Rhythm Essentials

Learn the basic rhythmic terms and get started with rhythm dictation! By the end of this lesson, you'll know how to read and write simple patterns!

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Very enjoyable lesson! Liked this one very much.

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Thanks for the video.
But where are the answers to ti the exercises?

cant find answers to rhythm test

The answers to the rhythm patterns are in the downloads. They are at the bottom of the pdf (or guitarpro) download.

One of my areas of challenge is definitely rhythm.

Some of this is psychological, some is never having worked at it before in my life, and some is lefty playing righty shenanigans.

I also am spending time working hard on fingerpicking, classical and finger independence as my area of interest (and needing right hand remedial training).

Anyway, I am solidly in the Grade 3 slow boat class here in the Justin Guitar world.

My question is if it would be reasonable to jump ahead to the “Rhythm Maestro” course for some additional work in this trouble area, or should I wait.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Justin says he struggled to find good examples of strumming patterns.
I think Why Does It Always Rain On Me by Travis is fairly consistent 1 2 3 + 4.

@Jamolay My boat is starting to reverse in Grade 2. After a bit of trying I can mostly carry out Lesson One of Rhythm Maestro. I have not even looked at Lesson Two yet, not until I can do Lesson One perfect every time.

I am trying to concentrate on changing between five chords, sometimes it works, sometimes It doesnt. The metronome starts at 70, thats when I tend to go a bit too fast. Put it up to 80 and I slowly slip behind, stick it at 75 and it`s not too bad.

To answer your question, why not have a go at it, its all in the learning path, thats my take anyway.

Got 'em all. Thanks for the workshop, Justin

For those asking for the solutions; they’re under the “resources” tab.

Resources tab - PDF - right at the bottom answer D

I found and was able to print out the PDF for the lesson under the Resources tab but was unable to get the GuitarPro file to open up. The tab was there, but even after I downloaded the file it wouldn’t open. Did anybody have success with it?

When I was younger I found rhythm really hard, but I learned it pretty well thanks to my Russian piano teacher who used to make me clap the rhythm of classical piano pieces while she counted for 20-30 minutes straight until I got it right. Sometimes if I started to get out of time when I was playing she would start clapping and counting very loudly until I caught up, and I remember playing the same measures over and over until I got the rhythm exactly right. I hated it at the time, but now I’m in highschool and really into music and I’m thankful to her for drilling it into my head.

I was a bit afraid that she was hitting your hand with a ruller or something, thankfully it was not a case :grinning:

Lol, no she was a great teacher. Thanks to her I’ve never had a problem transcribing rhythm, I just have to listen to the song and count along and I get it…

Great lesson

Patrice @PatriceGuitare
Welcome to the community :grinning:

Thanks !