Riders on the Storm (The Doors) ADDED MARCH 22: Ghost Riders in the Sky (Cash cover)

It’s been a while due to ongoing medical issues, but I wanted to post something to commemorate passing the 7 year mark with JG on February 1.
After getting a worldwide ban from YT for melody, lyrics and video, LBro suggested ditching the video, which, by the way, didn’t have any copyright attached to it, things came together. I still got a copyright infringement but no strike.
Thanks to LBro for many pre-post listens on this one.
PRS Hollowbody: bass and guitar
Dumpster Keyboard: keys played through a Rhodes V8 piano MIDI 14-day demo; drums played through MT Power Drums.
Unfortunately, the MIDI demo ran out before I could put on the finishing touches, so it is what it is.

More videos here: https://www.youtube.com/@oldhead4928/videos

Feedback always welcomed.


Sorry to hear of the ongoing medical issues (I can relate), Dave. Good to hear another from you. As always a treat, such a mellow, laid back groove to that song.

Can’t really offer any constructive feedback, other than it’s a pity about the video. I am assuming that was a live Doors performance and we’d have had Jim sounding like Dave.

Hope you get the issues sorted and can do all you want to do without those challenges

Terrific production Dave, it’s a great song, both the original and yours. I can’t begin to understand the effort this takes to do all of this, but I certainly appreciate it!
Same as David I’m sorry to hear of you having medical issues, healing vibes to you sir.

Very impressive performance and production, Dave. I kind of like the nightmare fuel image!

Wow, that’s an amazing production, Dave! :clap:

It sounds really great and it’s impressive how you put all the parts together. Can’t offer anything than applause, way beyond my playgrade. :+1:

Sorry to hear about your medical issues. Hope you’ll get better very soon. Take care! :four_leaf_clover:

As a vintage Doors fan & privileged to have seen them playing live, both before and after Jim’s passing, this is a truly remarkable tribute. You’ve captured all the Doors essence whilst simultaneously making it your own. No mean feat. Bravo :clap::clap:

Nailed all the musical elements in a very cool way, but special shoutout for that sweet guitar work! That’s what I come here for (as you may know).

That was super Dave. Really liked your vocals on this one. Great to have you back around! :sunglasses:

That was fantastic Dave. It was your take on the song but still had that unmistakable Doors vibe. What a lot of work you’ve put into this production……amazing. Guitar work was terrific.

I’ve heard this song a hundred times over the years but it’s always so surprising when you see the lyrics on the screen. “his brain is squirming like a toad”. Who writes this stuff? :grin:

Keep well.

I knew it!
Mr. Mojo Risin’ is alive and well and still struggling with heavy-handed censorship by da Man :laughing:
Loved the original and love your version.
No nits from me on this one, Dave. I thought you did a cracking job all round.
Bravo! :sunglasses:
I note the inclusion of your YT channel link, which looks like it was set up recently.
I also took in your cover of ‘I’ll fly away’, just to make sure your face is not really as distorted as your avatar suggests :wink:
Hope the medical side is ‘under control’
All the best

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Oldhead - superb cover; the instrumentation, the vibe, the vocals - you nailed it.

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That is an awesome cover Dave, I much enjoyed the listening! And an amazing production too! Bravo! I hope your health issues are getting better as some days one can feel quite miserable with these kind of challenges…I hope you can find some comfort in music.

@DavidP Thanks, David. I appreciate the comments. Actually, the video that got the ban was attached to one of The Doors’ versions of this song. No, it wasn’t a Jim sounding like Dave, just kind of a nondescript video and the band wasn’t even in it.
Hope your med issues are resolving.

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@Notter Hi, Mark. Thanks for dropping by and taking a listen and the nice comments.
Putting these together can definitely take some time but I don’t put the time in the mixing, mastering that some do. I try to keep it relatively simple.

@theoldman66 Thanks, Ian. I appreciate the comments. That image is a self-portrait that I did a number of years ago. Glad you kind of like it.

@Lisa_S Thank you, Lisa, for stopping by for a listen and for your comments and well wishes.

@MacChap Chris, Wow, how fortunate to have seen this group in a live performance. Must have been pretty special. And thanks for the “remarkable tribute” comment. Means a lot.

@CT Hey, Clint, nice to hear from you, and thanks for the guitar work shoutout. I know that’s why you come here. I’ve got to say for me it’s learning guitar and everything else is incidental.

@Eddie_09 09 Hi Eddie. I appreciate you stopping by. Thanks for the comment on the vocals. I actually wanted to redo them, but when the MIDI demo expired the project came to a screeching halt. Maybe that was a blessing.

@sairfingers Hey, Gordon. Glad you thought this kept the vibe. The work on this one was really the keys, as I don’t “play” keys. Figuring it out and what inversions they used was frustrating. The rest was just getting the muscle memory to the point I could play them at temp, and that took some time.

@brianlarsen Well, well, Mr. Larsen. Yes, still alive. Glad you like this version. Thanks.
“I’ll Fly Away” - glad you took it in. I ran across that one when I was doing some preplanning. It’s disputable about my face :woozy_face: Little did I know when I made that self-portrait with no eyes that I would develop bilateral ARMD, which can make life a bit difficult, especially when on the computer or trying to read. Med side is under control for the moment, but the ARMD is not something they can fix. I get a shot in each eye every 4 to 10 weeks to try to stabilize it.

@Fourtwo42 Hi, Neil. Thanks for the uplifting comments.

@SILVIA Hi Silvia. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed listening. Life just throws things at us at time that we just have to accept. Yes, music does give me great comfort. Thanks for taking a listen.


Hi Dave,
It’s an annoying idea that a video has been taken away from us … but the music you let us hear here is great :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: :man_bowing: … I’m a big fan of the original, but your version is absolutely no less … Big applause from me :clap: :clap: :clap: …and I wish you all the best for your health that you have been struggling with for so long :mending_heart:

Hey, OH! Nice to hear from you again. Another well produced performance all around.

I’m sorry to hear of your medical issues. I hope the treatments will continue to help.

Hi Dave!
Oh my God, and there’s a fuss about copyright infringement, too! Don’t they have anything else to do on YouTube? :rage:
Excellent performance.
You perfectly managed to convey the style and spirit of this beautiful song. Thanks!

@roger_holland Thanks for the listen and nice comments, Roger. I don’t quite get the way YouTube does their bans, strikes, etc. I’ve got other full videos of bands with my music and voice and no problem. Someone is monitizing them, but that’s it.

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Thanks, Pam. I appreciate the comments. Some of the med issues just come with age, I guess, but they can sure put a crimp in things you want to do.

@crocodile1 Hi, Leo. Yeah, in some ways I can see the owners of the copyright having a problem, but heck, just monitize it and let it go.
Glad you thought it captured the style and spirit.