Rod at the Lodge Playing Truth Be Told

Here is a live version at the The Lodge Retirement Home. This was about three weeks ago and it went from having never played it to sending it live in about a week. So depending on the song I can get them up to speed faster than I used to. Camera and audio is from a Go Pro so its not the greatest but it lets me play it back and check for places to improve. I think a portable PA is on my Christmas list! Comments and views welcome and appreciated…Rod


Fantastic Rod, what a selfless way to share your talent :heart::heart::heart:

I have the Bose S1 (with battery option) and it’s pretty good. Not the loudest, but the sound balance is spot on (not to punchy with the bass).

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I enjoyed that. You have a great voice for these songs but it seems like you’re straining a bit to get heard over the guitar and so you’re less able to be expressive. I guess in the absence of a PA to boost your voice, maybe lose the pick and strum with the fingers/thumb instead?

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Hi Rod ,
Well done and good singing :sunglasses: :clap:…the only thing this song lacks for me is some variety with the chords… embellishments would be a welcome to incorporate…a nice grower song I would say :sunglasses:

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Thanks Dave! This space has a fire code recommendation of a 144, plus there is a balcony above me and hallways in front of and to the right of me so it’s an audio challenge for sure. My play time is right before lunch so I get a crowd that kind of drifts in over my 30 min set but it’s only no more than about 20-30 at peak. I had a spark mini amp to begin with and it fills nicely for the guitar but drowns out the vocal so I’ve been researching portable PAs recently and the S1 and S1 Plus as well as the Everse 8 seem to be the ones that would fit the bill. Looks like the value play would be the S1 as the plus seems to really just add the wireless (which I could do with my Xvive for the guitar at least) but two cords doesn’t seem to be that big of a headache. I’ll send you a note on some questions on that kit if you are up for it :grin:.

I check with audience a fair amount during a set on vocal vs instrument and have come to the conclusion of no amp and they seem to like it better than when I had a small amp. They say they can hear the vocal now. Which before I got feedback they could not. The Go Pro probably over emphasizes the guitar as I think it quiets down in the big space pretty quickly as most people are more than 15 ft away from me. But internally I’m probably thinking I need to push the vocal more so the sans pick idea may be something to try. A PA especially for the vocal is probably the long term solution. At least that’s what I’m telling myself :sunglasses:.

Thank you sir! At this stage (1 1/2 yrs) every song is a “grower” for me :grinning:. This was pretty quick from first play to live so just trying to get the chords solid was my main goal. Using the capo that Düss4 got pretty cramped on that fret and I really had trouble throwing that chord quick and it sounding solid so I spent most of my time cleaning that rascal up. The timing of the vocal changes as well so those details consumed me for the moment but I appreciate the feedback on how to make it better!

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No probs Rod :+1:

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Nice to see that you are still out and playing Rod. How long has it been now? Have you got any groupies yet? :smiley:

Nice job on the song as well. I hope they appreciate you going there and playing for them.

One question, why was Chucky sat in a chair watching you?

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Great to see you out there giving the gift of music to your community Rod.
I take my hat off to you.
Have you read any of @RonG postings - he is doing something similar and has shared a few videos. Maybe you could swap notes (no pun intended).


This is awesome to see Rod and from remembering your / our early days learning to now be a regular live performer deserves huge credit.

I would have liked to hear the audience applause and reaction afterwards :slight_smile:

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Thanks Stefan! Started May 10 and have missed maybe 4 or 5 due to family travel but steady going other than that. Even on those missed weeks I’m practicing new stuff for the next visit. I usually play 6 songs in my 30 minute slot, recycling some I’ve done mixed with 1-2 new ones each week. It really helps me build the repertoire! The staff is exactly what i was looking for in accommodation whether I’m in or out for that week. We’ve even changed the day a couple times.

I do have few regulars; couple of guys and gals seem to have have settled in for the ride. I’m right before lunch so folks are kind of milling around and then settle in. I start with maybe 4 folk and by the time I’m finished it’s about twenty or so. I’m usually up against Mexican Train in the game room. I think I’m winning there😀. They do announce me a few minutes before on the PA which is helpful.

As for Chucky that has been there the last few weeks some kind of summer theme decor.

I think i get way more out of this than they do though. Heading there in a couple hours today. Thanks again…Rod

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Thank you sir! No i hadn’t seen that but i will check it out. This community is way more active than i can keep up with so really appreciate the heads up! Thanks for adding the tag i always forget that and am grateful for your tireless organizing efforts of this herd of cats!.. Rod

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Hello Mark! This is such a strange part of my experience so far. Applause is completely unpredictable. At first it was crickets. Then some claps. Some songs i thought would get a clap and nothing; others that i thought wouldn’t, got applause. Now at the end when i say, thanks for listening, i always get applause. My best memory is this one was a no applause :open_mouth:.

As i walk i out i usually get one or two saying thanks for coming.

I’m ’certainly not there for that but it does help me understand what resonates with the group. I had Country Roads by John Denver get applause every time i played it until last week and …. Nothing.

I’ve told the staff that this is probably way more valuable to me then the residents so I’ll take people coming back as the best sign.:grinning: No food thrown yet so that is good. Hope you are playing a lot brother!.. Rod

Nice! That is quite a decent turn out then.

Well, if you’re up against Mexican train then surely you have to cover this one at some point?

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Give me a second to get my foot out of my mouth :wink:

Right… Certainly appreciate that’s not what you’re there for but as you say I can fully get how it helps you understand what works or not with the audience, valuable insight and experience for live playing. A returning audience is indeed the best sign!

You betcha good sir :slight_smile:

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@Notter Mark would you believe it today at the Lodge all 6 selections got applause! Some i would argue didn’t deserve it but residents were forgiving😀. And today my first request Jimmy Buffet Come Monday! Work to do!…Rod

Great stuff Rod. Making music for others is a real blessing. Keep doing it bro. :clap::clap::clap:

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