Rod Soundcheck at The Lodge with Everse 8

Finally procured a PA for my retirement home gig at The Lodge. Went with the Everse 8. Drug my guitar playing son in law there today with all my kit to do a sound check for next week’s performance. The folks were so nice to give me a time when the whole room was ours. I’m using 3 channels ( blue tooth is the 4th channel for like a backing track but its eq settings are not separate from channel 3; I’m not using blue tooth in this config). We were focusing on levels between vocal, guitar, and drums (Beat Buddy) channels and then the master level to fill the room. Challenging venue; 2 story height in this room that seats about 120. I usually have around 20 in my normal before lunch time slot. I had gotten FX, compression, treble, mid and bass settings from a You Tube user who has this pa and does acoustic vocals with it. So we had an eq baseline to work with. My son in law didn’t change a thing on eq, just channel levels.

My son in law is about 50 feet away with my iPhone recording the attached snippet. The EV 8 is white just in front of me and to the left as you view the video kicked back on the floor. Normal ambient noise volume in a working space even though no audience. I purposely used the phone just to see what a suboptimal recording device would pick up. I forgot to bring my normal suboptimal device; my Go Pro :grin: that I usually use at this venue. My son in law has my phone with the Everse App on it and can control the entire mix from where he is sitting. We went through strumming, picking, loud vocals, soft vocals, etc of many songs I have in next week’s set. The snippet attached is after he dialed me in. He was astonished at the clarity of the EV8 . This clip does not do it justice. It supposed to have an optimal dispersion of 100 degrees. He walked the entire room once level set and felt there was no real quality drop. I let him play and sing and walked to a table where these ladies always sit 50+ feet to my right and past 180 degrees to the EV 8 and the audio was still great.

I think I can finally get a decent performance sound from my sources now and am excited to debut it all next week. Still sure it’s probably more cool for me than the residents!:astonished:. Onward!….Rod


Very impressive, Rod. It sounded great!

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That sounded real good, Rod! Nice upgrade. :smiley:

You sound much more balanced and filling the room, which seems to be a challenge from acustical perspective. :+1: Hope the residents will appreciate it. Anyhow, you have a great addition to your tool kit. :slight_smile:

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I would say you took a step up. I looked up the PA speaker and found it is made by Electro Voice? Seems like a good solution and even better if one wants to go off the grid. What I could not determine is if one could add a second speaker for a stereo PA. Though I think for what you are doing stereo would not matter much at all. Let us know when you get a chance to test it. Is if Blue Tooth has any delay. The only experience I had that was close to this area was with cans and they had massive delay. One could not play guitar due to the amount of latency. Though I have a Boss wireless device for my guitar that has little latency. So I am curious how BT works on this setup. My guess is EV built this to work well with BT and the latency should not be an issue…

Ok, you are now set for the big show with the new kit and ready to go. Looking forward to hearing that!


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Yep Electro Voice and yes you can connect two for stereo wirelessly as I recall. Wedding djs seem to use that for music playback via Bluetooth. Lots of you tube folk showing that. At this stage I’m set with just me and the Beat Buddy but who knows what the future holds😁?

Sounds good Rod. Best of luck for your next performance with the new kit.

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Hi Rod, that sounds great :+1:. So much learning involved in this journey - not just guitar and singing, but also a lot of technical stuff.
Good luck for your next performance :smiley:!

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Nice one Rod!
You’ve obviously put in loads of preparation for this, and it sounds just fine.
Hope you really enjoy next week’s performance!

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