Waltzing Matilda -Chords&Melody

Good day everyone , :smiley:

This had to be posted today after a lot of talking on my part about how long I have been working on this :roll_eyes:

I have learned a lot through the struggles of learning this piece,
Not perfect but I`m satisfied with the overall picture (looking at the camera, not looking at the hands too much and the amount of errors)
It’s actually strange that I look at my hands because I can play it with my eyes closed and then I don’t make any more mistakes…
I took 3 shots and the middle one was chosen by my wife because I look the least strange/raising an eyebrow, smiling strangely in the middle … too bad for you people :grin:

Matilda and this song has a different meaning now here … Waltzing with that Woman who has slowly changed into … how did Andrea say that again :thinking: … what they call a German female dog ???..

I won’t start another rant about Justin’s choice of words …in this case " but in this lesson we are just going to be looking a super simple version " But Ooo Justin, we should actually have a chat about this sometime :confounded: :blush:

I hope you found it worth it and maybe give it a try… It may seem like the F with the most trouble
but in fact the Dm was by far the biggest hurdle to overcome in the end…and why I don`t know

Greetings ,Rogier


Hi Rogier. Or perhaps I should say G’day mate, your billy was really boiling there! :grin:
That was great. Super clean picked notes and an excellent tone. Only one complaint…. too short.

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That sounded lovely! You make it seem so effortless, too. I really enjoyed your playing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, a new song! And such a nice one :grinning:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Great fingerpicking!
After Joe’s motivating session some days ago I’m practicing this a bit more, too, and surely it isn’t easy :sweat_smile:

You played it beautifully, thanks a lot for sharing :sunflower:

Gunhild :lady_beetle:

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Hey Rogier, well played.
Short but sweet :smiley:
My grandfather used to sing this to us as kids but I never understood what the words meant until I was a grown up. I haven’t heard it played in decades. In Ireland it’d be much more common to hear And the band played Waltzing Mathilda, an anti-war song (The Dubliners and the Pogues do excellent versions)
No pressure, but a gentle reminder that one day we will be treated to the opening of your pipes :wink:

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Well done Rogier. I find that keeping the rhythm nice and relaxed is the hardest part. Hitting all the right notes is one thing, but the continuous thumb movement is not that easy. I like how you gave it a subtle shuffle feel.

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Hi Rogier, that was some beautiful playing! Lots of hours of practice can be seen…You seem to pick so effortlessly, with all the notes ringing out super clean. I find this hard to do on electric. I had a few tries with Greensleeves + flanger (the flanger sounded so cool, when I only got those swinging strings under control :joy:).
Mr. Miltenbourg, your playing enlightened my afternoon. Thanks for that!

Standing on the wire :thinking:? Are you thinking about the b-word, I’d never use? But that’s not German? I won’t ask or answer ANY questions about female dogs in this forum again :joy: :see_no_evil:, otherwise we get another essay about dog breeding :flushed: :laughing: :joy: :partying_face:.

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Hi Gordon @sairfingers

Thank you :blush: and to you and the others I say … o yes very so very short frustratingly short for the amount of time I put into it…and remember I played it along with Justin for a while and that was much faster and shorter…I did my best to stretch it out :grin:

Hi Mari @Mari63
How nice to hear from you and thank you … I now play it at this level almost as a warm-up and effortless and Oooo o o that took a lot of time :sweat_smile:

Hi Gunhild @Gunhild
Thank you , and I have to look up the Joe`s sessions …and I wish you all the fun learning this and not the correcting mistakes (the wrong bits learned by continuing too quickly without the cheat table (or Justin) after a while while the song was not well in my head at the time) like I did :blush:

Hi Brian @brianlarsen
Thank you and lovely to read …
And as for the other versions, I have to and will look them up what you mention…I have heard other versions in the past (not so long ago) but I have no clear memory of them…and

:joy: :rofl:

Hi Jeff @Jeff
Thank you and yes that rhythm was a beast to control :sweat_smile:
And cool that you
mentions that shuffle feel because that’s exactly what I was going for… I had to hold back a bit because I usually even exaggerate it a bit… maybe I can try that again later (way later)and then with an accoustasonic,

