Rob From Holland

Hello, my name is Rob and I am 65 years old.
And I started guitar with 60 when I saw that the starting guitar sets were very cheap (I have 2 now)
I came into contact with Justin through web Searching and found his style and person very appealing.
I am very busy with all kinds of hobbies but I still try to make time for playing and I think improvising with a backing track is the best thing to do.


Hello Rob and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Justin’s teaching style is very appealing. I hope you’re enjoying your guitar adventure.

Welcome to the community, Rob, have a lot of fun with your guitars!

Hi Rob,
Welcome ,and i wish you a lot of fun here and with learning more on the guitar :sunglasses:

Hey Rob

welcome to the community. when I first started I struggled to play along to backing track, now it’s very natural for me to do. everyone is different.

Hey Tony,
What I actually meant was that I love doing it.
And that I’m already able to play something beautiful for myself.
Its gives me a kick to do.
There not master pieces but still nice to do.
Even my Wife likes the pieces what doe you want more


Hiya, welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum Rob

Welcome Rob

That’s awesome. i started playing at the age of 53 well over 10 years ago now and it amazes me that here i am actually playing music instead of dreaming about it. keep those kicks coming!!!

Welcome Rob, I just turned 60m in October and am loving this site and this forum.

Hello Rob, welcome to the community :hugs:.

Hallo Rob, en en van harte welkom hier op de JG Community. Je zult het hier zeker naar je zin hebben, de gemeenschap hier is super ondersteunend, ongeacht ieders speelniveau.

Ik ben Tjeerd, en ben 66 jaar oud :wink:

Hello Rob, a very warm welcome to the community and to JustinGuitar. Your web searching has brought you to a good place - the best place? Probably.
Justin’s courses are incredible and this community is the icing on the cake.
Ask if you need any help.
Richard :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum Rob :wave:

Hi Rob, welcome. Yes, you do not need a fancy guitar to have fun playing it; as far as it is of minimum decent quality, can be tuned and it is properly set up it’s good. Good you can find time for the guitar in between your other hobbies.

Rob, welcome to the community. Enjoy your guitar journey and have fun playing and improvising.