Retrospective - Our first open mic in 2022

Thought I’d post our latest outing to an Open Mic and the first in 2022. Very disappointing at the end of December for our gig to be cancelled (COVID related unfortunately) but we’ve taken it as an opportunity to grow the setlist and have probably got an addition 9 songs that are in various stages of readiness for performance.

Here’s some video of our outing last night


Hi Jason cracking show you guys did, would enjoy it a lot if I was there! Really liked last two songs as those I am familiar with and enjoy both :grinning: I think first song bass was a bit distorted and loud but that got sorted out later on. What are the plans for this year, any major shows ahead? Perhaps a little stage on some sort of a festival? :smiley:

And I think you put the post in a place where somehow folks are not looking, hopefully my reply will push it back up to front of the queue :grinning: all the best!

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Thanks Adi @adi_mrok for listening. Yeah it seemed to go pretty well last night. It’s usually quite a quiet OM ( which is generally good because we get to play more) but it was very busy last night so three songs only. A tiny glitch on the first one but the others went well and we got a good response which is always nice.

This year… we’ll our gig just before Xmas didn’t happen because of covid but is being rescheduled. Our main aim this year is to get some paid gigs. We need to be able to play for minimum 2x45 sets (about 25 songs) and ideally a 2x1 hour sets. We already have 15 songs from last year and believe it or not have added 12 since Xmas although only about 6 are ready to go… but we’re speeding up so will be there soon. We’ve spoken to a local promoter who books for a number of local pubs and he’s positive so just a matter of being ready!

Local festivals tend to have an application process so we’ve submitted to 3-4 but no idea if we’ll get a shot or not.

All good fun and feels great every time you do something new.

I reckon I’ve posted in the right spot (live performance) just no one passing by… and all those “introducing posts” just push topics to the bottom of Latest too quickly. :grinning:


They sure do take over LOTS of space haha. Sounds good Jason happy for you and the band, would be bang on if you can make some penny out of it, being paid for something you love to do - sounds like a dream to me! :grinning:

Well done, Jason and Retrospective.

Now that’s living the dream, playing in a band, performing for an audience. And that is quite an Open Mic night.

Keep rocking, building the repertoire and good luck with getting those gigs.

No doubt viewing through ‘Latest’ can be a challenge with the volume. I’ve set up my ‘watching’ list to get notifications on categories of interest, include ‘Playing Live’

Thanks David for listening and yes it was a very good night…an unusual one in that we were on second and it seemed all quite quick for the change but good none the less.

Yes I think I’m going to have to look at and watch lists as well although it sounded like they didn’t work for Toby quite as expected.

I made the same ‘mistake’ viz assuming that putting a watch on a category would automatically generate notifications for posts on the sub-categories as well. This is not the case. Perhaps because you can add topics at both category and sub-category level.

So put a watch on #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing not just #all-about-your-music, #community-hub:learning-logs not just #community-hub

And then it will work just fine as expected. I see this as the subtlety of not thinking ‘it doesn’t work’ but rather ‘I don’t yet understand how it works’ when you don’t get the desired/expected result.

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Nicely done Jason, enjoyed watching and listening.


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Thanks for watching Rod and glad you enjoyed it.

Haha, that looks like proper gigging rather than open mic, Jason.
That was really enjoyable, and more importantly the audience seemed to appreciate it too :smiley:
I love that your drummer joins in with backing vocals.
(It might just be the camera angle, but in the beginning it looked as if you might have been more comfortable with the mic a tad higher? You seemed to be hunching a little to get down to it)
Class act, and I’m sure difficult to follow

Thanks Brian for watching. Yeah I think the mic stand could have been a tad higher but wasn’t uncomfortable to play/sing. There were quite a few bands at this one which again is a bit unusual…once you get a drumkit in situ it brings bands out.

We’re slowly encouraging Lisa to do backing vocals as well…she’s great in the studio but tends to sing a bit quieter live BUT it’s getting there and makes a big difference to the overall sound AND me! All good progress since we only really started playing live together last July.

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I still haven’t sussed it out yet, as I stumbled on this in latest and not a notification. Its almost like you need to tag every sub category on your watch list as Watching ! Anyway enough of that.

Well what a great start to 2022 for Retrospective, great set and you all look pretty relaxed. Lets hope you can keep the impetus going, you certainly seem to have a game plan to up the ante and I wish you every success. Well done the three of you ! :sunglasses:


Thanks Toby…got to keep moving forward and see where we can go. We see plenty of other local bands who are either slightly better/worse than us so I reckon we can step up to the next level. Above all it is quite a good social thing and the three of use get on pretty well. We only have one 2 hour practice a week and then 2-4 open mics a month so it’s not a massive time sink (although individually we practice quite a bit).

I also find it a way of pushing me to try and learn new things and improve…lead stuff I still find challenging BUT it’s slowly getting there (well on the slower songs!).

I really enjoyed that @Rossco01 and Retrospective, sounding great. I especially liked All Right Now cuz I love the song. It was nice to hear some backing vocals, just a bit as you say can add a lot. Good luck on getting into some festivals to play!

Slow and steady wins the day. You’ll get there !

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Thank you Mari for listening and glad you enjoyed Alright Now (very much abridged without the solo).

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Good show, you all! Like Mari, I really enjoyed All Right Now. Great stage; loved the lighting.

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Hey Pam thanks for watching. Yes it’s a strange setup almost an industrial unit but he has a great lighting rig… not so good on the sound!

That was a really fun listen! Strong setlist and great performance! :slight_smile:

I love your updates Jason. You and Retrospective are an inspiration. Your set list is growing too. Best of the best to you with future plans.

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