Hi Andrea @Helen0609
Thank you for all the nice words and that swinging strings are often a pain in the … ear :innocent:

for the sake of clarity, to other people who can’t quite remember The old dogs topic in total :laughing: … No, Andrea is a good girl :blush: and did not use that B word, but the suggestion and the questions about male and female dogs and whether or not there is a difference in the back and forth conversations with Richard… I just had to do that in recent weeks. I sometimes chuckle when I think of Matilda…

Greetings all :man_bowing:


Hmmm… That was… too short? Sounded really good and effortless, but you left me a bit hungry for more :slightly_smiling_face:


That was beautiful Rogier. I know nothing about finger style, but that looked both complex and very well executed. You look very confident. :slight_smile:

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Just lovely Rogier. Beautifully played with all notes ringing out crisp and clear.

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This is a lilttle sweet piece of music Rogier…it sounds just lovely! :heart_eyes: Constructive feedback: your fingerpicking hand seems very stable and confident through the strings and as regards the fretting hand it seems you’re changing chords and adding notes super efficently…resulting in very smooth playing…I wish I could do half as good! Very well done my friend! Bravo bravo bravo…how do you always say?..BIS BIS! :blush:

Ps: I well know that “too short” is a bit frustrating but that’s how it is with chord melodies: just one verse and chorus is what my little brain can do before starting burning! Now…I say…we all have to start somewhere and, Rogier, this is really an excellent starting point!

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Fabulous stuff Rogier! Dare I say that you made that look and sound easy?! My next modules in the course will start to take me down chords and melody, looking forward to it but know it’s going to be hard work!! Inspiration like this however is always great to see and take confidence from.
Bravo :raised_hands: :slightly_smiling_face:

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That was some lovely playing, Rogier. Sounded sweet and clean. Nice!

Short is the best way to do it, keep them thirst for more.

Nice looking peace lilies too.

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Hi Nicole @JokuMuu and Boris @Boris1565 and Eddie @Eddie_09 and Silvia @SILVIA and Mark @Notter and Stefan @SgtColon ‘’’

I usually thank everyone separately, but then I repeat myself even more than usual :roll_eyes:… so: Thank you very much for your encouragement and kind words If you felt what that does to me, you would too :blush: (and yes, many of you do, of course :sweat_smile:). And yes, it is too short way too, but remember that Justin’s arrangement is even (faster) shorter :confounded: but mastering the technique a little better and faster every time :sweat_smile:(although there is always a booby trap somewhere in every song I see) but it means that I can look for more. …and indeed Stefan the first is free a small piece and if they are addicted to you than :magnet: :roll_eyes: the Nicole`s … :joy:

And now I started to sweat for a moment, because I realized when I read this that I forgot to look at the technique after recording the video that I posted… while practicing I often see what needs to be improved (which is still that wrist) but when I go to record and have recorded I only listen and watch the latest videos to see if I have made some contact with you (and I also think of many of you playing when I look in that camera look) …but at my fingers if those flies around etc…I forget that …but I am very relieved to read this from you (and I am sure that with your way of practicing you are much closer than you now suspected)…
Thank you all :blush: :sunflower:


:sunglasses: have fun and when your head and the table come to close together … take courage indeed, it will happen almost (kuch) naturally when going on … I started with happy birthday and now and then I look at my new mega job Canon in D (more than a year I’m going to give it)

Ps 2 :smile: :

Thank you…a fresh purchase and a much nicer name than we Dutch people gave it …Lepelplant …translated …that cutlery spoon…or Spoonplant


:smile: Very nice Rogier.

Just Lovely.



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What do I have to read there? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Well, if that’s an addiction that’s one I can cope with :laughing: Just provide me with one AVOYP every three months or so to keep the withdrawal symptoms in check :nerd_face:

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Well played Rogier. How much practice did that one take to get down?

Alternating bass, cleanly played melody, what’s not to like. Short and sweet too makes people want more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Absolutely. And so I hit the repeat button three times :smiley: :smiley:
Thank you for sharing Rogier, I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening!

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G’day Rogier
that was bonza! :clap: I really enjoyed listening. I also hit repeat a few times :smiley:
thanks for sharing :sunflower:

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