Rookie,want to start with guitar coach

Hi,i have a basic electric guitar type stratocaster replica and a basic amplifier old style,recently i did a service with a technician and the guitar is playable,i’m not familiar and so fan of youtube/skype lessons or watching thousand of amateur coachers and web lessons,i need personal guidance face to face.

Is it normal if i will start with a guitar coach,two lessons of 45 min per week,i want to start from nothing and nowhere to somewhere.


I think face-to-face lessons is a great idea. It wasn’t that long ago when it was the only way of getting guitar lessons.

One lesson a week might be the way to go, give yourself some time to practise in-between. The only thing to keep in mind is that you do need to be more disiplined in practise compared to doing self paced online modules.

Hey @Neverlast

Having a real person in front of you is always best but if that is, for some logistic or personal reason hard to achieve, you can consider the Justin Guitar Approved Teachers

Have you considered checking the Justin Guitar approved teachers page?

@Richard_close2u and I are some (but not the only teachers) featured on that page


Welcome back, @Neverlast !

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Hi Welcome back,
I think that nothing beats a personal in front of you teacher but it very much depends on the teacher and your profred leering style, I would also agree once a week is enough for you to practice in-between.
Good luck with you journey.

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Hi Giannis,

Here are some positive experiences from students

When in doubt, I would just try it once, without any further obligations etc :sunglasses:


Absolutely do it. Once a week is a lot, twice a month is still a fair bit to absorb. You will find out what works. I had a couple of lessons after about a year of learning by book and ear. I wish I’d have continued with it but I was a spirited po boy.

What I got from this was the 5 patterns for pentatonic and that changed everything. Also, a teacher is present and checking posture, hand placement, finger placement, fingering and picking, strumming etc all in the moment.

Even if you do this via online video I’d say it’s a very good thing to do, even for a short time, to get you in the right place to find your direction.


My basic style is that i like melody,sweet melody,shred is good too but as a rookie is too far away to look for speed or whatever,i like bands like deep purple,uriah heep,gnr,ac/dc,melodic power metal sound too,of course heavy tone new wave of heavy metal bands.

I don’t have high expectations,i mean,i just want to achieve a goal to play songs i like,or parts of songs such as solos,riffs,refrains,the point of a personal coach is to tell me my faults.

I just so far and so many years i didn’t had the proper free time and chance to start from early childhood,at 35 years old it’s a bit late,but yeah,never it’s too late,i want to achieve this goal,to learn playing properly electric guitar,for my own fun,for my own hobby,in my room. :yum: :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say every week is too often. Every other week is great if you’re able to spend time between those lessons practicing. If you can’t spend time between lessons practicing then extend the gap.

The basic setup for the lesson should - IMHO - be check where you are in learning material/path you’ve agreed with the teacher, go over what you’ve previous learned and make sure it’s getting better, learn something new and go through that to make sure you understand it, ask questions about any issues you’ve had…then between lessons practice practice and practice, repeat next lesson. The advantage of the teacher is that you can ask questions, he can check your technique and spot any issues coming up.

In practice the above doesn’t happen on it’s own and I would strongly suggest the first thing to do (or even the first lesson) should be to discuss what your aims are and how they approach teaching guitar and what their lesson plans look like. Many are not as organised or a structured as you might think. You really need to take control of the process and makes sure that - for your hard earned cash - its going to deliver what you want.

Personally if it was me I’d follow Justin and use one of the approved teachers here. You get a really well structured course and you get the benefit of teachers who know it. You are not going to get a lot more from a face to face teacher.


I have had a few lessons with a tutor and once a week is enough if you can afford it, two lessons a week is too much, you will not have enough time to get to grips with whatever you have been taught. I have had face to face and online lessons and face to face is far superior, at least for me.

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Alright,i’m on search to find a guitar coach to start,i have a plan of 4-6 lessons per month and 80-120€ per month,may my guitar will need again fix as it had a fall in floor.

I’m positive i will like the progress even if every start from zero is a bit difficult.

I will begin in a music conservatory this september as the lessons begin from sept till june every year,i have no place to take lessons by teacher alone,they told me a cost around 80 euros per month with 1 lesson of 40-45 min every week.How you see this,should proceed positive? Didn’t talked yet with the teacher to know the method he follows.

Hello @Neverlast

The two things which were very good for me when I had face to face lessons with a teacher - discipline and ability to jam with someone. When I started with my teacher, I’d already had some
very basic skills. The teacher added structure to my lessons, so he showed me the exact things that I should practise on my own. And during out lessons we could play together, like he was playing some rhythm guitar and I soloed over it and vice versa.
So I think having a guitar coach is a really good thing. I had one 1,5 hour lesson per week for several month, but i depends on what you can afford and how much time you are ready to invest in it.