“Rohan Theme”, “Andantino in G Major” - Radek - April 2024

Andantino in G Major, the last recording that concludes a 12 piece classical challenge. I planned to accomplish it within 12 months but it actually took 14.

It was an actual challenge to enforce the discipline and regular recordings, embrace many pieces that I was unfamiliar with and take it to presentable form. More than once I thought that I won’t be able to complete it but here we are, all 12 pieces are now recorded.

Where to next? I think I will focus now on movie themes, a genre I was always very fond of. A few pieces are already at work in the progress stage.


Interesting choice of a guitar


Very pretty rendition of a lovely melody. Really enjoyable.


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That sounded wonderful Radek!

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That was lovely Radek.

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It’s more necessity than a choice. I don’t own a classical guitar yet.

Thank you Brian. It took me a while to get there but I’m glad that it is completed.

Happy that you like it Mark. I changed my post production setup and minimised reverb for a more intimate tone.

Thank you Eddie, I’m glad that you enjoyed it.


Hi Radek. That was a very pleasant tune to wake up to. Obvious that it took hard work. When you said movie themes will be your next focus, it reminded me of my father’s favorite song he would play on his 1950’s record player: Lara’s Theme from Dr. Zhivago. I just put it in my “aspirational songs” file. Maybe you can lead the way?

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Thank you kindly Michael. It is indeed not easy to cover classical, even easy, pieces without proper education and tutored training. Learning it was also enjoyable and educational so no regrets in the two months I put into this one.

Lara’s Theme is indeed a very recognisable classic. Movie themes have emotional power connecting us with the motion pictures we watched and enjoyed. With my humble skills I would not attempt this theme yet but I believe I have other themes that are realistic and within the reach (I hope).

Hi Radek,
Congratulations on this last piece, and it is beautiful :clap: :sunglasses: :man_bowing: :bouquet: and good planning to focus on 12 months and turn it into 14 :clap:

Ps: is it in

Or like the topic title… Not that it really matters to me, but I’m afraid if I miss/not understand something … again :roll_eyes: :smile:

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That was just beautiful, Radek! :clap:

Also, congrats on finalizing your classical pieces challenge, what a milestone! It doesn’t matter it took a little longer, it is a great achievemant! :smiley:

I’m looking forward to the movie themes, it’s a genre I like to listen to a lot! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on completing your challenge, Radek. This final pice was wonderful, sounded fabulous, wonderful tones

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Sounds lovely Radek, really well done!

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Thank you Roger. Finishing this felt a little bit like graduating. I would like to revisit classical music again some time but now the road leads on to some other places.

Not sure what can I clarify on the title, is just a name of the final piece

Thank you kindly Lisa. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete this, the idea of one piece - one month - was working for most of the challenge but I took extra time with the last two.

I’m glad to hear you like movie themes, the more the merrier :slight_smile: .

Thanks David. You were following this journey from the beginning which is admirable considering the length of it and my not always accurate interpretation of classical music.

Thank you Eccleshall, glad to hear you enjoyed it :slight_smile:.


Hi ,
I so understand that it feels like graduation :sunglasses: :partying_face:

The tittle say`s “andantino in E Major” and you start your first 4 words with “Andantino in G major”
so I was thinking that was a typo :blush:

I listened to it again…it still sounds good :sunglasses:

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Oh, you are completely right! It is a typo and I failed to catch it even when you pointed it out. I do a ton of typos daily. Thanks for the sharp eye!

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:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
After reading the whole thing 6 times (or more) I was still “afraid” that I was missing something obvious… especially because no one else said anything… luckily I’m right this time :sweat_smile:


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Hello Radek, this was absolutely wonderful :heart_eyes:! And I admire the way, your fingers wander along the fretboard - so smoothly and knowing exactly where to go next. The time and effort you’ve put into this is obvious. You’ve made great progress :+1: :clap: :smiley:.

Congratulations on finishing your challenge :partying_face: :clap: :clap: :clap:!!

Oh, this sounds lovely. What a great idea! I’m already looking forward to your next recording :star_struck:.

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Really nice! I’m working on improving my finger accuracy, and really impressed with the accuracy and clarity of the notes in your piece. I must add a classical piece to my practice, as there is nowhere to hide with mistakes!

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Thank you Nicole. I always used to think that my moves are clumsy and awkward, glad that you see it differently :slight_smile:. I guess the countless repetition pays off sometimes.

Thanks Richard. I’m happy that you noticed that fingerstyle exposes any imperfections in performance. The only way to get better for me is to force myself to slow down and really understand where the problem is. In most cases it is the incorrect estimation where to land fingers and timing itself. Once the piece is memorised you can start making corrections here and there, just like correcting the painting.

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Sounds really nice Radek. You play it so well. Congratulations on reaching your goal of completing the collection. They all sound well worth the extra time and effort taken. I think it’s important to have goals and milestones to reach. It helps to keep the enthusiasm and focus. Good luck with the movie themes challenge. I look forward to what’s to come.

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