Randomize Song Request List for Discoverability

The song request feature is wonderful, but it’s a bit of effort to get to the newer songs and vote them up. Would it be feasible to implement a randomized view of the existing request list, so some of the hidden gems could make their way “above the fold”?

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Welcome to the Community, Jordan.

That’s an interesting idea.

Just looking at the page, perhaps also being able to sort the list alphabetically on either title or artist may also make it easy to find those gems?

@Richard_close2u @LievenDV @laryne

Thanks for the response. A-Z Sort would definitely help (doesn’t seem like it’s existing functionality at the moment), but I love discovering the songs I didn’t know I wanted to learn!

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I noticed that too… maybe even just making pages and you could easily go to the end or anything in between, and be able to come back and pickup where you left off.

And welcome to the community @jordanyerman


I’ve dropped a note to JustinGuitar team to share the suggestions.

I am pretty sure that an alphabetical sort option and page lists was within the plans. Daivd has now raised it with the team so we’ll see what comes back.

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Indeed! Thanks for all the help, everyone. :slight_smile: We hope to get back with an improved board very soon. Cheers.

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@jordanyerman @Dave999
Jordan, Dave,

I have received feedback from the Team to firstly thank and appreciate your feedback and ideas, and secondly to confirm these ideas plus others are on the development backlog. Based on the backlog, priorties, and sequencing they currently expect these to be under development in the summer (Jun-July) timeframe.

Given the nature of agile development and the capacity of a small team consider this a statement of intent, rather than a promise of delivery, but in due course this feature of the website will be enhanced.


Thank you! I appreciate the effort amid what must be a tidal wave of “why can’t you just…” requests!