Recommendations for headphones please (resolved)

I’m going to have to replace my Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones sometime in the next few months. My preference is for closed back hp and I want a straight cord. The curly cord is devil’s spawn.

I use them for recording and editing primarily. I want the same fittings as these, so I can use them with my Scarlett 2i2 as well as directly into the laptop.

This is how they looked in their glory days

Thankyou :money_mouth_face:

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I love my beyerdynamic dt880 headphones, they come in different ohm versions, I have the 250 ohm set.

They sound great when plugged into my amp (their normal place), a little hard to hear when driven by my iPhone (rare).

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Edit:there is something wrong with this link…it’s not clear, I’ll remove it,…I have a JBL everest …but there are more of them, it was under 200 euros, and I’m very happy with it, with a straight cord and if you want blue-tooth…
sorry for no addition :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Those are very similar to mine, mine are Sennheiser too - mine also went like that! I got replacement ear ups from Am470n, they cost me about £12, good as new!


I did 1 edit on my post above … who has already edited my post 3x?..and then what?
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Are you checking if I’m awake Maggie? :grin:

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I got me a pair of these Maggie and though cheap for headphones I think they are very good.

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I am very happy with my Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

They come with 3 detachable cables: a long straight one, a short straight one, and a curly one. Fit whichever one you prefer for your usage.




@DarrellW it never occurred to me I could replace the ear cups. This is a perfect and much less expensive solution, even if it means coping with the Devil’s Spawn curly cord. Thankyou very much.

How do I get the existing cups off?

@roger_holland Rogier man of mystery, yes, now I’m awake :grinning:

@SgtColon thanks a lot Stefan, they surely are a good price. Darrell has won me over though with replacement ear cups.


This shows you how, those look like the same replacement as I used! Sennheiser HD280 Headphone Ear Pads Replacement - YouTube

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Another voice for Audiotechnica, I have a cheaper model with long fixed cable comparing to Keith, I would go for more expensive now. Model ATH20X


@batwoman I’ve got a set of AKG model K52 that I’m happy with.

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Hey Maggie … never mind what you replace them wth … what have you been doing with them to get them in that state? That’s what I want to know! :wink:


@Majik thankyou Keith, I’ll look into this tomorrow. It’s getting late here. Thanks very much. No curly Devil’s Spawn for me :japanese_ogre:

@adi_mrok thanks for the vote and the advise Adrian.

@DarrellW that’s helpful Darrell, thankyou.

@tony I’ll check these out tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion

@Richard_close2u wrestling with the Devil’s Spawn of a cord :laughing:

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As regards the Cord, have you tried overstretching them? I had an old Guitar curly cable that annoyed me, that’s what I did with it, it works even better if you get it warm with a hairdryer on the hottest setting.

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I was about suggest Shure SRH440 but see you have settled on the AKGs, enjoy !

I am not sure about the AKGs but the Shure does not have a fixed cable and although they come with a coiled cable, great for in front of the studio desk a pita when standing an playing. But straight replacement cables are available, of which I have 2 (1 for contingency, having stripped the jack off the first spare I got!!)

But I have to ask what have you been up to, the old ones look a bit sorry.


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I don’t have a specific recommendation in terms of brand/model but you can have a look here: Headphones Reviews: Best of 2022 -

It’s not the easiest website to navigate but I find the reviews are thorough. You can see frequency response plots as well which is helpful for monitor headphones. You can also compare products side by side.

I’d suggest you read into their methods of you’re interested in how they come up with scores and plots.

I hope this helps.

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@DarrellW Devil’s Spawn would probably curl up my arm, round my neck and attempt to strangle me. :crazy_face:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Toby the idea of an inexpensive fix suggested by Darrell is appealing, but I’ll put some time into following up the other suggestions. The wear and tear started a few months after I bought them, first on the head band, then the ear cups. I use them every day.

@Lefteris thankyou, I’ll follow this up. I appreciate your help. There’s a lot I don’t know about headphones.

:joy::joy::joy: …………. Scardy cat 🐈‍⬛

If you’re really looking for something better, these don’t have a cord so need Bluetooth connection but they are very good (my brother has them). SoundLink® Wireless Around-Ear Headphones II | Bose

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@DarrellW you don’t know how evil DS is.

It hits itself against the guitar or the mic stand or anything it can find when I’m recording to make an unwelcome percussive noise; it breaks free of any restraint I use to stop this happening; it’s lumpy curls get caught under my guitar strap and hurt my collar bone; it’s heavy and lumpy and of course it attaches itself to EVERYTHING in an embrace that would stump Houdini.

Meow :scream_cat:

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I’ve added something above! Might be interesting.

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