Rogers rock on wheels

Hello everyone,
Bit pretentious title, sorry…but the intention is that in about a year or 2 this will be fully justified, and with only a small addition of “BLUES”

The idea was that I wouldn’t play anything until I got a new computer and had my Focusrite plus software, instead of an old cheap samsung that I put on a chair in front of my amplifier.Then I press video and … done…although the first is a recording by my gir…l.It was unthinkable for anyone who knew me that I would ever hold a guitar again, and I myself thought that also a week before so she really wanted to capture this moment… and now I have a good point zero… and that weird bump on my face is one of the last inflammations that went away…

The first thing I’m going to try to post is from the end of December 2019…I couldn’t do the C chord yet because of all the junk that was still in my fingers, I just borrowed a guitar from a friend for a few days…

Oooo, never thought of that, but first I have to create a youtube channel so, and maybe something like a soundcloud…
Oh well, it’s also called a learning log isn’t it :see_no_evil:

dec 2019 first attempt

This one is really for myself… , made for my mother and doctor because what happens here is actually not possible at all…

Now I still have some videos without images (yes yes)…from half a year later to a few months ago…but because they were sent by my wife to my phone, and deleted from her I don’t remember the sequence ,most of it was recorded just as fast without anyone ever hearing it…often i play on the looper (without metronome…phew)…will do from now on…
canon D in progress
A few months later around September I made this noise…just anything[just anything]

From now on i dont know when its done…but this one is 2 weeks after it when it came as a new lesson here … and the nice thing is that this one is also a nice one to do again and then compare …and the Layla intro I put a paper under the chair :grin:
in the beginning everything is on a Fender player with a very old fender amplifier…later it will be a PRS VELA semi-hollow on a new Vox.

Little Blues

after a year or so…The first Rock…I will continue with this … me and my looper and if all goes well the BAND TRIO will connect later … Piece of Canon in D must be this.

Canon in D
This above is the same as little bit blues…I did something wrong…but what???
still going on…
No idea, made it up myself

And the last one to post for today 1-2-2022…
19-05-2021 Intro layla

So, today I put the last old things on this, although the 2 longest recordings are from the end of last year…so very fresh actually…from next time I will do my best to keep my camera close to the amplifier to post that it also provides some image … I will post some pictures of my playground later today…

Not counting or metronome…this was going blind
Whole lotta love

this christmas i got a dalay Boss dd-8…I still have a lot to figure out here…will go and do a pinkfloyd maybe…run like hell.
First delay try out…

Here I play the chords of Hit the road Jack…and then I try some out…this was at the end of 2021.
Hit the road

Hit The Road with Trio-band,
I play the chords (of course too) and the pedal does some drum and bass over it…
Hit the road Jack with trio-band-looper

Today 3 february-2022,…
I made my first video (in the light) and music recording that is also meant to be heard by other people…and boy oh boy, that’s suddenly a lot more difficult, I wouldn’t have expected it any other way, and I I absolutely see the added value of sharing your music with others, it all still feels very uncomfortable…and it is also very strange to see yourself playing for the first time, I will also learn a lot from that I hope… …and you can shoot at it of course.

[First (real)video :the House of the rising sun

Update 14-02-2022 (improvement of , a little blues,but definitely not ready yet)
Not looking like a lefty anymore @brianlarsen :grin:
The camera (telephone/microphone) was placed on the table and further away from the amp, so the sound does not get better. 1st take…
That 6th Trick (blues lesson)
Videothumbnail: That 6th Trick (blues)


Is there anybody out there? from Pink Floyd
I’m posting this because I said that elsewhere a while ago…I was just thinking about it so I quickly recorded it after a few minutes of practice…At least,…that’s what I would have liked… .the reason there isn’t a video with me on it is because I recorded it with the looper ,so I could record faster and over and over again…all day I’ve been busy making as few mistakes as possible.(and yesterday)… .drama…and the sound too…but well, there is something, and now I just keep practicing and stretching with those fingers…One day I will play this on acoustic as it should be.

