Riders on the Storm (The Doors) ADDED MARCH 22: Ghost Riders in the Sky (Cash cover)

YouTube banning difference are supposedly based upon the rights holders wishes. Some, like Don Henley (The Eagles) is a notorious blocker and take down rights holder. Most others (thankfully) are with the program and let you do your thing as long as you are ok with them getting their cut via monetization… If someone knows different, let me know… But this is my understanding at this point in time.


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Wow really good ! I would not even know how to do a production like that. My computer skill suck.

@Jwaters Jeff, thanks for the listen and comments. The basic production isn’t that bad once you find your way around a DAW, and there’s plenty of help here and on YT.
I just took in your Eight Days a Week. Well done. That would be a good candidate for multitracking.
I see you are only a few hours north of me.

I see you are only a few hours north of me? Where you from I live in the Trenton area .

Hi Dave! Great job all round as always, I enjoyed every moment!


Thanks for the info LBro. It’s good to know that’s their scoop for today. But what about tomorrow? :thinking:

About 2 miles south of the DE/MD off 13.

Hi, Mike. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the comments.

Ghost Riders in the Sky (Cover of Cash live in Austin)
A really fun song to play.
Dumpster Keyboard: Horns, Piano and Drums
PRS: Cash’s rhythm
Strat: Lead

Brian and Gordon - it just screamed for it! :joy:


Good Sir, you have outdone yourself on this one! :open_mouth:
This has to be the most meticulous of your productions to date.:sunglasses:
Apart from the quality of playing and singing that we’ve grown accustomed to, the synchronisation to the Man in Black’s performance is jaw-dropping, right down to the interjections.
I laughed out loud when your strat solo paired identically with the strat solo note for note.
Loved the horns.
I reckon you have a good case for requesting legal copyright, just because… well, you just deserve it.
the King is dead. Long live the King (@ToshS :wink:)

For some reason this didn’t hit my inbox, so big thanks to @brianlarsen for calling it out.

What a belter, super performance and production. The sync is incredible Dave and has to be your best yet. Went back to listen to the Doors cover and was equally impressed. Top job sir !

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Yes thanks for the steer Brian, I’d have missed this one otherwise. We’ve all talked about these multi song posts before and the difficulty in keeping up with them.

Yippee-i-ehhh indeed! That was terrific Dave, the vocal and guitar synchronisation was amazing. A real fun production and such an enjoyable listen. As per usual I can’t begin to imagine the time and effort you must put into these things. Well done.

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Incredible, Dave! You are exceptional at transcribing piece by piece and bit by bit. The song was entertaining too. Watch out for the Ghost Riders!!!

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Bump :wink:

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@brianlarsen Hi, Brian. Thanks for the comments. Meticulous, maybe; but not without some flaws, like all of my postings. The interjections were a must, although I left out his little cough at one point. I think the horns really add to this one. Copyright? I don’t think so. But thanks. The king lives on @ToshS. Besides, I don’t have a black shirt. And thanks for the shout out and bump; although really not necessary.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Hey there, Toby. Thanks for stopping by. This was listed as unlisted, so it wouldn’t show up unless you have the link. The sync came out really well on this one. I agree, I think this is better than others I’ve done. I appreciate you taking in The Doors, too, and for the nice comments.

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@pkboo3 Hi Pam. Thanks for the nice feedback. Transcribing is a challenge but I can’t tell you how much it’s helped my play, not to mention the satisfaction once they’re finished. Glad you were entertained with this one.
I’ll be watching out.

Somehow I messed up the order of these responses. Sorry.

@sairfingers Hi Gordon. First, I agree with all you and others have said about the difficulty keeping up, here and other places on the platform.
About the syncing. Thanks. It really isn’t that hard. I just sing it to the music. I don’t do any post-recording sync. After memorizing all the parts and practicing, when I’m ready to track them it’s pretty well engrained; some just turn out closer than others. I know some people use programs that shrink/stretch notes and sync tracks and more. I don’t use any of that. I like to play the tracks front to back and only edit stereo field and levels in post. At any rate, glad it was an enjoyable listen. I appreciate the comments.

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Hi Dave, I’m another one who missed BOTH of your exeptional productions and what did I miss! Both of them are great, apart from the instrumental level, you are blessed with a gorgeous voice. A real treat to listen! Thanks for sharing!

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No, not necessary, but definitely worthwhile :smiley:
You’ve been around for a while and are a great advert for Justinguitar- Not only for the effectiveness of the course, but for the ethos of the Community.
Take a bow, Cowboy :wink:

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