Rogers rock on wheels

What a wonderful picture you paint, Toby, I would have loved to have been there :sunglasses:. And if you listen carefully you can hear those ovaries rattling as they fly over, or was that the alarm sound of beware of a cat, hey, a human being careful, but hey food is there :smile:…they "say"a lot :sunglasses:

Nice …except for the return from the ice warning :grimacing: …but hey, it’s only February 6th … :fire: :snowflake: :fire:


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Rogier I woke up with this same wonderful concert and I thought “Spring!” :blush:…yes yes she’s coming soon :grin::grin::grin:

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Hi Silvia
That brings an amazing smile thinking of this in Italy… again for me :sunglasses:…some day some day :crossed_fingers:
Greetings :smile:

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No no no… :cold_face: What spring? Spring? :cold_face: No such here. It’s winter here . We will be back to -22C on Friday… :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

No singing birds only giant bunnies…and those don’t sing… :rabbit2:

Seriously though… It must have been really nice :baby_chick:. Exactly what you deserves after the bathroom renovation noise disturbances


:exploding_head: :woozy_face: :cold_face: :scream:
The good thing is that I like snow views … but come on that’s too cold … the noise will almost be over here tomorrow if all goes well…

they can make a high-pitched noise when a wolverine…no no, happy thoughts, happy thoughts…
Saw them on TV again yesterday…again…what wonderful animals…and I immediately thought of you :smile:

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I saw picks from here…funny for the fan, but not funny enough for its own topic :upside_down_face:

This one is quite appropriate sometimes :blush:




Now I’ll stop because they’re not getting any better :roll_eyes:

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Nick Cave soundtrack for Amy Winehouse film


Cheers for the heads-up, Rogier, but this surely belongs in the just chatting section under a Nick Cave heading, so folk will see it, but also not to clog your LL with trivia :wink:
(The algorithm is telling me I reply to your posts too often and should message you instead :rofl:)

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I posted this just for you …and looked to see if there was a Topic with Nick Cave news only and you know how much I love opening new topics (especially for myself :blush:) so this was the quick solution and

Who minds that…? I don’t…and it’s already a mess anyway :laughing:

Bin there did ignore that :joy:

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Now I posted this above make use of the time to post this because it is a step further than the last fingerstyle video :sunglasses:


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Hi Richard @Rqualls
I just read back some of my not so good advice from
I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You by Tom Waits Lesson
This one … (Edit: … you mean what happens at 8:05 where he puts his little finger down on the G on the D string and hammers his middle finger on the open G string?)

Which does indicate that Justin, as he says, does not do the same thing every time, but it was only 2 days later that I saw the end of the lesson and you probably meant that part from 18:01… now I don’t know why I believe I think that if I play it a lot slower it is a bit clearer than what Justin does, but perhaps there is no extra distraction when I play it in isolation? I don’t know, but I hope that if you haven’t figured it out yet, I can serve you better with this…

And if you ask another question…pfff, I’ve been working on this song for 4 days :sweat_smile: and only put on the original yesterday…wow beautiful…

Hope this helps beter :sweat_smile:

I think " the trick" here is to leave your pinky on when you go to the G bass so that the 3 strings that you pluck after it can go in one movement without moving your fingers

and wrong guitar but it for now oke :blush:

Greetings ,Rogier


This is very helpful! I had done something similar and ended it with a bit of a walk up at the end of it. Your example adds a bit more notes in between what I had and I feel that it can use it.

Tom is pretty prolific, so there are tons of recordings of this and it seems that this little flourishy bit is really open to interpretation. I have noticed that Justin likes to push us fledglings out of the nest and make us think about stuff like this instead of spoon feeding us. I appreciate it but I am still an early beginner trying to take on more challenging songs to push myself. I feel like a kidergartner who is learning to put sentences together and has a limited knowledge of the rules. Yes, I need more lessons and to take the theory course for sure.

I agree that this is a lovely song. I am perfecting my singing and timing for Heart of Saturday Night (which is also beautiful and fun to play if you have not given it a spin) to post a video before I take some time after a surgury coming up next week.

I also love his song Time, maybe my favorite if his. It is on piano but would translate well to guitar. If Justin doesn’t transcribe it, I might be forced to try one day when my skills improve and I gain some patience. Tori Amos did a really wonderful cover of this one, btw.

There is something about really studying a song. It feels like you are really getting into the head of the writer, or whatever it was that was in their head is now in yours. Very cool and a little unnerving at times. It only makes me want to dive in further.

Have a great day and thank you for all of your help!

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Hi Thanks for your reply,
I`m very glad to read this is helpful :smiley:

Absolute open for interpretation and that will be more and more but I understand that figuring things out via video is not an easy thing to do for everyone at the beginning of grade 3 and it sometimes surprises me how long it can take me to do something short before it goes well, which seems very easy looks like and if you can do it (duh) it’s really simple, sometimes you just need that one little push or what ever and then … OH YES that’s it…

I hope it goes well and you can sprint back in the saddle soon…lots of good luck :crossed_fingers:

Noooo stop …not more songs ,i have 100+ on the list to look at (really) :see_no_evil:

Greetings and have a quick recover

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There was a knock on our dressing-room door.
Our manager shouted, ‘Keith! Ron! The Police are here!’
Oh, man, we panicked, flushed everything down the john.
Then the door opened and it was Stewart Copeland and Sting.

(Keith Richards)


How funny :laughing:

and while I am was reading this from you it is announced on the radio 1 that in a few minutes there will be a talk about the founder of the Stones Brian Jones, which I am now waiting for :sunglasses:


Sounds great Roger.

@brianlarsen I’ve heard it but still a good laugh

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Hi David
I assume you mean that interview on the radio that was about the documentary about Brian Jones… unfortunately that was nothing interesting , but I will watch the documentary when it comes out here…

No I just meant Brian’s joke about the Stones and The Police (band not law)


:see_no_evil: :laughing: