Riders on the Storm (The Doors) ADDED MARCH 22: Ghost Riders in the Sky (Cash cover)

Hello Dave,
I mostly missed this second songs in those double posts in a topic … glad I clicked on this… unbelievable :flushed: :scream: :sunglasses:, I’m curious how many people will actually think that he doesn’t sing this in the video, for sure if you’ve never heard it, I’m guessing almost everyone…absolutely great job, this time even better than all the others you’ve done :sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing:

Hah, that was terrific Dave - I cannot believe how much like Johnny Cash you look :rofl:

Great production - loved the horn stabs.

@Helen0609 Thanks for taking these in and for the kind feedback. My life has truly been blessed, but I never considered my voice part of that. Thank you for that comment. I’m humbled. Glad you had a good listen.

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@brianlarsen Well, thank you again, Brian. All I can say is that I stuck only with JG throughout my journey and it worked for me. While I’ll never attain the level of some who post here and my posts are never perfect, my expectations have been far exceeded. And my hope is that people will be encouraged and inspired to keep at it, just as I was and am inspired and encouraged when hearing others here. I appreciate your comments.

Hi, Roger. These double, triple and more topics are hard to keep up with.
Haha. I’m sure most will know right away it’s not Cash singing, but that’s a very uplifting comment and I thank you for it. Thanks for checking in and for the great feedback.

@twistor59 Hey, Phil, thank you so much for stopping in and taking a listen and dropping those nice comments. I haven’t been very active of late in responding to people’s posts, but I’m listening, and I’ve got to say your Strat work is impressive.

Took in Riders and it was great! Morison must have turned over just to listen to this one! Liked the play and vox too! Good song choice for you and you did not even have to sing it down a key. Maybe Jim is in your wheelhouse and you should attempt more Doors?


Hi Dave,

Hope you’re good.
Love The Doors.
Great cover. Super tasteful playing and tone.
Vocal fits very well.
That Rhodes sound really good.


LB, thanks for the listen and feedback. The Doors isn’t a band that’s easy for me to cover - they have a lot more going on when you start digging into their songs. I can’t imagine what they might have come up with if Morrison hadn’t met his untimely passing.
Riders was pretty straightforward, and I think the horns, although pretty simple, really lifts this one.

Digger, thanks for the feedback. Rhodes has a pro model of that VST you can download for a 14-day trial. You might want to check it out - it’s got some really great vintage sounds.

That was so good!

Not so fast, Brian!!

Playing catch-up here, what a treat, Dave. Your productions are always first class (you always mention flaws but I confess I am yet to be aware of them) and love these sync’ed up posts.

Thanks, Tosh. I appreciate the listen and comment. I don’t know what @brianlarsen waas thinking.

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Thank you, David. I can say this one was a Lot of fun to put together. The sync just happened to fall in place better than others I’ve done. Hope all is well with you.

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Hey Dave,
Gosh, you bare a strong resemblance to Cash himself… Now all you have to do is make the money he did mate!

Great song… We covered this a while back with Roman and Sweed. You are right there with this version and you did it one man band style! Good job!

I like a lot in this one. Guitars were great and the horns sounded legit. Good work there. Vox was good and the video sync up was spot on to these eyes!

Take good care and take a bow!

Nicely done Dave. Also a great help as I’m currently working on learning this song. Got most of the solo down in individual parts but still working on putting it all together. Your track will be a great help.