“Rohan Theme”, “Andantino in G Major” - Radek - April 2024

That sounds lovely Radek! And congratulations for completing your challenge, I"m sure you must be very proud of it! Only…I can’t believe you’ll just change genre and one day or the other I’m pretty sure I’ll find one more Classical piece from you here in the AVOYP section :innocent::blush:
…who knows, maybe on a nylon strings :wink:

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Thank you Mel. I agree that motivation is crucial in every challenge and every journey comes with an experience as reward. Failure is also valuable because it teaches how to rise again.

Thanks Silvia. I will be taking some rest from classical music but definitely would love to revisit after some time to see if I got any better :slight_smile:. There should be enough time to spare for classical guitar that would match my current acoustic one.

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Radek, this was great!

I am yet to check your learning log so it might be there, but would be eager to read a summary of your classical guitar journey over the past 14 months. Never really considered learning classical guitar properly, but I always enjoyed listening to it. So it would be a great read from someone who went through the unconventional self-taught classical guitar process.

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Thanks, I’m glad that you liked it. :slight_smile:
Yes, I’m thinking about describing the whole process in my learning log for the record.

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A second recording this month, “Rohan” a movie theme from The Lord of the Rings films. Not perfect by any means, emotional and shaky at the end. I think it took me over a year to take it to this point. I can’t even count the hours but it was a lot, more than any piece before. I even dressed up for the occasion.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

That was a beautiful performance of a very lovely tune, Radek.
You’ve played it so well with lots of feelings and emotion.

For me this song brings back dear memories of watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy with a close friend who sadly passed away two years ago. And you really did this song justice with your beautiful recording. :guitar: :blue_heart:
It was a great pleasure to listen to this theme again after such a long time.

Thank you so much for sharing :sunflower:

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Thank you kindly Gunhild. I’m glad to hear that this tune brought your happy memories back. I think I will never get tired of The Lord of the Rings score.

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I would be very very proud to call this something I could do. Timing, execution, precision, tone are perfect to my ear. Congrats.

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Thank you Dom. I don’t think I deserve that much prize. I’m happy that you liked it.

Congrats Radek on completing your 12 piece challenge! Great dedication to see it through to the end :clap:

+1 very nostalgic when listening to it.
Your riders of rohan cover was wonderful. What a nice idea to try out LOTR music on fingerstyle guitar.

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Thank you Sandro, you helped me to push this whole thing through and here it is :slight_smile: . Somehow I managed to stay on the course despite the sometimes stormy weather.

LOTR soundtrack is very dear to me, I think I will be going back there again in some time once I clear my list a bit.

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Brilliant performance, Radek!
What a pleasure it is to watch the classic setting of the left hand :+1:
Thank you for sharing with us, and good luck to you in the future.
Bravo, Maestro :clap:

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Thank you Leonid for such kind words. I’m just a bedroom guitarist fixed on fingerstyle trying different things to get better. Classical music journey was one of them.

Seemed pretty faultless to me, a very impressive performance!
Just shows what you can achieve by putting in the hours of practice and gives me hope for some of the finger style pieces I have been practicing for ages and still fumble. No gain without pain!!

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Hello Radek, that was a lovely rendition :clap::clap::clap:. Such precise playing, putting in a lot of feeling - you can be really proud of you :smiley:.
The time and effort you’ve put into it was definitely worth it :+1:.
+1 for dressing up :star_struck:.

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Thank you Richard. Fingerstyle, apart from relatively easy basic patterns, is demanding and it can consume any amount of time you put in there. For the moment I think I am somewhere around the 2,500 - 3000 h mark and still making plenty of mistakes. But this is far better than when I started, at some point things will start working. It is a matter of consistency, time and patience.

Thanks Nicole. There is always a risk of falling apart during recording. With more (like a few thousands hours more) practice hours it all should feel more solid and ironed out. As of now it is still (and maybe ever will be) a discovery mode.

You noticed my “renaissance” shirt :slight_smile: .

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Very cool, Radek! I hope you are are able to get your classical guitar soon, it makes a world of difference, but it is much harder to produce good tone. FYI, Kremona makes very nice guitars for the money. I have two of them. I encourage you to audition one if you can find them, although I did not audition my 2nd guitar, having already played my first one to know how good they are.

Andantino was one of the early pieces I learned myself. I’m kinda stuck on Andrew York pieces now - I just love his work. I’m currently learning ‘Away’ - check out Andrew’s performance on YouTube, if you’d like to get into more modern works.

You have definitely improved on your technique since the Andantino piece was recorded. I’m seeing less fly-away of the right hand index finger and better alternation in your fingering in Rohan. It’s a blast, isn’t it? I started out learning electric blues, and I end up doing classical :wink:

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Hello Kevin!

Unfortunately I won’t be getting a classical guitar anytime soon. But it is always on my mind, if the opportunity arises I’ll be happy to obtain one to complete my small collection.

Thank you for the recommendation of Andrew York, I will check it out.

Thank you. The time period between these two recordings is only two weeks. I still think I have way too much index finger movement. I also practised the “Rohan” piece for far longer than the “Andantino”; this plays a part too. Yes, it is a nice feeling to get it “done” but I guess this is only a step to more complex and demanding pieces.

That’s an interesting change, you just never know where this music journey can take you :slightly_smiling_face:.

Beautiful playing Radek!

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Thank you kindly Phil.