Sandy's back. AKA Sandrat (Sandra T - not sand rat) from the old JG forum

I’ve created a Monster. A guitar monster!

For those who don’t know me, I’m a newbie. 15 months ago I found JustinGuitar and the rest is history. Presently, Beginner Grade 2, module 9 and 10. Preparing my next cover debuting the dreaded F Barre Chord.

So far I love the new look and feel of the forum. Already noticed a much needed improvement in being notified when someone answers me… neat.

Shortly, I’ll be posting a road case and my back catalogue of video recordings, in the meantime you can watch them on my YouTube channel:

P.S. I’m fluently bilingual (French and English) from Montréal, so if you notice some weird turn of phrases you’ll know why.


Hi Sandra, good on you for landing here. You never were a rat in my eyes :laughing: I’m sure you’ll master the dreaded F barre. Remember it’s more about technique than strength. I can’t remember the details of modules 9 and 10, but I do know that this lesson was a game changer for me E Shape Major |

Looking forward to your next recording, Sandra. You’ve made wonderful progress since joining and I look forward to following along as you continue.

“Sand Rat” … never noticed that one at all :laughing:

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Hi Sandra, good to see you over here! I have to admit that until I found out that you were female I did think Sand rat; silly me :joy:
Yup it’s a rather nice environment to be in now lots of things are so much easier! Have fun learning it all!

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At about the same stage as you and struggling with this one. Can just about get the chord with a bit of re-arrangement of the fingers but no chance of doing OMC’s or using it in a song. Prefer the cheats!

Hey Sandy good to see an official shout of your arrival here. :wave:

Nice intro and like DP said you are making good progress. If you slide into Franglaise (see I added the e !!) I should be able to follow. Despite 10 years here, my ears haven’t quite caught up with my vocabulaire Francaise. Guess I should add that’s 10 years in France, not the forum. :rofl:



Now this looks like a job for me…
'Cause we need a little, controversy

A beguiling case of multiple personalities to unwrap.
A missive in English with French syntax? (other Madmen are available)
I believe I can lay claim to the first mention of Sand Rat in our old rodent-infested forum :wink:
Now it’s Sandy? As in “Look at me, I’m Sandra T…” Oh, Sandy! How could you?
Then it’s all warped up in a slim & shady title reference?
Hmm… or should I say Hmm & Hmm?
Well, Debbie or Sandy or whoever you are- Beware. I just settled all my lawsuits on the old forum :laughing:
(Yes, folks, some of the old drivel has slipped past security into this fine gated community)

Seriously, welcome aboard and look forward to your contributions :smiley:

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It’s only NOW that I read it as “rat” because you said it :smiley:
Welcome @SandyMusic !

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A bat and a rat … haha… I can get it to sound but switching from EM to F on the first fret is what I call torturous. E pentatonic, C major scale, alternate picking… lots of fun.

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Thanks David… I do plan to continue … nothing can stop me but God himself.

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My biggest problem is the quick enough transitions from other chords especially the EM on the first fret. Most of my covers are on the 4th fret. The cheats are good…practicing F cheat for John Lennon’s song: Imagine,…but there is no way around it… I absolutely need the barre chord…and I practice. and practice and practice… at night I don’t use the pick just my thumb and back and forth and back forth. Lord help me… I will get it.

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Good on you Sandy. Keep at it and suddenly it’ll just work!

Merci monsieur le fou - il se peut qu’à l’occasion j’utilise la mauvaise conjugaison d’un verbe en anglais, mais le principale c’est que vous comprenez. Bonne journée.

Toi aussi cher ami :canada: :st_martin:

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ROFL - God you are one funny man Brian. Channeling my shady side. It just happened that I was thinking, what am I gonna write as a catchy title? That’s when Stan from Eminem came on YouTube. I don’t know how I made the link, but my axons and synapses went into action, Stan … Sand… Sandy… then I remembered… Guess who’s back…Tell a friend, and my title was born. Haven’t listened to Em in a long time.

When I first became a member of the old Forum, a few people really thought my username was sand rat…I can’t remember who, maybe Brian, ah ah! I wasn’t offended, thought it was funny.

Sandy I am with Mr L when you first posted all I saw was Sand Rat, But I guess being of a certain age and brought with WWII images of the Desert Rats all I saw was


but thankfully you the posted your first AOVYP and normality returned. Ce n’est pas vrai ?

I spit out my tea. LOL

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But that’s nothing… as a kid in French school, a clever boy came up with this rhyme.

Sans drap, pas d’oreiller.
Without sheets and no pillows.

And it went viral.

Je recrache mon thé. Pourquoi !!! That may cause a stir with the Brits mais je comprends ce que tu dis!

Now that’s got me ? Peut-être que je n’irai pas là-bas tant les images sont un peu inquiétantes ?

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