Is there anybody out there

Project of …blues ?
Project of …blues? attempt 2 met trio-band

The intention is that once a month I play a better variation on these chords (similar to the chords of… Oh Waterlooplein…) , the chords of course and the solo have to improve …
And each time only max 2 attempt to record it, and otherwise … bad luck for me…I say now at the first video … but if I don’t see any progress after months and still make a mess of it, … well… :innocent:

Did this lesson yesterday( HOW TO: THUMB & FINGER STRUMS), and now it’s about time to become my own stinking band :joy: (Quote:Tommy Emmanuel)…or start now to become one in the far future…

Videothumbnail: lesson:HOW TO: THUMB & FINGER STRUMS

More Than Words

Only the beginning … I don’t see the rest yet to do … a lot of work to remember for all that.

For lack of a real acoustic … but this is the first time I use the acoustic simulator … there is a lot of sound difference to be made…I would really like to know what you think of this sound…of course I should post it somewhere else…ehmmmmm,…and make a recording without Acoustic Simulator of course…

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Go with YouTube rather than Soundcloud.
I wanna see the weird bump now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:joy: :rofl: :joy:

I`m looking on youtube now how and what…But this kind of thing and I are not used to each other yet…and also not on my own laptop

Love the title, Roger.

If you have a Google account then creating a YouTube channel is not too hard. And seeing as you have video to post, that’ll be better than audio-only. You also get more feedback if people can see your playing in addition to listening.

Well, you’re piqued my interest, Roger. Welcome to learning logs!

  • Vinnie
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Nice en dark… :rofl:
Sorry, and the next few will get worse in terms of image … will be fine in a month or so

Roger, one of the great things about YT and a smart phone is that you can record a video on your phone and use the ‘share’ feature to upload it to YT.

I tried your video link and got the “it’s private” message. There are three levels of access:

  1. Public which is visible to all and can be picked up in searches
  2. Unlisted which is only accessible to people who have access to a specific link, such as would be shared in the Community
  3. Private which is only visible to the channel owner.

You’ll need to edit the video in YT Studio to change the access setting. To reach that, open YT, navigate to Your Channel, and then select Your Videos.

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Thanks,…and now the video should be visible … although it is really better not, … looking in my phone for the slightly less old recordings…

Playing sounded OK Roger, just short and dark as you said. I look forward to more!

Your playing sounded pretty good Rogier. Maybe just turn the lights on next time! :smiley:

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You are too nice … but this was a good thing … there will be some fragments without images in the next few minutes … I might put a picture of myself in there, you can judge for yourself whether I am there look a little healthier now… :see_no_evil:

Hmmm… I was expecting funny video of someone struggling to play guitar,
instead I got rubbishy video of someone who can play stuff I wouldn’t attempt yet :roll_eyes:
OK, click expectation ‘reset’
Congratulations on sharing your playing, Roger :smiley:
I’m looking forward to following your progress.
(I don’t know if you follow football or not (I don’t) but you can neither escape the Beatles nor Liverpool FC here on Merseyside. I once saw a chap in a wheelchair with big ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ stickers on his wheels :joy:)


Don`t care about football to…
I will work on the video thing…and hope i can record with better quality soon, really should be able to do a lot better,and i practice a few hours a day,so i hope in a few months i hope to have a nice video with old friends making music all their lives …as long as the studio is not on the first floor…or if they don’t puncture my tires… :thinking:

Thanks David,
But on the one hand I read that weels means small wheels, and that was the intention … and elsewhere I read that it is a spelling error, so it became Wheels… .

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Yair Rogier, I’m waiting …

Glad you’ve made a LL, may your wheels roll along nice and steady.

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Have some virtual toffees to sweeten up your life, Brian, in the face of such adversity.

For us it is very clear to see … I was much too thin there, and for us to see clearly, I am sitting there with a mega jaw infection…
Everything runs smoothly here … as long as the oil does not run out :grin:

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Great Learning Log Rogier, full of humour but most importantly shows your progress. Doing well, keep it up. :sunglasses:

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Thanks Toby,
Just busy now looking for the latest things on my phone … strangely enough it is all between the (many) photos and not with video ???.. is all new to me this kind of “tech” hassle, but most of you have noticed that for a while…So I put some new things at the bottom of the first list with “videos” … yes yes, they are really videos … :joy:

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This is my play ground

Me in heaven… :innocent: :sunglasses:

@brianlarsen I have occasionally seen a white death skull in your videos … I think there is something wrong with you, if a white skull puts in your house …