Self Destruction (Wine Women 'n' Song)

Might as well break the ice here with a re-post to see how this works :astonished:

Self Destruction (Wine Women 'n Song)


Well copy & paste the video link embeds the video … simples

Heard this before, its a bit of alright.

On a serious note the frozen video looks like it was painted by Monet ! Mmmm.

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Well the link worked and it played. Tick that box.

Can’t actually recall what the search string in Pixabay was that threw up that image. I wanted something interesting and was resisting the urge to improve views by having a seductive thumbnail.

I am not hugely into painting (although dabbled a little and have a few art works hanging about the house) but do like Monet and impressionists. And that work by one Vincent who lends his name to the name of my electric.

OK if that was the original picture no problem. Could not recall it from AOVYP so thought it could be a presentation issue. No harm no foul. Just about to do an hours OM5 practice, then I’ll drop back in for a read, as you peeps have been busy. :crocodile:

It appears that when you drop in a link to a YT video then it automatically embeds the video using it’s thumbnail image and the ability to play in the message.

So if you wanted to use just the hyperlink so people went to YT to watch, like the video in YT, etc then we’ll need to figure out how to include a hyperlink in a post without this automated feature.

And I’d clicked on the video to play it and unlike on the Forum, you can type a reply while the video is playing in the original post.

Yeah, liked that feature !

So rather than just copy and paste that embeds the video, you can use the Insert Link button in the Edit Bar at the top of the edit window when posting. Simple really

David how did you do that? I’ve pasted a link to YT in my RC, but I want the video to play in the RC.

Maggie, there are two options. First copy the video URL from YT. Then just do a paste into the post and it will embed the video. If you don’t want it embedded then use the Insert Link button in the format bar at the top of the editing window.

I remember this good rockin’ cautionary tale of a tune. good to hear it again. :slight_smile:

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Hi David,
Rather remarkable - This sounds pretty close to the one posted in the old forum…
High marks for this one!

Thanks LBro. Promise the next AVOYP from me will be something new.

@CT look at me go, following your lead in the use of the animated GIF. This new platform makes it soooo easy. Such fun!

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I liked what you’ve done with this David. Very creative.

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…and you’ll get a badge!


@Willsie01 Glad you enjoyed

@sairfingers And badges for all. :thinking: :bulb: what if as users we could award a ‘Good Vibes’ badge to a fellow member. The kind of badge that can be received multiple times.

You rang ?? Feel free to save and use :sunglasses:

Yes I know the text ain’t centred but it was a bish bash bosh job !!

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Better ?

I have always kept an images folder for the pics I’ve dropped into the old forum via IMGUR and the like and have now created a New Community sub folder and collecting some gifts for you peeps !
Edit just like any browser, right click Save Image but you may have to convert from jfif to jpeg.

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