Retirement gift

Hi all
Just thought you would all like to see the surprise retirement present I’ve just received from my wife and daughters.
I’ve been drooling over the Epiphone ES335 for a while and didn’t expect to own one so soon and you can imagine how surprised and pleased I was when they presented it to me, now I must reward their faith in me by progressing with my guitar learning journey


Wow, nice guitar, I guess that I should retire now ! :rofl: :rofl:

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That one looks yummy, enjoy your retirement :wink:

(That bust of Ludwig van has a real Clockwork Orange vibe)

Congratulations, and I’m so jealous! This is the guitar I had my eyes on during Covid. Of course, there were none to be had, and I settled for a different instrument. I wish I had the patience to hold out!

Wow - I just got a list of jobs that need doing around the house!

Looks gorgeous - enjoy!

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Beautiful - enjoy playing it!

Nice! She’s a keeper!
The guitar is also very nice :upside_down_face:


Hey that looks great and I bet it plays and sounds fabulous. I’ve been retired 6 years and bought myself a Yamaha F310. Great little acoustic .All I get from my wife is “when are you going to put that guitar bloody guitar down” . She doesn’t appreciate the finer things in life like your wife obviously does :blush::blush:

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Lovely guitar! I played a variation (Jim James ES-335) recently and I was beyond impressed. It sounded and felt so good.

Enjoy your guitar and retirement. :smiley:

Sweet! :heart_eyes: Awesome retirement gift!
Happy retirement and happy NGD! :tada: :guitar: :smiley: :sunflower:

ey that looks great and congrats on retirement!

Congratulations, great looking guitar

Congratulations on retirement!
I have an Epiphone 335 and love it!

Hi Ken.
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:

There is no better way to start your retirement with your loved one around you and giving you such a gift :smiley: :sunglasses:


Very nice … I’ve got a '97 in Cherry Red … Plays absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy :ok_hand:

Oh, that is lovely, I want one, too! Happy retirement, hope you have more time to play guitar than I do! lol

Sweet gift! Looks so fun! What a great gift.

Sweet; what a great gift! :smiley:

Awesome gift! Enjoy your retirement, Ken! I hope yours isn’t like mine - I’m actually playing a lot less guitar since I retired than I did when I was working. It’s not supposed to be that way!

Nice! Have a lot of fun with it, they’re nice and light and can rock when you want them to! Take a look at Alvin Lee if you don’t believe it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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