Seasonal humour thread 😃

or the other way round :rofl:


ROFL, Love it. :rofl:

Very nicely done :slight_smile:


Hi I think I need the translation of the songs it goes just too fast :grimacing:

Here’s one of mine.
My wife told me last week that I had to buy a Nativity scene and with the money I had left I could buy guitar stuff … well here it is


At least you didn’t go down the “Alexa, order baby cheeses” path :rofl:


I will never be able to listen to either of these tune in the same way again!!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Finally some decent carols ! :rofl:


Well done, Brian! Loved it!
I don’t have your talent, but my contribution should be ready in a few days :wink:

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I’m afraid I don’t have that talent either. (That’s not me) :rofl:
I did do a dark humour Christmas collaboration a couple of years ago with @Fourtwo42 (Happy Christmas, Neil!).
Here it is. I’ll look forward to yours :smiley:


Good stuff, Brian! However now, in the interest of keeping things fair and balanced (apologies for the micro-aggression), I feel I must include my 2022 Christmas parody :wink:

I didn’t pick up on any aggression at all, micro or otherwise :smiley:
It’s a good job we only debate religion or politics in this community musically and not in the comments section. I wholeheartedly agreed with many of your lyrics but am guessing that you really meant them ironically :thinking:
I shall take this opportunity to wish you a peaceful holiday season and have a great year in 2024. :peace_symbol: :pray:

OK, that fits my taste and sometimes dim world view, but I don’t think it will be picked as the theme song to a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Why…the tropic clearly states that it is about humor…
no one expects a hard slam from the other side … okay, in any case, I won’t :roll_eyes: but I will continue to be nice :wink:

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Wishing you a happy holiday season and blessed Christmas as well, Brian! And FYI, this year’s offering will just be goofy, sophomoric and apolitical :grin:

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… and how could I forget? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Thwoh me to the fwoh… Quickwy! :rofl:
The whole film, Rick :laughing:
(I’m a very naughty boy!)


one of my favorite Monty Python movies.


That’s me Christmas viewing sorted. Was going to listen to The King’s Speech but the last one was a bit stop start. :sunglasses:

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Both superb surrealist comedy TV, but monarchs’ speeches always take the black humour a step too far :rofl:

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Season’s Greetings Brian, I hope you’re doing well. Fond memories with that video - good to watch it again. Not sure whether you’re around in the Liverpool area in April or May but I hope to get over and pay you a visit.