Rod with a new guitar covering House of the Rising Sun

Hey folks, birthday present in hand I’ve been swapping practice and play with my new PRS p20e Parlor for the last month and a half. The Parlor size is awesome for travel or just grab and go in the house. Acoustic is definitely harder to play and when I come back to the electric it feels so much easier!

Anyway, I played this one straight but with some strumming changes throughout the song and I think it worked ok. The band is back with the Songs App, just couldn’t stay away too long from my recent OM without backup :grinning:.

As usual any views are greatly appreciated and any comments are too!…Rod


Hi Rod,

As always great vocals, you really do the song justice. Jealous at how effortless you make those f chord changes look. One of the songs I’m working on has a bunch of f chord changes and it really is tough.

That new guitar is gorgeous! Very unique look, love the white pick guard.

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Happy Birthday Rod and happy NGD. Sweet sounding guitar, vocals with the right amount of attitude.

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I just keep pounding it until I can get it, still goes goofy sometimes but the secret is just keep grinding it will get easier!

Many thanks ma’am!…Rod


Very nice Rod.
Great timing and I thought the 16 beat strumming was great.
Guitar sounded very nice and you sang it well.
You have inspired me to do a cover of it. I like you have never done one.

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Thank you sir get with it and cover this we are waiting :grinning:!…Rod

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That was great, Rod. Happy birthday! Love the new guitar and you killed it with this cover. Makes me want to do it next

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Great job Rod, nice cover! Sounds really good. Love this song and am working on it myself, with a combination of finger style and strumming. I don’t sing though, because unlike you I tend to sound like an enraged donkey. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Belated happy birthday too!

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Hi Rod,
Nicely done. Liked the tone on the new guitar! Your vox and play were great to my ears. Nice job on both. To me this was simply a nice listen all the way around. Not sure though on the strumming pattern when you did not sing. Kind of different there. None the less, a very fine effort!

Keep up the vibe and all the best,

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Many many happy returns, Rod. And I look forward to many returns here with the PRS. Beautiful looking and sounding instrument.

Loved your strumming, sounded good, and your vocal was engaging. I also like your intro banter … you, Toby, Brian, the intro banter maestros.

On the production …

I assume the PRS was plugged into the Spark, which was mic’ed up to add the app BT and guitar blended into the mix. I would have liked the App to be coming through a little louder. It was so soft that in my playback I was getting a hint that was more distracting than adding. As we said at the OM, you do fine without the Band. So I’d say either turn the band up to be balanced in the mix or drop them. That said, I appreciate it may be tricky to tweak that in the way things are setup.

I assume the PRS has a built-in preamp? If so I suggest experimenting with the tone controls. I love a dark warm sound, but maybe guitar could benefit from a little boost in the higher frequencies.

I might also lift the vocal level just a wee bit in the mix. As always, that guitar-vocal balance is highly subjective. It was not a problem in your recording, that comment is just my preference and taste.

Once again, most enjoyable, keep on rocking.

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Great job of this timeless classic Rod. I liked your strumming pattern mix. It really worked and drove the song along and the little outro bit was great too. Your vocal and phrasing suited the song. Well done.

The new guitar looks and sounds lovely.

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Let us be the judge! Send it!

Yes sir both BT and guitar coming out of the Spark and into the mic. I think I finally realized that the headphones make me hear the backing track louder than the actual recording and that may be why I tend to leave that so soft. I may need to just ditch the headphones and focus on that mix, but since I hear the track so well, I’m probably just using it to keep time :astonished:

I’m using an acoustic tone on the Spark that sounds more muted. I made a tone that really brightened up the guitar but it sounded so much like an electric guitar I just left it less bright. Lots to play with here!

On the vocal mic I’m right at the clip point on gain with that really cranked. That dynamic mic is way softer than I thought it would be. I always appreciate your keen ear on these sir……Rod


Fantastic production Rod. As usual the vocals were great along with the guitar playing. You made that F Chord look effortless.

Maybe take a backing track and strip the guitar and vocals leaving the drums and bass?

You sir definitely have the gift of the gab. It’s a pleasure to listen to your intros.

Happy birthday. That is one fine guitar you have sir. It looks and sounds lovely.


As soon as I heat “Its Rod from North Carolina” I know I am in for a treat and no disappointment here. New geetar looks pretty cool and as ever your vocals were on point. Interesting and entertaining arrangement that worked really well - I once did an adrenaline fuelled pumping 8s version, out on Soundcloud somewhere or maybe YT ! Yep lots of scope with this one.

Happy NGD and happy birthday sir ! May there be many more.



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Happy Birthday Rod and an equally Happy NGD!! The P20 looks and sounds great and you’re clearly giving it the right attention!

The song sounded as awesome as we’ve come to expect from you, I really do love your style, your intro chats and clear love for your playing. You are quite the showman :slight_smile:

Song sounded great, the guitar’s got a lovely tone, that was a terrific strumming pattern for it and boy did you slam those vocals.

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That was great Rod and I liked the strumming you added as well, also really well sung.

I think it was said at the OM but I think you should now maybe hang up the app, especially if you’re going off piste when using it and may be look at signing up for Justin’s tabs.

Happy NGD, it is a lovely looking and sounding lady and I hope you had a great birthday. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Notter, your too kind. PRS makes some fine acoustics too my brand brother. Jump in!…Rod

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Thanks sir! I’ve got the Tabs subscription and have a few in my stash. Rambling through the woods of this guitar journey. I think the magic of the songs app is it forces you to the timing so chord changes are either there or your out of time. I would think that is a positive training for a beginner like me. I think @DavidP mentioned somewhere use the app to work up a song and drop it for the performance which is a solid strategy and literally exactly what I did for this OM. Its certainly convenient to fire it up especially for a song you haven’t tried too. Oh the train wrecks i have had so far with that!.. Rod

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I’m afraid I’ve broken the code Rod but I did give Mr Smith a fair crack of the whip :wink: (Notter Unplugged - NGD)

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Ooof sorry @Notter missed that post we really are two mono channels that are stereo together!..beautiful acoustic, expect some high notes with that single cut :wink:…… Rod