Roger`s 6th Trick - from Justin

Hello everyone ,

After a fellow guitar player (JK) recently posted this 6th trick I remembered that I had also done it a long long time ago and that I was quite satisfied with it, …my mistake :roll_eyes: :grimacing:… after a long search I found it tucked away in the depths of my LL and I decided that this was a good one for a decent introduction to my Acoustasonic, I personally think that the acoustic sound fits better with rhythm guitar but blame this entirely on my own shortcomings.

And I hope that one of you will say that the terrible squeaking of the strings decreases with different strings (these are strings that were installed from the factory).
I haven’t completed 10 hours of playing the acoustasonic yet but I wanted to have a starting point of how it started , and I would like to know how bad you think the squeaking of the strings is and whether I should go to the guitar shop tomorrow (no, no, only for strings eh :face_with_raised_eyebrow: …I had already seen that place doesn’t have a super light guitar :smile:)

I will also post a version under this topic later today with an electric version,
to show that I have improved when it comes to this electric version :blush: …which is normally much easier for me than on the acoustic and I now play as a warm-up because no stretching or strength is required with this one.

Sorry, the reading is almost more time than the listening (but better than compared to my licks :roll_eyes:)

Greetings and I waits anxiously.


Hi everyone who is looking further,

Just like the video above, the 2 parts are slightly different, the turnarounds and in the 2nd part 2 slides have been added that have given me some challenge on the acoustic…

If you’re sensitive to squeaky strings…just check only this one (but of course I should have posted this first :blush: )



Sounded pretty sweet to me ears Rogier, apart from that bloody squeaking. I know the coated strings are supposed to cut down on the noise. Not sure what you have on there but maybe give they a whirl.

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:joy: :rofl:
Okay, so not normal for a novice acoustic player… exactly what I first wanted to tap and sayed to my wife yesterday … really :see_no_evil: (There may be other opinions, but I’ll take this to heart :crossed_fingers:)
but it’s nice that the first post (you) indicates that there is a reasonable quick solution for an improvement… and of course more playing…
Thanks and greetings

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I enjoyed both, Rogier, it’s a lovely piece. And the tone on both guitars was easy on the ear.

I’m not as fussed by the string noise as some. I think with practice you may be able to reduce it on the Acoustasonic, working on the touch.

At times the bass notes felt a little loud for my taste. I’d suggest a little more experimentation and practice on the palm mute technique on the bass notes.

Hope your anxiety is easing now.

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You really are amazing, Rogier :grinning:

So soon after having won the favorite shortest licks challenge, we get another treat from you.
What a tasty blues! I enjoyed it a lot :clap: :clap: :clap:
Thanks for sharing :sunflower:

Yeah, I’ve noticed the squeaking, and it sounds very familiar to me. I’ve practiced the “Seven Nation Army”-riff some time ago and had the same problem when moving one finger up and down the 5th string.
So it seems that I’m not the only one with these issues, and it is quite relieving for me that even advanced players know this problem :sweat_smile:

So coated strings may help here? I’ll surely try that. Thanks @SgtColon :grinning:

Apart from the squeaking noise that Fender is beautiful :heart_eyes:

Greetings :lady_beetle:


Hi David.
Thanks for the listening and comment :sunglasses:,and of course I hope that the solution is in the strings for the squeaking :smile: …as for the bass, I consciously hit it a little harder a few times, but other than that I don’t hear it as too loud in these 2 versions, but with 1 version that I heard yesterday I definitely heard too much bass and then I played the bass a little softer and turned it down a little on my computer. so now I fear my ears :flushed:

I like to hear if others also find the bass a bit (or way too) loud because muting is not that difficult for me…(I usually don’t hear crickets anymore, I found out this summer :cry:)

Thanks again and greetings,

Hi Gunhild @Gunhild

No, thank YOU for the very loud laugh this gave me :blush: :sunglasses:

I`m new to the acoustic club (at least the strings involved with it are simulair with westerns :grin:) Of course I had thought that squeaking is more compatible with acoustics… I even hear Eric C. squeaking regularly (well his guitar ey :roll_eyes:)…

Thanks you and also good luck with the more working on the touch too :sweat_smile: that is always a good advise from David :blush: :sunglasses:

Greetings, :sunflower:

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Hi Rogier - that was great, really smooth. Personally I don’t think the squeaking was too bad and I think that some string noise in inevitable, but it’s possible that it’s made worse if you are pressing too hard (it’s something I’m guilty of, and I’m working on currently). I’d be tempted to take a few squeaky bars on repeat, slow it down and really concentrate on a light touch and see if that improves things.

