even have a tipping culture here :roll_eyes: I think you’ve already got the seed of a song there, time to write one? :smiley:


Not sure about under a minute, but one minute is clearly enough.

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Btw, JK, how do you record your guitar? Just plugged in or there’s a mic somewhere behinf the frame?

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Hey, if the Beatles can do 1 minute songs… well why not :wink:.

I experiment a bit with how I record my guitar so it changes recording to recording, for this one it would be around 90% through the pickup, with some leaking into the dynamic mic. Guitar is plugged into Fender TMP with an acoustic amp profile, with a bit of reverb as well.

And what pickups does this guitar have?
I’m just asking, because I realized recently that I want to buy an acoustic since I gave my Cort to my little cousin and I wanna be able to record it. But within my budget most acoustics have pretty bad sounding pickups and they just don’t sound like I want an acoustic to sound. So is it better to buy a microphone and record with it?
Justin’s Froggy Bottom sounds incredible and looks great too, but I’d prefer to not know its price. :sweat_smile:

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It has a Maton AP5 Pro. Basically a top of the range pickup that blends piezo and mic. I wanted my acoustic to have a really good plugged in sound, so I looked up what artists I like use and listened to their live performances on YouTube. It ended up being either Maton (used by Tommy Emanuel & John Butler) or Cole Clark (used by Jack Johnson) - the Cole Clark is meant to be even better plugged in, but I didn’t like their acoustic sound or neck feel.

Both of those are Aussie brands though - which wasn’t my intention when researching but it came out that way.

A microphone is going to capture the acoustic sound of the guitar better, for sure. Even that isn’t straight-forward, I find mic positioning matters a LOT otherwise things like a percussive hit or finger noise can be louder than you want, etc.

Justin has a video somewhere about how he records. I think he records his acoustics with mics. Although that froggy bottom has a very obvious mic in it’s pickup visible through the soundhole, I’m not sure if he uses it when recording his videos.

I love the simplicity and straightforwardness of an acoustic guitar compared to electric. But it seems completely opposite in terms of recording.

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I hear you. Here’s a QR code to my Youtube channel:


Hi JK, I missed this one at the time.
I hate those things as well, especially when “fixing” something that already works.

It is a fun little song, very catchy tune! I like the scratches in the strumming pattern, really helped to create a grove.
Lovely guitar tone and very nice voice. And after reading the comments above about singing lessons, I might check out those as well sometime in future - I am the most terrible singer. :slightly_frowning_face:

That was very nice, and I was genuinely interested to hear how the story will develop. When can I expect a sequel song? I need to find out if you finally received that beer. :smiley: