Record Yourself & ProductionBasics

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Good video (it’s here)

But I’d like to point out that you can get surprisingly good results with just a smartphone. Even 5+ year old iPhones have good microphones, and I assume it’s the same for Android phones.

I bought a cheap ($30 Cdn) phone tripod, which makes it easier to point the phone mic, and experimenting for just a few minutes usually leads to an acceptable result.

I have an interface for my iPad, but most of the time prefer to just pop the phone in the tripod and do a rough take, rather than fiddle with a more elaborate setup and maybe lose momentum or even a good inspiration.

In my experience, you can get 80% of the benefit for 20% of the effort (and 0% of the cost), with just a smartphone.

Of course, this limits what you can do - editing, overdubbing, etc - but if you are holding off on recording yourself because of the perceived cost and complexity of a full setup, give your phone a try!

Here’s one I did off the cuff last spring, on my 4+ year old iPhone XS. The guitar playing still needs some work, but I’m quite happy with the sound.