Raffle: My Suhr Alt-T Guitar Can Be Yours for £3!

Support JustinGuitar and run the chance to win my beloved Suhr Alt-T Electric Guitar for only £3!


10 tickets bought! Consider it a donation for good cause as I never win raffles :rofl:


1072 tickets already sold, Justin’s a popular guy!


I view my purchase of tickets the same way!


Entered… 1309 tickets sold now, and 58 days to go. Not liking my chances but fingers crossed.

When I saw it was Suhr, my first thought was the other one that has been in loads of videos. This one still looks pretty cool though.


That one’s a Strat type, right?

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Yep, that one.

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Got a few tickets, not that I’ll win anything :joy: - unlucky with raffles

But good to support the site.

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Oh I have my fingers crossed that somebody form the Community wins it!

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Thinline Tele style, basically what I put forward as my desire in the “your next guitar thread”, it’d be rude not to :slight_smile:

But I’ve never won more than a small jar of jelly beans in any raffle I’ve entered!!

It’s all mine, I tell you. :crazy_face:

Just so I can go and have a pint with Justin and collect it in person.

I was trying to build my brother a tele, but am failing miserably. Mostly because I spend my time practicing and not building.

If I win, I’ll have it sent to him. He will be in Latvia, so a lot closer for shipping.

Adi, I’ll see your ten and raise you ten!
Justin and this community have made a huge difference in my life and I am happy to contribute. ( I never win anything either :grinning: )

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Ah a Tele, just the type of guitar that’s missing in my collection. That and many others, of course. If I win it I’ll book a city trip for two to London to come pick up that beauty. That should keep the Mrs happy for a while. It’s meant to be.




Good luck everyone! Would be amazing if it endes up with someone in the community :grin:


I bought 5 tickets. Odds are approaching those of being struck by lightning!


Wow, this offer comes just at the right time as I’m thinking that I need an electric guitar now :wink:. Unfortunately, the link to buy Raffle ticket(s) does not work :frowning:

I wonder whether that is only so in Switzerland …

Is it still possible to buy a ticket? I somehow missed it :scream:

Follow the link. The raffle doesn’t close until May 25th, unless the predetermined number of tickets have already been sold.

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