The Everse 8 Debuts at The Lodge

To say I’m learning a lot with amps, mics, and mixers in a live environment is an understatement! At a high level this battery powered portable 4 channel amp is outstanding! And it’s loud!

I did not realize that from the sound check in this video Rod Soundcheck at The Lodge with Everse 8

I changed the volume on the Beat Buddy to 70% while using a different practice amp (my Spark Mini) and forgot to change it back. Needless to say the drums were too loud. In the excitement of today I i just turned the main volume down and didn’t realize i had messed up the drum volume. Not optimum as you will hear but I know i have a lot of headroom with this amp at least in this size venue!

A few cuts in this video from today. I never know where people are going to sit relative to my Go Pro and toward the end a resident sat right in front of the camera so i had to cut and crop some segments so some of the video may sound choppy or change ratio. Just a work in progress😀.

My wife was there today and i dedicated My Sweet Lady to her. The drums over powered everything and i probably should have just left the drums off that song completely; still learning. That’s why I just cut to the end. Got a smooch from my wife though so it must not have been too bad :grinning:. Last song was Sweet Caroline and one of the staff got folks into it so ended pretty high energy. What a day.

Thanks for coming along on the journey with me…Rod

PS last song has @Richard_close2u inspired triad chips from the vintage guitar club lesson a few weeks ago. Just what I was looking for to make that song work for me solo. Thank you sir for that!


Thanks for sharing this journey Rod, I love these and aspire to something like this maybe in the future.

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You’re doing great, Rod, and I am sure you are appreciated there.

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The man keeps on stepping it up, been a pleasure to share your journey Rod and I continue to look forward to where the road is going!! :slight_smile:

I do agree with you the drums are pretty dominant in this but you live and learn eh? Onwards and upwards and keep on rocking on :heart: :guitar:

PS - Was that one of the residents providing the improv backing vocals on Sweet Caroline? That made me smile!!

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Well at least i know 70% gets pretty loud I’ve got to remember when i change source volume that changes what’s coming out of the mix! Being my own sound guy is subject to failure unfortunately.

I set this song up as the audience participation one and tell folks they’ve got to add the “bah, bah, bah after Caroline and a staff person was walking through the audience and leading the group on that. It was fun. Thanks for the company on the journey brother!…Rod

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Hey Rod,
I think based upon what you said… It would be difficult enough for a sound mix board jockey to balance the mix while he is sitting back at the controls. They of course could hear from the audience perspective, focus on the live mix and adjust as needed. Thus, to try and do that as a one man band and mix guy all at the same time is no small feat! It will probably take you some time to gain experience with all the new gear, to learn it and get things ironed out.

To me the performance went from the pounding drums (which may have annoyed some) to finishing with a bang on the last song you did. Great job there in having them dancing and singing to it, very fitting indeed.

I am wondering if in ear monitors might help you? If you could hear what you total sound to the audience is, you could make adjustments on the fly. Though, I am not sure how it would be set up. I would guess there would have to be a mic out and away from the performance to feed the monitors… Just thinking out loud here… Another idea might be to run your beat buddy through the PA? Could it handle the drums? If so, you might have an easier time balancing the mix and it might be more consistent.

Overall, good job and chalk one up in the leaning column.

All the best,

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Thanks for the looking in @LBro ! Like all things this will take some time to figure out and every outing I’ll get better at it. I think the track record in my own journey of using new things is what “not” to do is the more impactful learning :grinning:. Funny you mention in ears or IEMs as they say. This guy right here appears to be the ticket and will probably be my next purchase:

Plugs right into the mix out on the Everse 8; will be especially useful if a venue calls for the speaker to be much farther away from me, this way I’ll still be able hear the drum beat!…Rod

Indeed, time will flush out the gremlins!

IEM’s may help out! I love your source and their support after the sale! You could try them for a month and send them back if they do not help you.

Down the road, will you be looking to expand your venues list? It seems though, The Lodge is a great place to perfect your craft and sound…

Take good care,

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