SDKissFan - December 2022 - Kenny Chesney, Green Day

Hi everyone,

I am throwing in one more song; off the cuff that is not my usual style. I played this song for my mom when my dad passed away suddenly in 2019 and she really appreciated it. There is the first time I tried it in a while, but not my best performance. Anyways, hope you can relate to the lyrics. Soon I need to get back to learning something new instead of posting songs. Have a great day.



Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)


Well done, Jeff. Solid beat throughout the performance, and that was a sweet story about playing it for your mother.

I can definitely relate to those lyrics, too. :slight_smile:

Nice job Jeff! Played from the heart ! Keep it up!

Good job Jeff! I’m a big fan of that song. Keep jamming man!

Jeff @SDKissFan
I viewed the video on Friday but this is the first chance I have had to respond properly. I really liked your AVOYP, thought it was very accomplished.
Must confess I had not come across Kenny Chesney until a few months ago when it was one of his songs we are doing at the guitar club. “Christmas in blue chair bay”. Very nice song with a catchy melody and the chords are not too difficult for a beginner like me, although some barre chords👎
Look it up on UG you might find it interesting.
I think I going to have to check out more of his songs are you planning to do more of his songs, or have I missed some already?

Hi Michael,

I am glad you took a moment to respond and let me know you liked the song. I actually have not done any other songs from Kenny Chesney, or any other country music for that matter, This was my first go at trying this type of music. Most of my posts here have been covers of 1990s rock songs by artists like Kiss, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Poison as examples. Maybe I should explore more songs by Kenny Chesney based on the feedback here. He did another sad song called, “Who You’d Be Today” that I really appreciate. The good thing about these types of songs is they have 4-5 simple chords to play. This one has D-G-A and Em to master. Give it a try and you can play it too.


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Thanks a lot Travis. I am glad you liked the song.

Thanks Eddie. I appreciate the thumbs up :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening. I am glad you can relate.

Interesting Jeff @SDKissFan
Will check out the song you suggest.
Must say when I started to learn the guitar again at the beginning of the year country music was not on my radar at all. Don’t see me getting an electric guitar for a number of reasons so I started to look look at songs I can play and sing with an acoustic, so unintentionally moved in the direction of country songs, but not exclusively. Looking also at songs that I liked in the past, to be able to play even if not very well would be a nice target to aim for.
Michael :guitar::notes:

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Well done Jeff. I think you made a lot of progress with this song.

Thanks very much. Have a great day.

That was good stuff Jeff and how true are those lyrics.

Hey Jeff,
Saw who this was by and was eager to get into a spin of your take on it. I think you did well overall but I will offer up my honest observations:

  • Singing to me was more like starting out talking… not sure if the original is that way, but maybe put a little more melody in your vocal delivery?

  • You have a vibe going with the guitar, but to me, when the vocals came in. They did not blend into and cement the vibe when they mixed. Not sure that makes sense and I honestly don’t have a fix for it. Maybe try bouncing the head a bit in step with the beat and then sing to the bounces?

  • Not sure how this was recorded. But, if you can position the mic or mix it in such a way as to bring up the vox, I think it will be a better mix…

Not trying to be overly critical, rather hoping some feedback for you will help future offerings. Hopefully you will take it in that light and rock on!

All the best,

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I felt you sang and played this from the heart Jeff, well done.
Some great advice from LB above.

Don’t know the song or artist. I must look him up as I enjoy a bit of Country.

Thanks for listening.

Hi there,

I am happy to hear constructive feedback anytime. I agree my singing needs a lot of work in general. I need to plan for some professional lessons at some point. Do you feel my singing is off for all of my recent videos or just this one? Have you heard some of the other recent videos I posted here? If not, do you have an example of what a good flow singing-strumming would look like? I think that would be helpful. For the recording, this is just with a cell phone microphone-explains the poor quality. I bought a new microphone kit recently, but have not hooked it up yet. I am not the best at technical stuff, but will get there eventually.

I greatly appreciate the level of detail included in your review. My guitar playing and singing is a work in progress and without that I will not improve. Have a great day.


Thanks for listening to the song. This artist is really popular in the US and has released several albums. I am not an expert on country music and this was my first go at playing and singing a country song. Travis AKA “Traveler” seems to be the expert in country music.

IDK if I will be doing another country song or not as it is not my biggest strength. Thanks for the review.

I could have sugar coated things and a lot of that happens here. But to me that is not really helping the person improve, is it? If you want pro level lessons on the cheap and even some for free, check out this guy; Chris Liepe. Just search for him at YouTube. Many on here have used him and his courses to improve. He is probably the closest to being the JG of singing.

Not sure on your recent videos as I don’t specifically recall them. But if I heard what I did here, I probably would have said something. However, do realize I think your singing was on pitch. My concern was in talking the first part of each phrase instead of singing it. I went back to Kenny’s video and he indeed sings those areas. So you could take this song itself and try working on it to improve your vox work in singing and not talking. Good fortune awaits you on plugging in the new mic. I hope that goes well for you!

Hope the above helps and all the best,

Hi everyone,

I decided to go back and review all of level 2 lessons to sharpen up my skills instead of endless shortcomings at level 3. This song caught my eye as an easier song to master and than some of their others:21 gun or Wake Me Up When September Ends. I am still working on those. After being sick for weeks this is my first attempt at singing or playing again. Thanks for the listen