Squealies that squeal

Hi everyone,

Didn’t know where to categorise this one, sorry.

Anyway today after approximately 10 hours of trying I got a pinch harmonic to actually squeal!! :smiley:
(It looks so easy in every video you see about it :woman_facepalming:)

I’m sure this is no big deal for most of you but it’s my first and I have no one to celebrate with so I thought I’d tell you. It wasn’t recorded and may never happen again but I’ve done it!

Turns out the thing that did it for me was turning the pick at a 45 degree angle.

I feel better now I’ve told someone :slightly_smiling_face::guitar:



Once you get the hang of it its quite easy but only then!

I just catch the string with my thumb behind the pick as I play the note, but remember you have to be in the right place, somewhere around the neck pickup area.

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Congratulations! You will also find it super cool that it squeals in a different pitch depending where on the string you manage to do it. I remember when it happened to me, I was so shocked :smiley:

I love the perserverence of 10 hours and for not giving up because it really does look super easy in every video.

Have fun playing!

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Congratulations :wink: Had to look up what pinch harmonics exactly are. I found an article with several types of harmonics and the one I managed to play (apart from the 12th fret ones) is the “tapped” variety. Took only about 10 minutes to figure out. You should try that one too. :slight_smile:

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:beers: :beers: :fireworks: You first is always special

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This is a good image, when you play an open or fretted string normally you are hearing the fundamental/open note. Harmonics are just exploiting other wavelength cycles that fit on that frequency length. So open string 12th fret harmonics would be the 1/2 wavelength one octave up note.

Your typical pinch harmonic will be 1/3 or 1/4 waves so you should be able to work out where this is on the string so you know where to pick 0 this will change from open strings to fretted notes.

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I could get the higher pitches, they were just really quiet, teasing me :joy:

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That’s the easy bit for me (I’ve got a degree in physics). I know how the work, it was just getting them to sound loud that was my issue.

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Yeah I’ve done some of the others but I need these for a solo I’d like to learn. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s when it happens by accident that it’s fun, and sometimes you can’t stop doing them.

A fair bit of gain, and a bridge pickup help.




Applied Physics !


Haha, thanks Liz. I never even heard of pinch harmonics.
I googled it and the first video suggestion was- yes, you guessed it- Mr. Sandercoe.
I ignored his suggestion of going and learning about harmonics first, watched up to the slo-mo section and had a go…
Jakers! There was a high-pitchy sound indeed. I just saw Keith’s remark and turned up the gain.
Goodness gracious! There was a squealie right there.
I’ll never use one in my life, but you guys saved me 10 hours if I ever change my mind :rofl:


You can ‘blend’ how much squeel you get so it ends up being a nice highlite for some solo stuff


… which is why I’ll never need it :laughing:

Bring a new flavour to strumming some folk songs too?

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Holy moly, I can bend a squealie :joy:

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Yeah, see they’re cool :sunglasses::guitar:

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There had to be a use for it somewhere :rofl:

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Oh no, I think I’ll be heading off down another rabbit hole later today. I am aware of the sound of PHs but having only recently been able to find and to some degree use “normal” harmonics I have not pinched myself yet.

Chasing Rabbits

All this excitement has got me in the mood to get a bit giddy myself later today. If its enticed Mr L to abuse the Hagstrom, well its just got to be done.

Big congrats Liz on your achievement !



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I’m loving the idea that just because I’ve mentioned them people have been reminded of their existence and will be squealing all over the place. This is all because me and jam buddy had a go at Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive and I happened to say to my teacher, “so… how hard is the solo?….”

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