SDKissFan - September 2022 - Poison, Selena, Kiss

Hi everyone:

This song needs a lot of work and it is my first time playing a full song on electric or really electric guitar at all in a long time. I had just a basic strum so far trying to build some confidence again. Hopefully it sounds somewhat like the song anyways. I know it needs work. Thanks for your feedback.

Poison - Fallen Angel (version 1)


Poison - Fallen Angel (version 2)

Selena - Como La Flor


KISS - Rock n Roll All Nite


Hi Jeff, I can’t access this. Says I don’t have permission to view this page.

Unbelievable I got flagged for a copyright claim. Bret Michaels does not want anyone to play his song? lol. Any other method to post a video here without you tube? I am no expert on technology.

It works okay for me Jeff.

That was nice. Just some pointers. First of all, relax, you look very tense, especially when you first started the song. Your strumming looks like it’s not easy and I’m wondering if this is because you need to relax. I’d also, if it was me, would maybe hold off on singing until the strumming just flows and feels second nature, then add the words. I think that will make it a lot smoother when you are having to concentrate on reading the words you are singing.

It seemed like the rhythm got ragged when you got surprised by a chord on whatever you were reading as you played :slight_smile: It’s bound to flow better when you’ve (at least partly) memorised it and you can see the chord changes coming.

Hey Jeff, well done on playing your first full song on electric. I think you went in the right direction stepping back and focusing on songs without any tricky intermediate level chords. Stick to songs for the time being with the chords you learned through the beginners course for the time being. You can spice things up with some chord embellishments like you did in that song. I agree with @SgtColon that you looked a bit tense (understandably so given you’re confidence is a bit low at the moment) and that you’re strumming was not smooth. I have two suggestions for you, the first one is try standing up as your guitar looked as if it was angled towards you which would affect your strumming, the second one I would consider taking out the lifetime subscription for Justin’s strumming techniques course which is a fantastic course and would really give your confidence a boost as you work your way through the strumming pattern taught. Part 1 of the course did wonders for my feeling for rhythm and strumming and built my confidence right up. As Justin says rhythm is king.

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I agree with @Socio James as well. For the cost of Justin’s strumming course, it is well worth the money. Help’s build confidence and knowledge.

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I appreciate the honest feedback. I did sound pretty choppy and it was definitely not the best performance. I’ll keep trying-not ready to give up :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips guys. I need to take a step back and working on strumming patterns and will check on Justin’s course you mentioned. My goal here was just not to give up playing even though I am in a bad place right now and even though the performance kinda sucked lol. I tried another round today, but don’t think it is much better, but like the solo choice a little better than yesterday’s. The ESP guitar was sad because it has not been touched in like a year lol so I brought her out. A week from Saturday I am starting an in person lesson with a local music school here in San Diego. I never had a lesson before other than Justin’s course so a little nervous. Maybe someone watching me in person could be the key to understanding what I need to fix. Regardless, I love Justin’s teaching and think he is great.

Hi Jeff. The others have given you some good tips. Mine are

  1. Learn the lyrics of by heart.
  2. Learn the chords of by heart.

You’re staring at your music sheet/app/laptop whatever. You can’t get a groove going on while you’re concentrating on these.

  1. Your guitar is not in tune. Tune it every time you pick it up.

  2. Good on you for posting. :smiley:


Thanks very much for the tips. The fallen angel song title seems to fit me being in a dark place with progress lately. After 2 years of serious playing I should be in a better place than this. It is what it is though so thanks for the honesty. Time to step away from posting here and go back to basics. I see lots of people here struggle at times and the community is great to offer support. I appreciate that. Have a great day.

Hey Jeff, can I make a suggestion… your best AVOYP was your performance of Shadow of the Day which you did on the acoustic. Why don’t you give that a go on the electric. It’s a song that you know from memory and working on an electric version might give your mojo a bit of a spark.

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I played this one on Saturday for a friend and it made him smile. This is a rudimentary version of Selena’s hit song. Very sad her life ended so early. She would have been about the same age as me.

I hope it makes someone else smile too. This is my first time singing in Spanish so don’t laugh too hard lol. Thanks for listening.


Thanks for the share Jeff.

Keep ‘em coming Jeff. Great to play for friends.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments and nothing special was expected. Most here have probably not heard of the song. I need lots of improvements before I can share anything significant lol. Have a great day.

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Way to go, Jeff … keep learning songs, making recordings and you’ll keep improving.

Did the tempo pick up midway?

Hi David,

The tempo is supposed to be different in the chorus as compared to the verse. I probably didn’t get it right though. I played this song for a friend from Mexico to prove a gringo could actually do something in Spanish. I played it again for his father yesterday and he really enjoyed it as well. It was mainly for a few laughs.

Since you are here, I have a question. Do you have any tips for improving strumming patterns while singing and playing? Everything I do is always basic strumming. I can play through a song no problem with complex strumming if I stay quiet and just do instrumentals, but throw in some lyrics and my strumming falls apart if I get too complex. I have seen Justin’s video series on it, just hoping for new ideas. Tomorrow morning I am trying out a private lesson locally and will ask that same question. I went to a class last Saturday with a friend and the intro to guitar was too basic for me. Justin already covered all the basics for me so I negotiated trying a private lesson to test the waters. I ended up helping teach the young students and giving away my guitar picks instead. I feel stuck lately and making no progress in my mind. I went back from level 3 to review level 2 to see if there was something I need to work on. I know the general answer is practice practice practice. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Hi Jeff, nice try with Como la flor. I just heard the original record and a strumming like the original song can be somewhat hard to play. About your question for @DavidP I would like to share my current thinking about this. To be able to sing and keep the beat while strumming strumming patterns with a complexity above one or four strums per bar, is that the strumming needs to be automated, completely automated, absolutely automated, no need to think at all. Justin says that but just now that I have been practicing Yellow Submarine with all the strumming patterns the songbook I have suggests and trying to keep the beat following a backing track I created with GarageBand, Ive realized what automated means. Except the chord fingering everything has been like I being close to Level 0 of skill. Now after several weeks practicing it is starting to get automated (most of the time). What I have listened from classical guitarists (pros) in YT is that they do not expect to be able play a new piece right away but first study the piece (score reading) and later start to practice sections of the piece. Sorry for the length of my reply and looking forward to read David thoughts about this whenever he can.

My very brief take on your strumming question Jeff.
You think about the lyrics, you think about the chords. Both these elements help each other. As you reach each part of the lyric it reminds you a chord change is coming up. As you change chord it reminds you the next verse, chorus or bridge etc. is coming up.
As for the strum pattern, that has to be completely automatic. It has to be happening without you thinking about it. Whether the chords change mid bar or at the start of the bar or whatever, the strum pattern continues uninterrupted.
There will be exceptions of course but broadly speaking that is the case.