Roadhouse Blues (The Doors)

I started nibbling on this one a few months ago but never had time to finish it, as this year has been full of unfun left turns.
On an unplanned 1,000 mile road trip in the middle of July I listened to it a lot with the intent of finishing it, as there are a couple lines in it that really resonated with me: “Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel” and “the future’s uncertain and the enemy’s always near.”
The sounds of Over the Hill garage band, with plenty of fudge to go around.
Keep your hands on the wheel - or should I say fretboard.


Excellent as usual Dave, wouldn’t expect anything less from you :grin:
Nice choice of song, you nailed it down to the ground!
12/10 from me….
Just as an aside Down the Dustpipe by Quo comes to mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good stuff!

Dave that was high quality stuff as usual! Did you play harmonica as well? Really loved the lead on this one, overall amazing stuff and thanks for showing me something I haven’t known.

Hi Dave,
Incredibly well made and executed :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :bouquet: :man_bowing: … enjoyed it very much, the fantastic original version (… with an age-old wisdom, also from before the car era…)
did you match well,
Thanks and greetings,Rogier

That was really good stuff, right there, Dave. Great singing and playing. Some sweet lead in there as well. Super!

Very impressive Dave. Really did feel like I was listening to a professional recording.

Love this song and you definitely did it justice! :clap: :clap:

Superb stuff Dave. Very well played and vocals were great.

What a rocking along rendition of a Doors classic, Dave, loved your take. Fine playing, singing, and production as always.

@DarrellW Darrell, Thanks for the kind words and taking a listen.
Status Quo and Down the Dustpipe - Yeah that would be a fun one for sure.

Fantastic performance. I love the Doors too.

@tony Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

@adi_mrok Adi, Well, I played the harmonica sound but it was with my dumpster keyboard which has an analog harmonica sound built in. With a little EQ, trem and air I can get a little closer to harmonica sound. Glad you thought it was a harmonica. That keyboard was given to me by a friend who was going to put it in a dumpster, so I’ve been self-learning keys as songs call for them. It’s also got the benefit of being a MIDI controller, so I’m able to use with Addictive Keys piano sounds, organ sounds, drums, etc.
Thanks for the listen and feedback.

@roger_holland Thank you Roger. I appreciate you taking it and for your comments. Age-old wisdom, indeed.

@SgtColon Thanks, Stefan. I do appreciate the comments. That lead was part of the fudge; not quite as tight as I would have liked, but it worked out ok.

@pikeamus Thanks so much. I really consider my recordings more of a garage band style, in that I don’t play to the grid and I use a very minimalistic approach as far as plugs and effects. Most originals vary in tempo, and rather than time-slice them to fit a DAW grid so they have perfect timing, I just transcribe the original as is; thus my drum track usually goes in as the last track, which is pretty unconventional, I guess.

@ChasetheDream Thanks, Robert. I don’t think this song received as much play as some of there others, but it’s a great song, IMHO. I appreciate that you though I did it justice.

@Socio Thank you James. I might argue with you a bit over the vocals, as they certainly aren’t my strong point. I could use pitch correction and other plugs to help them out, but I don’t. I think it gives a more authentic “this is me” garage band sound. But your comments are uplifting for sure.

@DavidP Hi David. I haven’t been around much this year, as it’s been a tough one in a number of ways. Hope to get back on track here soon.
Thanks for the listen and inspiring comments.

@SDKissFan Hi, Jeff. Yeah, The Doors put out some great music in their day.
If you’re interested, I’ve got a couple other Doors songs archived here. If you search “catalog”, you’ll find them. Thanks for taking a listen and for your feedback.


Hey oldhead man that was a great jam. Are you playing the electric in it to? Makes me wanna get an electric again lol. I dont see how you have such a high production value thats crazy! Sounds really professional for sure!

That was fantastic.

Having seen the Doors live I hope to someday get to the point where I can do this song justice.

This is my favourite ever from you;
your timbre is great for Doors stuff and this is really catchy.
It has so much going on. That outro was the absolute cherry on the cake :smiley:
The whole thing isn’t air tight everywhere but that’s nitpicking about details.
You’re getting better and better!

@Bytron08 Thanks for those comments, Bytron, Really appreciate it.
Yeah, I’m playing everything in this. As well as you play – well, I shouldn’t give an opinion or suggestion – I’ll bet you’d sound good on electric. Ha. That’s not an opinion or suggestion, just a statement.

@LievenDV Nice to hear from you, Lieven. Your feedback is very encouraging.
I certainly agree with you that it’s not air tight, but most , if not all, of what I do isn’t. That outro is catchy and fun to play. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the listen.

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That was terrific Dave. Your voice really suits this song and the instrumental play was fantastic all round. Your dumpster keyboard was real value for money!
Production was spot on as always. Well done!

Hi Dave,

Or is it Mr Mojo Risin?

Awesome job. Love the Doors.

Great playing and the vocal was right on the money.

At times the vocal made me think of John Lee Hooker - Have you covered Boom Boom?

Quo was mentioned - they used to cover this song also.

Loved it.


Awesome - dripping with feel!