Sandro's Learning Log

Hi Sandro. I’m not much of a video game player, but you were able to convey a tranquil vibe with your playing.

Hi Sandro
Very fluid very mellow an enjoyable listen

Wonderful and out of ordinary log, please keep it alive :clap:.

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Thanks Radek. I’ve sort of regressed to just learning/playing songs that I like and want to try, rather than learning theory or improving specific techniques :frowning: Hopefully I’ll get back into theory and proper learning someday down the track haha.
But I’ll try to keep this log alive if I have anything worth posting on here. cheers


I really enjoyed your Super Mario 64 songs. Playing video game soundtrack covers always resonates in me as I attempt to play some from time to time.

The is proper time to do certain things, I usually look for a technical advice if I attempt a song that requires it, not something spontaneously initiated on a whim :sweat_smile:.

Updated my main playlist post with links for the last couple of songs that I posted on avoyp… and also for another video game tune that I recently tried, which I’ll just keep here for my learning log.

Trying to play random tunes or themes like that at least keeps me picking up the guitar, so I guess it still counts if I’m learning from it :slight_smile:
I also usually play some other songs from my playlist during those sessions to improve where I can… every little bit of practice helps out.

Not much else to report for now. But I’ll probably choose a regular song for the next video to share in the avoyp section next time.


Hi Sandro. As I say, whatever makes you pluck the strings is good. As you said just revisiting a known tune can be a learning opportunity. I also know all the effort that goes into learning how to play a new tune, even a short one.

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Very joyful tune and the piece looks difficult, most Mario fingerstyle arrangements is difficult. Nice thumb slap accuracy!

Just popping by to update my Learning Log’s OP playlist since it hasn’t been touched in about half a year :roll_eyes:

I have been M.I.A. and haven’t really done anything constructive with the guitar for last couple of months.
This past week I felt like doing a short video of No Doubt’s ‘Don’t Speak’ solo, which I will link below.
I’ll also link some stuff that I had done a few months ago, which I did not previously post because I was too lazy haha.

Yesterday - Beatles. I had a crack at this one after I saw JK’s avoyp and the link he provided to Justin’s lesson…

It’s You - Henry Lau. Thank you to Radek for mentioning this one which caught my curiosity…

Kiss From a Rose - Seal. Great song from a movie I loved as a kid. Just ignore the corny little montage that I put in for the old school Batman fans :rofl:

Don’t Speak (solo) - No Doubt. I think the band actually does play the solo part on an actual classical guitar, which is why I tried learning this song ages ago. I have an old phone audio recording of me playing this song, which is on my soundcloud playlist. But I felt like dusting off the cobwebs on this one and try to relearn the solo for a video.


You can blame Rogier for me posting another comment here on my Learning Log so quickly after I posted my previous one just a couple of hours ago :slight_smile:

Go check out his thread and see if you’d like to put up your favourite lick or riff or whatever.


Sounding great Sandro. Chord melody is really your thing!

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Second melody melted me away. What’s the name of it? I couldn’t catch it from the video.

Glad you took interest in it, I really like your interpretation, it helps me to slow down in my practice.

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Thanks @RadekSiechowicz That 2nd melody is a little passage from Classical Gas. I actually also really like playing the very next section that comes in after I stopped on the C… but I thought the video would get too long just for the “lick/riff/solo/xyz” challenge.

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Pretending like my classical guitar is an electric so that I can try out some riffs from Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas :guitar:

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Making good progress on that one Sandro, look forward to hearing the completed project. :sunglasses:

Thanks Toby. Maybe I’ll get around to it one day :slight_smile:

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This was really enjoyable, technical parts were great!

Thanks Radek

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I’m stepping away from soloing for a little bit :rofl: and coming back to some fingerstylin’.
One of the latest arrangements I wanted to learn was Can You Feel The Love Tonight from the original The Lion King, which was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid.
I still need to round it off with the intro and outro parts, but here’s a little snippet of me trying out a bit of the verse and chorus…