Readymade by RHCP

As a follow up from OM see my latest cover which is from RHCP’s 2006 double album called Stadium Arcadium. This one I performed on a latest Community Open Mic which for those interested I suggest also having a look to see how much live performance can be different from a prerecorded one :grinning:

I used my standard setup of Boss Katana 100 into PC and played with fx in library. To get the tone I used one of the Overdrive settings together with compression to get a better sustain (Mr Frusciante plays a lot with feedback on his recordings which is something hard to achieve in bedroom environment :grinning:) plus bit of reverb, delay and lots of fiddling with EQ. I must say this is the first time I think I was quite close to original tone, wonder if that’s got something to do with a better quality guitar? Oh and neck setting on the pickup.

For the first section where two guitars are running together during live performance I used looper as many of you probably gathered by now. For studio recording I used a prerecorded riff to make sure I won’t mess it up while recording :grinning:

I recorded this 2 weeks prior the event and as some of you might notice I learnt the unison bend with my first finger on a wrong fret so it sounds a bit odd, definitely pulled it off a lot better during the live performance which is unusal!

Anyway enjoy and I hope you like it, feedback is always appreciated :grinning:


That sounded really cool Adrian and you have obviously put a lot of work in. Over my head to comment on the technical stuff so will leave that to those better qualified than me. Great job!!

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You set the OM on fire with this one, Adi. And this version was just as good. You appear so calm and relaxed, even with the super fast parts, solo, etc. Your technical skills are incredible! Keep sharing please.

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Very well done!!!
Enjoying your playing!

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Hi Adi, thanks for sharing this version! I was super in awe of your OM performance and I was glad I didn’t have to go right after you :laughing:
I was not familiar with this particular RHCP song, but I really like it. I may add it to my long list of songs to try and tackle at some point.

I hope with continued practice to get somewhere near your skill level at some point :wink: Amazing job!

Nice. Well played !

Guys thank you for compliment, much obliged! :smiling_face:

Jenny by looking how are you progressing across different OMs I am sure in no time you are going to catch up :grinning: you really guys smashed it on last OM and was really impressed in your guitar lead play, that was a really difficult tune to play all over the neck and in live setting it came out REALLY good! All the best and see you guys around :grin:

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I loved your OM performance but I love this one even more. You make it look so simple but that timing is flawless, even when going from rhythm into lead and back.

Hats off to you sir!

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Thx for the tech breakdown Adi, thought the tone was pretty close to the OT for sure. Nice consistent riffs throughout, solid timing. Loved that repeater, boy done good ! Nailed it.


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Outstanding Adi!! Your performance during the OM absolutely blew me away and this is equally masterful. The tone you’re running on this one sounds killer with just the right amount of dirt and your ability to transition across the fret board with such accuracy and ease is a joy to watch! :clap: :clap: :clap: :star_struck:
You likely have mentioned this elsewhere and I’ve missed it but do your currently do gigs either solo or within band or perhaps have plans to in the future? I imagine availability of time is a major limiting factor but curious to see if this is something you’re doing or maybe a goal you have at some stage? I would’ve happily seen you shredding this on stage at a paid gig personally :metal:

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Jeff V - thanks man! It definitely only looked easy, took some time to learn how to play it and still not perfect each and every time!

Toby - many thanks too, your comment after the performance was the reason I smiled so much, not the performance itself! :smile:

Jeff O - too kind my friend thank you! No gigs from me for now, as you say time is a big factor but also Red Light Syndromme in front of a live audience is a next level fright I have :smile: I really want to go for a local open mic, although I am still searching for one I wouldn’t mind playing at :smile: one day perhaps!


Fair enough mate! Well when time does allow, you certainly have the chops to put on a good show! Although, definitely with you on the next level RLS with a live audience! :grimacing: :sweat_smile:
Thanks for scratching my curiosity itch, so to speak! :laughing:

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As said, you are stage material!
Solid production

A big part of your stage fright might be you needing to realise you are buildign up quite the margin :smiley: By that I men; what you NEED to be able to do technically do be on stage is already proven and behind you. You’ve got more than enough luggage.

You have diligent practice methods, veyr solid timing, rhythm and lead techniques, feel, able to perform wih other instruments around you. Meanwhile, you keep working hard and you are always too modest :wink:

You seem like the type carrying a band,
Making the parts work together, making sure the tech and gear is all working properly, the songs make sense.

It would be a shame to see nerves or stage fright be a brake on your endeavours if you would actually would like to play live in a band.

My secret is to give the tension excitement and perhaps even a bit of a fear a place in what I am when I’m on stage. There is no conflict of trying to “eradicate” it before you go on stage. I found a way to let it give me energy; to give me focus, to actually enjoy the thrill.
Some people like rollercoasters. I like this.

From the other perspective, there would be something wrong if you don’t feel that tension. That would mean you’re not emotionally invested. It is a part of, that feeling. It will change over time but it will always be there. It will have another form but it will always be part of the channel you work through. Can you imagine that you can learn to bolster that energy to create some kind of “plane” where you stand on, a field you stand in, that is both showing you to the crowd but still a safe space where nothing hurts you? As long as you decide how big or small that is, how quiet or loud, how gentle or aggressive… you can’t stop it but you can steer it.

I had a solo gig this weekend (that’s why I couldn’t attend the OM, they always seem to overlap with gigs… keep doing OM’s, they trigger gigs for me somehow :D)
On that gig I had pretty much the feelign of rehearsing at home but this time I was watching the audience and checking who I could grasp. I always seem to be able to put more emotion and authenticity in it when there is people.“Now that I have their attention, I might just give them what I have!” :smiley: | soon enough, you’ll NEED people to be better than when you’re at home!


You’re so red hot with this one Adi that it makes you super chilli. You smashed this one right out of the park, both here and on Saturday night. That solo is so impressive to watch. Bravo!

I can’t believe Stadium Arcadium is 17 years old now. :astonished:

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You lit the OM up when you did this one, and this recorded version is faultless. Well, you said there was an issue with one of the unison bends, but c’mon - I couldn’t tell, I don’t think anymore else could? It’s album quality.

The riffing is a finger twister and when you rip into that solo… wow. Awesome to watch and listen to.

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Hi Adi,
Nicely done there mate. At times I found it hard to pick out what you were doing vs the BT. But that is probably more a function of the bionic ears on this end. Well done on the fast lead parts and tone. Just a nice effort all around.

Now we need to get you to do something of this kind of production and have you do all the parts… Maybe that is not your gig, but it surely is a challenge!

All the best and take good care,

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Really cool! Your performance at the OM was awesome too! You are rockin, that’s for sure. :+1: :sunglasses: :pray:

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Lieven wow what a great post with lots of useful info to digest! I especially like the guy who carries the band, such a nice thing to say!

I just need to go out there one day and just do it, not overthinking anything, picking some really simple spngs from my repertoire and see where to move on from there. With a recent change to my job I have a steep learning curve so for now plan is to keep playing guitar every day regardless and then when hopefully things settle down I can pick up where I left off.

Thank you again!


JK, LB, Stefan, Kim - thank you, glad you guys enjoyed it!

Tell me about it! A year after it’s debut I went to my first ever big stadium concert - RHCP and their SA tour :smile: being able now to watch back recording from this show (it was released as DVD) and when John is playing Readymade and being able to follow his lead play on that track - priceless feeling! Although took me long enough :smile:


Terrific performance last Saturday night Adi and an equally terrific recording there too. Well done.

Yes, you’ve got to focus on the breadwinning aspects of life but keeping things ticking over in the meantime will serve you well. :+1:

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