Rocket Man - Elton John AKA Dinga

Hi All,

Well, it;s been a while since I posted a progress song or an update on my LL (and that’s another story keep an eye open for the update next).

The full story will be part of my LL update along with 4 songs but I thought I would post one up on here just so I’m putting something up here for when the OM nights urge takes me :grimacing:

So without further explanation, (and if you’re bored there will be more background posted as part of the LL log update tonight, head on over and have a read), here is it is.

LL Update July 2024 + Songs

I’m always happy to hear some feedback.

Thanks for your time :+1:


Hi Craig,

I was wondering how someone from here could present this in a decent way considering Elton John’s way of singing… Well… so that’s how it should be :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:
… I just forgot how well you could sing… playing of course is also very good

O Man this is really done very well :sunglasses:



Well played Craig - lovely feel to this.


Well, how good was that ? :clap:
Super performance, Craig, and liked your arrangement too.
EJ is not the easiest to cover, especially on guitar, let alone his vocal range.
You did a really fine job making the song ’ yours’ .
Well done, sir :clap: :+1:t2: :ok_hand::sunglasses:

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Hello Craig,

Simply superb my friend. Oh, what a treat a sweet guitar and great vocals can provide.

That would honestly sit comfortably on any stage in the world.
An absolute pleasure to listen to.

Cheers, Shane

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just wow !
awesome ! :open_mouth:

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Awesome job and keep on rocking man.:joy:


That was wonderful to listen to Craig. Really sweet guitar and vocals. Well done. Thanks for sharing :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Quite fine music there Craig. I like the way you managed to keep the vocals in your own range rather than stretch to reach Sir Elton’s.

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Brilliant Craig. This is not an easy song to sing and you nailed it! Fabulous performance!

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Outstanding Craig @CD02
Best I heard, ya didn’t miss a beat with that one.
Great singing on pitch.
Great timing with your guitar. I particularly liked your ending.

I also appreciate your approach to this. This is you and your guitar (which ain’t easy imho). It’s either right on or not w/o any effects. Nothing covering up you or your guitar.
'You’re ‘right on’.

Very enjoyable to listen to.
Your straight up making music there man.
Thanks for sharing with us.


That was excellent, Craig. I enjoyed it. You look and sound very comfortable.

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Well done this is one of my “ten songs you can play if someone puts a gun to your head”! Actually the done that when I first played and sang it I thought I actually sounded OK, so one of my favorites and you played and sang it very well👍

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Thoroughly enjoyable and really well played and sung :clap: :clap:
It was a pleasure to listen to
Thanks for sharing :smiley: :sunflower:

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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to listen and especially the kind comments. It’s a great song and I’m happy that I got it to this stage fairly quickly but overall see plenty of room to improve.

Thanks Michael, @mfeeney0110 yes, I found this sits in an awkward range for me. I’d like to start higher however that becomes an issue later on :face_with_peeking_eye: so settled for where it’s at now.

He played his guitar last night, all right
For hour, nine p.m.
And it’s gonna be ni-i-igh outta sight by then

He missed no notes, missed no strings
His capo on the fourth
And his ti-i-ming’s right

And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
Till Dingwall brings us round again to find
He’s not that bad at the rock n roll
Oh no no no, he jammed Rocket Man!

Rocket Man! Burning out the tune for us at home! :metal:

:wink: :sweat_smile:

Great stuff, Craig! Sounding rad, buddy! :smiley: :+1:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :rofl: nice one Jeff. I’m starting to think we could be a Bernie and Elton all over again :rofl: :scream:

Posted a bit of Green Day yesterday over in the LL that might be up your street.

Thanks for new lyrics :metal:

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Great performance, it was a joy to listen to it played on guitar! Much as I liked the original version I think yours was easily as good - wonder if I could do a Frogleap trick with it and make it Metal :laughing:

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That was excellent. Very well done, playing and singing. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Very nice Craig!!!
:clap: :clap: :clap:Enjoyable effort & a good listen to me… love your interpretation!!! :+1: