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Good video (it’s here)

But I’d like to point out that you can get surprisingly good results with just a smartphone. Even 5+ year old iPhones have good microphones, and I assume it’s the same for Android phones.

I bought a cheap ($30 Cdn) phone tripod, which makes it easier to point the phone mic, and experimenting for just a few minutes usually leads to an acceptable result.

I have an interface for my iPad, but most of the time prefer to just pop the phone in the tripod and do a rough take, rather than fiddle with a more elaborate setup and maybe lose momentum or even a good inspiration.

In my experience, you can get 80% of the benefit for 20% of the effort (and 0% of the cost), with just a smartphone.

Of course, this limits what you can do - editing, overdubbing, etc - but if you are holding off on recording yourself because of the perceived cost and complexity of a full setup, give your phone a try!

Here’s one I did off the cuff last spring, on my 4+ year old iPhone XS. The guitar playing still needs some work, but I’m quite happy with the sound.

What is that new shiny silver guitar in the background!? Has Justin done any videos playing it yet? It looks awesome and would love to hear it!

Wow! This is a whole new world that I previously knew nothing about, however, I’ve been actively exploring it as a result of this lesson. I’m in the research phase, having made my initial investment purchasing Home Recording for Dummies by Jeff Strong. I’ve read approximately 25% of the book since purchasing it and would highly recommend it. I’ve also watched several excellent YouTube videos on various home studio recording topics, including home studio recording, vocal recording, recording mistakes, and mixing.
Home Recording for Dummies