Review: Waza-Air (headphone & amplifier, all in one!)

The Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System is so convenient: you plug them into your guitar, and it’s jam time! No more handling cables and amps. Watch Justin’s review here.

Thats quite a review… for people who are confused this is the product

Looks ok - its $899 here though (New Zealand) so quite spendy

Yeah $399.99 on they bay in the U.S. I always thought Boss stuff was a little overpriced… that’s just my opinion though.

I’ve not watched the video but not sure what the advantage here is over any other system + your own headset?

@Richard_close2u @DavidP @LievenDV In relation to question 3 of the giveaway questions: " Are you located within the European Union? This question is required. *"

EU only, or EU + UK, or even ‘continent of Europe’ (including UK, Switzerland, Norway, …)?

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I’d be surprised if it doesn’t mean Europe in general. It specifically says they won’t post to Russia!
No address required to enter. If anyone I knows enters and wins, I can provide them with an address in Ireland and pick it up for them the next time I’m over (or they can pay for postage :wink:)
Did I just break the rules? :open_mouth:


I think @larynejg is in the best position to answer this

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Hey @iainism and @LievenDV !

We can ship within the EUROPE continent - not EUROPEAN UNION. The only country excluded is Russia. I fixed the form - thanks for bringing this to my attention.



I researched the BOSS Waza air a while ago because I was interested. Pros are it’s fully wireless, and sounds great. Super low latency wireless. Cons are you can’t record with it (I think you can’t put it through a speaker either - can’t remember).

Most wireless headphones have latency that is too high to be useful. I did rig something up at home that lets me be mostly wireless, with my low latency gaming headphones (Astro A50s). Mustang GTX XLR out → Focusrite 2i2 → Ableton monitoring (because direct monitoring is too “thin”) → Focusrite 2i2 → Aux to Astro A50. Very low latency.

I tried it with a BOSS WL-20 as well for full wireless, but I keep getting interference with it, so I’m going to sell that. I use a guitar cable.

Long story short. It’s possible to do something like the Waza Air with a lot of other kit, but it’s complicated and also expensive. I just had most of the stuff laying around already.

The Waza Air looks like a pretty cool product.

Ditto, I tried a wireless system but the latency was aweful but theose are a little expensive, living in a flat a wirelss system would be great.


Damn, I got a question wrong, lol… Oh well, theres always a birthday .

eh why not just a plug in pair of headphones into a mustang micro etc?

Because that’s not wireless.

I do something similar with a Boss Pocket GT but it’s still a bit of a faff, and you still have a headphone cable that has a tendency to get tangled before use, or snagged during use.

I agree the difference in cost between the two options is significant though, which is why I’m not planning on buying the Waza Air any time soon.




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Full wireless vs cable

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OK now watched the review, has some interesting features and I can see it being an on the road kind of useful tool, still very pricey but I guess not unexpected

Justin mentions that he uses AirPods Max. I wonder what would be the setup to use AirPods Max?