Rien ne va plus (Pig-lippy mix) - original

Some forum veterans might recognise this song I wrote a couple of years ago.
I deployed my Hagström & Trio+ to ‘put some lipstick’ on it, although drew the line at trying to make this little piggy ‘squeal:laughing:
The occasional ‘miscue’ but good enough for a morbid dirge

Blurb from the original YT release:

Les jeux sont faits- rien ne va plus (no more bets), is the phrase the croupier says when spinning the roulette wheel. I believe it was coined by my fellow countryman James Joyce in Ulysses.

Ubi caritas (where there is charity) is from a Taizé chant

Stiller Has (Quiet Hare) is an arty Swiss cult band that sing in Bernese dialect “about the middle country, the middle classes, the poor, the mediocre. … Those that bitch about their fate, get drunk and get bitten in the butt by their own dog" (Wiki)- destined to obscurity due to their tiny potential audience.
This is my nod to the enjoyment they have provided me over the years.

My memories are fixed and faded
dimmed down eights on a cracked display
I measure faith and my lust for pleasure
confess my sins or join the fray?

crucifix and crooked croupier
both call on me- what to do
A last deep breath, I make my play
Les jeux sont faits- rien ne va plus

wheel starts spinning, win or lose
Jesus’, Satan’s faces smile
Will death come fast when die is cast?
Who’ll hold my hand for that last mile?

My friends upstairs prepare my feast
My friends below- my roast
Which side of yonder pearly gates
Will suit my soul the most?

Ubi caritas
Ubi caritas
Ubi dr Stiller Has
Ubi dr Stiller Has

Wo isch’r hie, dr fiesse Chüngl?
Irgendwo im’ne Loch im Gras
Ja am Füddle chanr mi gärn go biisse,
Är liit dahei ganz still im Grab.

Ubi, wo isch’r hi?
Ubi, ömu sicher nid hier
Ubi, wo chann’r si?
Ubi, was söll uus mir?


Hi Brian,
I first had to go through the text before I listened, and I think that there has been added 'something" to German part in English. :roll_eyes:
Great text … who will be waiting/smiling for you later J or S :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… Great delivered again , :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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A very pleasant revisit with the Trio BT Mr L, nicely delivered with the usual aplomb. I think you could lift the BT volume a little, as to my ears its sitting a bit low in the mix. But hey that could be my ears or speakers. But a nice accompaniment to my little cup of ricore and an 'am bagget !


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Very tasty, Brian, quite safe for those that avoid pork in all forms.

I thought the Trio output could have been louder to make it even better.

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C’était superbe Brian.

I did not see the original posting 2 years ago as I wasn’t around then. I really enjoyed it.

For all your joviality there is a dark side to your writing I think. Yin and yang you are Mr Larsen.

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@roger_holland Mercy, mercy!.. I mean: Merci, merci mon ami :laughing:
Well Swiss German dialects are a bit like Hochdeutsch, but with laryngeal carcinoma and poor grammar :rofl:
Haven’t decided which direction I’m going, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have an even better time when I get there.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner more mercis for more amis!
Pump up da volume. Check.
Methinks nothing wrong with your lugs (yet).

@DavidP Cheers, man. Actually, you’ve heard this one a couple of times before. i remember you commented when I had posted a slightly different version in the little frequented ‘musical critique’ area. Come to think of it, do we have one of those rooms in the shiny community? :thinking:

@SgtColon The Dark side is the only side for music. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that my sunny disposition is what allows me to look into the abyss. Nick Cave is my gold standard in the real world. The Comfortably Strange here in the Community :smiley:


That was a super update on your previous version Brian.

Much like you said to me, I bet you didn’t think two or three years ago that you’d be singing your own composition and strumming along on an electric guitar to a backing track you’d created yourself using a pedal and a whizz bang Yamaha amp! Well done.

Your song is undeniably dark and it’s an interesting concept that our direction of travel at the end depends on the spin of a wheel. If the croupier is crooked though we don’t stand much chance.

I look forward to your next composition or obscure no one will have heard this one before song. :smiley:

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So the Trio is the lipstick and the Hagstrom is the pig? So confusing. :rofl:

Either way it’s a handsome pig, must be the winner of the farmer’s festival. Right up there with Wilbur.

My German is non-existent, but enjoyed the song. I like your originals, they’re quirky and thought provoking.

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That was great Brian a good reminder of such a great original, thanks for that! :wink:

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You multi-lingual child of the universe and all round whizz kid, riding along the road to where whilst singing sonorous tunes I wonder?

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Well that is also a bit of a disturbing comment :upside_down_face:… And google is going to have to come up with an increasingly weird algorithm for me due to my communications with you :see_no_evil: :joy:

And what about Nick Cave … I don’t really know the man…just that he existed and heard some of his music, but I do hope that he copes well with adversity after a while and back on earth again, and that that is what you mean by gold standard?

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We don’t Brian. A design principle for the Community is to keep it as simple as possible in terms of structure ie number of sub-categories. Reflecting back on the Forum that Board was not that active, hence the call not to create a specific sub-category.

And of course if you are looking for specific feedback that could include super subjective opinions of chord progressions, lyrics, etc of an original or critique of a cover from a let rip as if I was a super pro and give me the works with no consideration for my current play-grade, rather than the amplify the progress and positives to encourage with pointers to help just the next step, then you can ask for that in the posting and I am sure some will oblige.

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@sairfingers cheers, Gordon :smiley:

I’m afraid the muse isn’t with me right now, as I’ve been trying to learn a couple of songs at the same time. (I don’t mind, as it’s fun but can be quite time-consuming)
Not sure if you know the one I’ll post today, but will save something obscure for the next OM :rofl:

@jkahn If my guitar is Wilbur, you can call me Templeton :wink:
I like the way we don’t have to be ‘good’ to entertain :laughing:

@adi_mrok you’re welcome Ade,
Cheers for the listen and the :+1:

@batwoman I think the Talking Heads had a song about the road I’m on… or was that Chris Rea? :thinking:

@roger_holland Disturbing is good! Embrace the ‘other:smiley:
Ah, good ol’ Nick- a bit like Pink Floyd for me. I think of him as part of my existence or soundtrack to my life rather than simply music I like. If you want to ‘dip into’ his music, No more shall we part is one of my favourite albums. He also does a lot of movie soundtracks/soundscapes with one of his Bad Seeds, Warren Ellis. The Assassination of Jesse James is achingly beautiful and you don’t even need Google Translate :laughing:

Haha, I know and have done so in the past. It can be quite ‘grounding’ :rofl:
I always thought it was a very helpful, but underused section on the old forum.
I know some of us ‘thicker-skinned’ contributors could benefit from being handled with ‘thinner gloves’ sometimes :wink:


Well, Templeton is the best character after all.

Au contraire, you are good. Very good. Just self deprecating. :grinning:

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What is the language of the last verses?

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Hi Sandra, it’s Schwyzerdütsch, spoken in Switzerland. Mr. Larsen is multilingual and gives us a sample of this from time to time :slightly_smiling_face:
I like this song.


Dankeschön! :wink:

Gerne :slightly_smiling_face:. As mentioned in another post, I like the creativity and nonchalance of your performances :sunglasses:

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That’s certainly one way to put it. :smile:

Ha, ha :rofl: I was educated by my parents always to be polite :rofl: But it was meant honestly :sunglasses: