Radek’s Learning Log

Fingerstyle exercise 6

It’s Monday again, so it’s time for another guitar exercise, this time a lullaby-like tune. Sidenotes, restringing the guitar brought back the crisp tone but using the front camera on the mobile phone significantly decreased general quality. Rolling back to using back camera and start thinking about getting brighter optics for the mirrorless Canon I’m using for normal, non short, videos.


Ah, so this is a Monday thing, Radek, something for me to look forward to.

Enjoyed the look and listen as always.

I had a moment so went back and listened to some others. SOunds quality actually pretty consistent through out, so not sure why I may have made the comment I did make about the bass notes. I think it was misdirection on my part; my apologies.

See you next Monday!

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Thanks David!

I usually post on Mondays unless there is some extra occasion like Christmas or upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.

No worries, strings were worn out anyway and the sound was muffled. Switching back to Elixir was a good choice, they have significantly more sustain and crispness also feel softer under fingers.

Thanks for regular vists, it is motivating :grinning: .

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Fingerstyle exercise 7

Another Monday and another exercise with a nice melody in a warm key. Can it bring Spring?


That sounded so good, Radek. I’d like to hear more of that.

As for spring, not for me :grin:

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Thanks David! I’m slowly running out of exercises but have some other ideas for short and standard videos.

I assume you are allergic, bummer :frowning: . There won’t be much spring in Nordics for another two months or so but one can dream of warm days :slight_smile: .

Hi Radek
Nice :sunglasses: :clap: and I’m very repetitive, but I do have a solution for this “problem”.

Make them longer :crossed_fingers::smile:


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Well it’s brought a bit of spring in my neck of the woods for today at least Radek!! More please :slight_smile:

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A reasonable assumption, but no Radek. I’m in the southern hemisphere I’m looking ahead at autumn and winter. Though some in the northern hemisphere may wish for a summer like our winter :joy:

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Hi Radek, the finger style exercises are sounding good to me. Maybe you can post partial updates on etudes when you ran out of exercises.

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Lovely Radek, as all your “exercises”…in my opinion it has a start of spring vibe…thanks for sharing :blush:

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Thank you Roger. In general research data proves that average focus time over the YT is about 40 sec so for the short videos it feels optimal. I’ll try to extend whatever exercises I still have left.

Glad you find it refreshing Mark, I personally can’t wait for spring to come :slight_smile: .

Sorry for missing on your location David. Right, it is different for you guys, will keep this in mind when making any comments on the seasons or weather :slight_smile:.

Thanks Andrés. No worries, I already have some ideas. It all depends on the workload from the job and other duties.

Thank you Silvia, I’m glad that you find it entertaining, even in such a short form. Spring is new beginning, let’s see if it brings something new :sweat_smile:.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Sláinte!
Fragments of “Irish Washerwoman” and “Mairi’s Wedding”.

Seasonal short video, it turned out far more difficult then it looks. Initially it contained three fragments but I had to cut it down to two, “Lord of Dance” defeated me :sweat_smile:. Irish folk music was always special to me and it deserves far more then these few hours I spent learning this fragments. Hoping to revisit whole topic of folk music at some point.


Well played, Radek. Sounded good, lovely tone and flow.

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Thanks David, happy that you liked it :slight_smile: .

March classical challenge. This month it was Jacques Offenbach’s “Can Can” from the 1858 opera “Orpheus in the underworld”.

This piece was out of my comfort zone (I guess that is the purpose of the challenge) and resulted with some mistakes, ranging from accidental string hits to general flow of the piece. The biggest change here was the alternate finger picking pattern “mi” that runs through entire piece.

I wouldn’t mind bigger string separation of the classical guitar, despite the fact that my Lakewood was designed for fingerpicking and have wider the usual nut it is still an acoustic guitar, 46 mm neck vs 50 mm must make whole lot of difference.

Anyway, once the challenge is over perhaps some retrospection would be in order to iron out anything that felt off.


Hi Radek,
what a pleasure to listen to… :sunglasses: :clap:
And a lot longer than the average of your last videos :grin: :sunglasses:


Hello Roger, thank you and good to see you here again :slight_smile:.

So here is a small insight to my process, all these portrait oriented recordings are short pieces aimed to be between 13 and 30 sec long. They are recorded with mobile phone without any extra lights and special treatment. If something is horizontally oriented it means it will be longer, is either ongoing challenge or something I have been practiced for a longer period of time and marked as ready to be recorded. These videos get some extra treatment like additional lights and some extra editing later on.

Your learning log is such an enjoyable read - from the evolution of your music tastes and how at points in time that’s inspired learning different styles of guitar, through to how you have approached doing home recordings. It fantastic to see how your playing is improving.

Fingerstyle holds interest for me too. Might you be able to share the tabs for the finger style exercises? They’d be handy to have bookmarked for once I arrive at this level.

Looking forward to following your future steps.

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Another enjoyable treat, Radek. Admire your discipline.

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