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Like Dublin buses when I lived there.
Nothing for ages and then loads in convoy… :laughing:
I suppose the positive points first, eh?
Very nice, smooth playing on both.
That bluesy stuff is not my ‘cup of meat’, so I’ll just take your word for it that they were ‘different’ (yeah, right :roll_eyes:).
I developed my music appreciation listening to Radio Luxembourg on Longwave through a mono earplug, so I had to focus to notice the string noise
While I was being picky- were the amp settings the same for both? I preferred the acoustasonic tone. The second offering was boomier in the bass/lower register I think.
I enjoyed your little ‘reserved’ joke, as you had to go back and edit anyway :laughing:


Hi Rick @stitch ,Clear :joy:
That’s why I made it into 2 posts .

Hi Paul @mathsjunky
Thank you and thanks for the comment on the strings,I’m going to get new strings tomorrow or next week, and I’m going to work hard on my sensitivity to/on the strings :grimacing: ,for now it helps if I remove my fingers completely, but that doesn’t improve the fluidity… work, work to be done :sweat_smile:

Hi Brian @brianlarsen :joy: :laughing:
And then you missed one too (although that was already 3 months or more old when I posted it)

I’ve been wanting to say it for a while, but many months ago you said in someone’s thread “so, Rogier already gave you the shit sandwich” and it took me a while to understand what the hell that meant :see_no_evil:… I have never learned that and never think about things like that… please break all the “rules” with me :blush:

Thanks :smile:

Yes , did not turn a button…didn’t even think about it, the electric one was the first take, and to be honest sometimes the bass is a bit heavy during previous exercises, but that amp doesn’t have a bass setting on the ‘normal’ input, so I turned the bass down a bit myself. on my setting on the PC so I understand that it is too much bass for more people … although (we think) it is not the case here … If Its too loud youre too old … was on my t-shirt from my favorite pub …I can say that to you :smile:… but probably my ears are :boom: by to much bass :see_no_evil:
The tone of the acoustasonic is why I bought that thing and for this kind of stuff I like the souns way more if clean played, but now have to get over/work on that bloody squeaking :grimacing:
Greetings all :sunflower:

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I thought the actual playing was good but the squeaking in the first clip was too much for me to enjoy it unlike the second. Hopefully a string change will help.

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Two very sweet sounding versions, Rogier! :clap:

Well played and except for the squeaking, I liked the tone of the acoustasonic a little more. It just suits the piece very well for my ears. But it’s only a slight difference. So congrats on that little new toy, sounds really good! :partying_face: :smiley:

I guess, string change will help. Maybe you need to try different sorts every now and then. I also know that from my acoustic. :roll_eyes: Sometimes it’s also a thing with my fingertips, I guess when skin gets too dry there. :thinking:

Thanks for sharing those! I’m curious how you’d play Greensleeves on the new guitar. :smiley:

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Hi Rogier…
what an awsome sound from that acoustasonic… cant put my finger on why, but i preferered the sound from the acoustasonic. Lovely sound, i liked the loud bass on it… what a cool instrument! What kind of strings does it have? Is it acoustic strings? I did not mind the squeekie strings at all.
Can it be played unplugged like a acoustic guitar?
Love that look too… me want one a lot! :grin:

Oh… and the playing… sounds great! You make both guitars sing… just keep them come, i want to see a lot more of that Fender!

