Rudolph dal naso rosso + Christmas Medley

Hello Guitar Friends! Our School Christmas party with the families will be next Thursday and these are the songs we’ll sing…in front of people once more :see_no_evil:

I’m happy to say I feel a bit more confident with the pick, even if I should hold a bigger portion of it, and I’m starting just now being able to manipulate it while playing…and it seems like really a big deal! The road ahead is still very long with my Rhythm Guitar learning!

I rely on your honest feedback, being it positive or negative, especially on my strumming. Thank you and wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season :blush::santa::christmas_tree::gift:


Hi Silvia - that was really good, I think your strumming is great - lots of variety which keeps it interesting and you kept good time. I’m sure the performance will go well - good luck!


Really great Sylvia. You pretty much covered all the main Christmas songs there. I especially loved hearing Rudolph sung in Italian!

A good steady beat and a variety of simple strum patterns. That’s what you’ll need for your concert, keep it simple, less chance of things going wrong. You were using a metronome to count yourself in. What will you use when you’re with the children?

Good luck to you all next Thursday. It’ll go down a storm and the children/families will love it and have a great time.

Happy Christmas to you and yours. :grinning:

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Your strumming, and all the rest, is just a joy to watch and listen, Silvia.

You asked for feedback on the strumming specifically, so I noticed the relaxed fluid use of the wrist with less arm, the ability to shift between patterns and rhythms without missing a beat, and your touch on the strings which was just right to bring out a lovely tone.

Improvement? Nothing problematic struck me. So really just keep on keeping on to develop your feel and dynamics, the subtle nuances. Don’t know if the percussive strum is in your set of techniques, if not you can work to add that to use when it serves the song.

Have fun at the upcoming show, I’m sure your will and with your infectious enthusiasm and joy, the audience will just love it.

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Bravissima, Silvia! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Hearing Rudolph in Italian made me wonder about Christmas songs in other languages.
Apart from Silent Night/Stille Nacht, I’m kind of stumped :thinking: Do you have many Italian Christmas songs? Enjoy the show :sunglasses:

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What a real pleasure that was to watch Silvia.

Your strumming, timing and singing all looked and sounded good to me.

Enjoy the show and I’m sure the kids are going to love it, as well as the parents.

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Hi Sylvia and happy holidays to you.
Very nicely done and very timely. Always good to catch some Christmas cheer this time of the year!

To me your strumming looks great and is a lot further along than mine. One thing to possibly work on is to internalize your metronome prep before the song. If you were to play in front of others, it would be kind of strange to tell your audience, oh wait a sec, I have to get into time and sync up with my metronome. You may find it is more of a habit than a need?

All the best in the NY,

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Hi Silvia,
Brava ragazza :smile: :sunglasses: :clap:
I wish you a lot of fun on Thursday :smiley: :sunglasses:(not luck because you don’t need it :muscle: :raised_hands: :girl:)

And also a very nice and pleasant festive period to you.
And how wonderful to hear these kinds of songs in Italian … together with that great photo of Nicole, these are (with all the sweet words) today’s pearls … Oooo crxp It almost makes me happy emotional about it … :blush:


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That was delightful, Silvia, and I’m sure your concert with the kids will go great! Your strumming was really good, a nice mixture of patterns, and your singing is really lovely. As an alternative to having the metronome play out loud, would it work to have it where you could see it, but mute it, so you could see the tempo being played but no one else would hear it? I do that sometimes to make sure I start off with the tempo I want.

@brianlarsen (well known) Christmas songs in other languages could be a topic on its own. Feliz Navidad is the first one that strikes me, then Adeste Fideles :slightly_smiling_face:

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“Rudolph dal naso rosso”; that was a refreshing experience :smiley:

It’s great to see that the rhythm is really a part of you; you can heer, see and feel it; good job. that counts for the ther songs as well. Evened out strumming, solid, automatic movement. all good.

One tiny detail: remark; ou don’t always keep your strumming hand goign wth the rhythm but I seem to detect a small “wiggle” that keeps the beat :wink:

Although pitch wasn’t always spot on, you do have a strong and clear articulation and a voice with some range and projection. It will only get better with doing so you are well on your way. Just a tip: Mind your breathing and consider standing up at some point and both pitch and breating will instantly improve.

You’re doing great; I love to see this kind of energy in some solid songs and you take special care of the rhythmic aspect. marvellous!

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I think the children will have a great time singing along with you. Strumming with a pick sounded good and was consistent. Hope all goes well at the party.

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My heart is so full of joy with all your kind words of appreciation and encouragment! :gift_heart:When it’s about strumming I tend to be always very strict to myself…easing up is part of my journey and you’re all helping me so much! The weekend is already here and I’ll delight myself to find some words of gratitude for each one of you!

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Absolutely beautiful Silvia. I hope you have a wonderful day next Thursday and a lovely and happy Christmas and new year with your family and friends.

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Great work Silvia, loved your transitioning from song to song. Buona Fortuna on Thursday. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

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@mathsjunky thank you Paul for taking the time to listen and comment.

This is an aspect that always requres a lot of work , but I need to keep it interesting to my own self first, lol :blush:

@sairfingers thanks Gordon! Now ket’s cross our fingers for the party :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: What I have to do is just to enjoy the excitement and avoid to turn it into anxiety :blush:

David you noticed some cool stuff :upside_down_face: Thank you so much for making me aknowledge that yes! It’s happening, despite still feeling like “the pick is moving, here I need to change chord, oh I didn’t lift up pinky to play the 7th, nevermind I can do without, here comes the note that I always struggle to hit etc…” Quite a different picture you draw for me…I’m very happy to read and re-read your words, thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@brianlarsen thank you Brian! Among the italian Christmas Carols this one is my favourite, I sang it hundreds and hundreds of times when I was a little kid, especially in the church on Christmas night.

@SgtColon thanks Stefan! I much appreciate your support❣


What do I read?! No way sir…your productions are always so well crafted that when one finish listening it feels like he/she has been unwrapping a gift! :star_struck::gift:

:joy::joy::joy: ok you’re more than right here! @Mari63 gave me an idea that I’ll try straight away tomorrow at the rehearsal…thanks Mari!

I just need to start off with the tempo I want :blush:

Yes Rogier…fun that’s what I need :sunglasses:…no I don’t think I need luck because we have prepared for it :innocent::thinking:…well ok, a little bit of luck too won’t harm :joy:

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Hi Silvia,

That was great hearing Rudolph in a different language.
Very nice medley of tracks - flow seamlessly together.

Have a great one.


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Lieven I much appreciate your feedback…it actually made me have a little dancing of happiness…because…

…sometimes I just feel so much the commitment and I wonder if taking up Rhythm Guitar is at all a good idea, when so many aspects feel so unnatural to me. But hey…with practice and training and the right guidance I find in Justin’s lessons I’m really achivieng my results!

Guilty! :see_no_evil: but well that’s already good that that small “wiggle” keeps the beat, lol.

I tried last year, but this guitar of mine is really big and heavy…I love it, I love the solid wood and the sound but it’s too uncomfortable for me to play standing up with a strap…see …I NEED a new acoustic guitar :innocent: A lighter one!

Who was then that kept on repeating “it’s all about Rhythm!” Ah yes…our Teacher! :joy:

My heartfelt thank you Lieven, your feedback means really a lot to me.

A great Christmas medley!
My mood skyrocketed :rocket:
Thank you, Silvia!

@Eddie_09 @JohnnyW @skinnyt @crocodile1 @Digger72 a late thank you all guys for listening and commenting, I much appreciate your support…anything went well at the party and they all did great at the singing! Happy Holidays :christmas_tree::gift::santa: