SDKissFan - October 2022 - The Doors, Bon Jovi

Hi everyone,

I have been heads down in music theory lately and not practicing much else. I thought I would take a short beak and do a couple songs. I am hoping to plug in parts of a G major scale as a solo in this song, but still working on it. This is only 1 attempt so it is what it is lol.


Bon Jovi - Never Say Goodbye



Great stuff Jeff. Looks like a fun Monday muck around. Thanks for bringing me back to my youth with this song! Keep rocking even if its not a Monday!

Nice escape from your theory studying Jeff, love the Lost Boys line :grin:. Now where’s my root beer gone?

Thanks Eddie. I love the Doors too since I was about 17 and just put that out there for a few laughs. Glad to make someone’s day and bring back good memories:)

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Haha good one and don’t peel the label off the TV guide. Years ago, I actually lived near where that movie was filmed. That is Santa Cruz CA boardwalk, close to San Francisco. I live way south of there now for many years. Hope the song brought on a good mood. Thanks for listening.

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Let’s go to town!!! :wink:

Fun times, Jeff. Great song to add to your repertoire. Has a couple of tricky changes and shapes that will serve you well to slow down and work on.

Nicely done Jeff and what a great song to pick. I loved the line from the film as well. It took me straight back to my youth.

Thanks everyone. I am glad everyone can relate to the Lost Boys movie. I always think of that song when I think of the movie. I used to spend a lot of time at that boardwalk years ago. I saw a lot of weird people but no vampires. Have a great day

Enjoying a quick AOVYP catch up today and had to visit these Monday Muck arounds.
Great song and a memorable one for me as well. Thought you did a good job and lots of positive comments already. The only advice I would give is to keep that strumming hand moving, constantly to the beat of the song. That’s a big ask when starting out but pays dividends down the line. Ok next …


Hi Toby,

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the feedback. I’m still at the basic level of playing, but I’ll get better eventually. I’ve been heads down in music theory lately. The latest stuff I’ve been doing is working on adding parts of scales to songs to develop lead guitar and solos. Not camera ready with that yet tho. Have a good week.

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Hi everyone,

I don’t know why I was thinking of this random song I have not heard much in like 30 years, but decided to give it a go. After 10 weeks of music theory and zero practice on anything else, I decided to do this one just for fun. I tried standing and playing, but I could not get the C#minor right on the electric, acoustic, or 12 string. It didn’t sound quite right. This one is far from perfect either and hard to squeeze in with my long hours working lately. I just wanted to say hey I am still here and hope someone enjoys the song. Feedback welcomed as always. I know I need to work on plenty.

Jeff from California


Hello Jeff, good to see you and knowing that you’re still around :hugs:.
Thanks for sharing your video. Lot’s of C#minor in that song. Looks like a great practice song for this chord. Congratulations that you didn’t shy away from it as it really looks difficult :+1:.
You wrote, this song is still WIP, but yeah, you’re already nicely on the way :smiley:. Maybe, just leave singing aside for the moment and only concentrate on the playing until you feel really confident with it. Singing simultaniously is so difficult sometimes. I’m definitely experiencing that too every day :face_with_spiral_eyes:.
I’m really looking forward to your progress with this song :smiley:.

Nice job Jeff. Took me back to my school days with that one. Good to hear you are still around and must feel good to get back playing after all that theory! Keep rocking!

Nice job Jeff. One I’ve not heard for years. Took my right back.

I see what you mean about that C#minor but you look to be getting there okay, maybe look at finger placement and don’t forget those 1 minute changes :+1: other than that how did you find standing up? You looked pretty laid back with it to me.

Hello Jeff…well done! I agree your C#m still requires practice but you really are in your way to this song! Your timing is steady and I could see also some nice upstroke :raised_hands::raised_hands: That said I’m now going to put on my Cross Road cd and sing along until all the chores in the house are done :sweat_smile: Thanks for sharing :blush:

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Really good. I was singing along. Nice 12-string in the back there, that’s going to be exciting to learn in the future, eh?

Thanks for sharing, keep em coming!

Hey Jeff, it’s really good to see you about mate. Hope you are keeping well and you’re daughter are enjoying life in Hollywood. How are you finding your inperson lessons? I can see and hear improvements mate. You are moving forwards in your guitar journey. That song is coming along well and has a few rather tricky chords so kudos for how well your fingering of them is coming along. I’d really like to see you stick with that song. Really work on it to get the playing automatic and memorise the lyrics.

Hi Nicole. Thanks for listening and sharing the tips. This one I just randomly played because it seems like I haven’t done a song in a while. the C#minor I guess will just take time to get used to. Tschuss.

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