Rut Busting & Consolidation

How to avoid getting into a rut and giving up guitar and what to consolidate before you move onto Grade 3!

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When you say 3 to 6 months, do you mean stay on grade 2 material for that long before going to grade 3? You are awesome BTW, thank you for everything.


For what’s its worth that’s how I read it. Consolidate for at least 3-6 months.

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Corey Hi and Welcome.

Yep that is the recommend timescale to make sure you have really absorbed the Beginners material for Grades 1 and 2 before you move in the Intermediate modules. Grade 3 is a bridge between the two and will start to stretch you. Make sure all your Grade 1 and 2 skills are solid before you move on.



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Hey, I can’t find the routine for this module in the practice assistant)

Hello @alicecharles and welcome to the Community.
I think the idea here is that you take the ideas in the previous lesson and add the items you need.

Hope that helps.
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Hey everyone! I’m new to this forum so I hope I don’t break any rules by accident. Anyway, I’ve been working my way through grades 1 and 2 since mid to late January and I’m on my way to finishing grade 2! I know this is a time to explore the things that interest me, so I already made a list of my favorite music to learn. Originally I was going to learn a bunch of songs by ear, then I realized Justin has a beginner lesson on playing by ear in grade 3. Would it make sense to just focus on techniques and songs for now and wait until grade 3 to learn by ear? I think I would enjoy that more, but I don’t want to put ear learning off just because it sounds hard.

I found this very difficult to put into practice, but I guess it was how it was done in the old days.

There is an ear training app (a bit dry but useful) and some lessons on intervals and which ‘familiar’ tunes can be used to recognise them:

It’s part of an ear training side module, which from memory is not grade specific.

Jackson welcome to the Community.

Learning to play by ear takes time and practice, sometimes years. So for Grade 1 and 2 consolidation the answer is no, just go through all the techniques, make sure you are doing them correctly and can apply them in songs.

Ear training is something you can work on and develop as you build your playing skills. Its a nice to have if you can do it but it won’t hold your playing back.



Hi. Firstly, I want to say that JustinGuitar is one my favourite online courses. I made a lot of progress and I’m ready for grade 3 (and I already started)
But I see that Justin is still working on the new versions of the lessons (there are only two complete lessons in the grade 3 as of today). Is there a way to find the old grade 3 lessons on the website so I can continue studying while the new course is getting done? Thanks.

There are 9 lessons in module 15, 8 lesson in Module 16 and 5 lesson in module 17
That should keep you going for a while. There was no Grade 3 on the old course.
Justin added it here as a bridge from beginner to intermediate. So once you’ve done the lesson go to grade 4.

Hello Everyone…

I am starting to put together a “custom” practice routine for Level 2 consolidation and am wondering how long other’s practices are? Do you try to keep them around 30 minutes or did it end up longer?

I know the total time for consolidation is 3-6 months but how long are your individual practices?

Also, did you find the need to tweak the practices as you moved forward?

Thanks for any tips shared Grade 2 Consolidation!