Edit: i swapped to elixir 80/20 bronze polyweb coating a few weeks back, they are very smooth with almost no squeek…

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Sweet Roger, sweet.
Pretty much nailed it. Its the groove that’s the key here I reckon, and you absolutely nailed that.
Squeaky strings? Get some Finger Ease. I love that stuff. I spray it on the neck, and on my fingers as well.

Cheers, Shane


That Acoustasonic is pretty cool. Sounded great. On the squeaky strings, overly squeaky strings bug me too. I’ve found that Elixir’s and D’addario XS don’t squeak much. I tried some Martin strings and hated them, way too squeaky.

So if it bugs you, definitely change them.

The playing - very good, you have now replaced your earlier playing with some up to date stuff :smiley:. Glad I could inspire you a bit!

Although you did subject us to the turnaround and the second playthrough :rofl:

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Hi @skinnyt and @Lisa_S and @Trond and @sclay and @jkahn

A bit general so as not to repeat myself too much… Thank you all for listening and providing feedback, just enough positive not to delete that beeping video, and it is clear that I have to work on this and also I am convinced that these metal strings 0.11 intended for an acoustic are most likely not the best strings and there is a profit to be made by replacing them :crossed_fingers:, Shane, if that and weeks of good practice still don’t help enough, I will take other measures. From previous threads I have the squeaky strings of questions/discussions in my head, but I didn’t expect it to bother me so much and you have squeaks and squeaks… but I’m glad it’s certainly not a deal breaker is for everyone .

started yesterday together with Yesterday (crazy sentence like that :smile:) ,sounds way better on an acoustic kind of guitar :sunglasses:

And It goes much faster than an electric unplugged one, so good for practicing without an amplifier, but not for performing … and coating strings it will be :sunglasses:

But they are both different :wink: … so not twice the same as Justin predicted in the beginning … and I had adjusted the turnaround a little further with more notes … but it always goes better here than it is now captured on camera .

Thanks Thanks everyone and I got a lot of homework from you :smiley: :sunglasses: :man_bowing:
Greetings :sunflower: :sunny:


That sounded soooooo good, Rogier, even the mouse was singing along :smiley: You’ve certainly got that piece down well under your fingers. As other have said the Acoustasonic sounded cool.


Hehe, knowing that both of us are familiar with trying to express ourselves in foreign tongues and that subtleties often fly over our heads, mean that we get away with all kinds of exchanges that might appear to be quite ‘rude’ on the surface :rofl:
On a completely different matter, the shape of your acoustasonic is making me twitchy about my next gas bill :grimacing:


Hi James, @Socio
Thank you very much fot the compliments and :joy: :rofl: :joy:
Greetings :firecracker: :wavy_dash: :wavy_dash: :wavy_dash::mouse2:

And @brianlarsen


Check out the clean sound if that’s important to you because that’s not very good, on the other hand, like me, you often don’t plug in your electrics and then this is a nice compromise sometimes instead of the much louder regular acoustic guitar, nice that so many people like the guitar/shape…we both thought the sunburst didn’t look good on TV here, so if you ever!!! be aware gasgasgas :ghost:

Greetings friendly men and I wait patiently to see what our nice Andrea is typing while I was busy here … Hi there @Helen0609 :grin:


Hi Rogier, both pieces sounded sweet to me, you played them very well and certainly got the groove. I liked the tone of the Acoustasonic a bit more, apart from the squeking (I’m no fan at all of squeaking strings, but easier said than done :slightly_smiling_face:). I don’t mind the bass notes being a bit prominent for some listeners, in the context of this piece, maybe yes, but I like some boomy bass, so that didn’t hurt me.
Concerning the strings, I don’t know your exact model (Acoustasonic Tele), but the Acoustasonics obviously mainly are coming with * Fender® Dura-Tone® 860CL (.011-.052 Gauge), that are coated strings, below the € 10 mark, maybe not the best choice. I recently put on some uncoated strings, I still had at home from the earlier days - awful string noise. I definitely would try coated ones, maybe Elixir polyweb. I usually play coated Martin Lifespan on my second acoustic and like them too. But I think, it’s up to individual preference. Good luck! And thanks for posting!

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