My First Beginner Blues Study

Nicely done, David. I have been practicing this very riff for a few weeks now. You have given me something to aspire to.
I will be happy when I can play the ‘beginner solo’ and ‘12 bar shuffle’ all the way through from memory. All that tech will just have to wait. I still haven’t figured out my Trio + :upside_down_face:

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This was great!!

This forum (inclusive of the original) is so full of inspiring moments - that’s a large part of the fun for me. Watching videos like this one spark the idea/motivation to learn something new.

@DavidP you just raised the bar on video production and self-accompanying!

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I’m still wrestling with the approach to replies on AVOYP Topics in our new Home …

“To just ‘like’ or to ‘Reply’, that is the question”

I hear the wish to keep Topics concise, but is that totally enabling of the sense of connection and appreciation we want to foster in this Community. Jury is still out for me.

I saw this from somebody else, and it feels like maybe a way for me to go.

As always, I appreciate the support and encouragement from all who’ve taken a look ‘n’ listen and Replied (extra " ’ " just for you @brianlarsen)

@SgtColon once one gets the hang of it, following the practice drills of Gr2-M13, it is simple but sounds great
@R.F.W I never anticipated the production path when I started off. Like everything it takes some time, in my case time away from actually playing, but if it floats your boat, then super fun and rewarding. And goes well with production of original songs that sound like a full band recording
@adi_mrok have a look at OBS Ninja, it really is super simple to set up and easy to add to the Scene setup in OBS
@DarrellW glad to hear you see some progress in being in the groove. Slowly slowly. One day I may post something from daddystovepipe and totally make your day :grin:
@Richard_close2u as always the challenge is time, balancing learning and practising, with learning songs songs songs, developing the Campfire repertoire with focus on Developer and Dreamer songs. But I am feeling inspired to try some more of the these
@stitch “SRV” :rofl: should I make such progress down the lead path then more likely to be trying to channel Gary Moore or Peter Green
@J.W.C OBS really does open up a whole host of possibilities, lowers the technical complexities of producing such a video. I bought Corel at a good price, but I expect there may be simpler options to achieve that result on a Windows platform (I imagine Apple probably takes care off this out-the-box)
@TheMadman it came together well from the first rough recording I inflicted on you
@RodC glad you enjoyed it, we’re here to learn and improve through sharing and if it is enjoyable as well, so much the better

For those how know me from the old Forum, I figure you’ll be thinking “Ah there’s the David we know and …”


And as I hit “Reply”, I discovered that at my current Trust Level, I could only @mention 10 people :unamused:

Perhaps at the next Trust Level that limit will be increased.

Nevermind, copy & paste, to post part 2 …

@LBro lots of your education and inspiration reflected in this one
@ChasetheDream Keep at it and you’ll get there, one bar at a time, slow and steady. I suggest you post questions about the Trio+ in the gear section as there are a number of folk here from the old Forum that have the Trio+ and have posted recordings made with it in the old AVOYP
@jsgreen As I said in the OP, you inspired me through the recordings you made of some of the Studies. Part of the power and beauty of this Community is that we all encourage and inspire each other. Given what you have shared so far, you have the play-grade to do what I did here. If you need help, have questions, about how to produce multi-track, then many here in the Community who can support you.

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@DavidP , great footage and really well played. I’ll check out Justin’s lesson later. Nice to see you experimenting with multi-tracking. Watch out, it can become addictive :fried_egg:

Just seeing if I can edit this post. David, will be you experimenting with the solo, slightly altering it, maybe adding a bend or two? You have the framework so its worth a try.



Indeed, @diademgrove. I’m already quite into the multi-tracking, generally for original songs or to create backing to improv over. On the former you probably missed the posting of my latest original here, not generally keen on bumping my own posts, but I think you may enjoy it.

That is a possibility. Though I should probably focus my learning on lead technique if I really want to progress this. Meanwhile, I am considering doing some more of Justin’s Blues Studies.

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I’ll listen later cricket’s on the radio, Australia are doing well :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

I think you should have a go at changing a few things before you look at Justin’s further studies. Its a way of working with the material you’ve got and preparing yourself for the next steps forward.

Good luck,


I’ll see how I go. I am feeling a first gentle pull to wanting to spend some time in Justin’s Blues Lead. Some of the other studies are more aligned to noodling the blues on my acoustic.

So merits on all the options and whatever I do next will keep me moving down the path.

David, that was groovy man! I hope in my next 4 years I can attempt that, but it may require more :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :grin:. What an inspiration!

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Scott, you are ever so kind. It is a bonus to me if something I do encourages others here, in the same way that I am inspired and encouraged by others.

If you’ve braved my Road Case, you’ll know I am not what I’d consider to be talented, nor do I practice with great intensity. But I am slow, steady, and methodical about following Justin’s programme.

I’ve read your RC, and if you maintain your current rate of progress then not unreasonable to be playing this yourself this in 12-18 months (depending on how you go). The lessons on which this is based are part of Grade 2.

Don’t be limiting yourself in terms of time based on the fact that I posted this after 5 years. Firstly, it wasn’t part of the Beginner Course when I did it. Secondly, after completing the BC, I chose to do other things rather than focus on learning lead and blues.

You can also do this on your acoustic, no reason not to.

Enjoy Grade 2 and look forward to enjoying you playing this when you get to Module 13.

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Good things going on here, David. I like what you’re doing in the blues. Next one my request would be to finish off the turnaround by playing back up rather than staying on the same note. Good video and performance. :+1:

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Thanks Dave. It is the first step. I hear you on walking back up at the end of the turnaround. I was totally focused on playing the Study as close to how it is composed by Justin. In time I can take the next step and launch from the Study to improvising. I am inspired to follow this blue brick road for a little while, see where it takes me.

I had a listen, I’m impressed, too me back to the 1960s in a good way. I liked the production as well. You’ve come a long way whilst I’ve been concentrating on my painting. I might be tempted to practice what i preach and play around with Justin’s lesson. It might be a way back to picking up the guitar more regularly.


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@diademgrove Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. There is only so much time in the day that one can dedicate to hobbies. You produce wonderful paintings that I am sure takes significant time. But more guitar and productions with Lynn and Dave would go down well :grin:

I did enjoy that David and the best thing was that it came across to me that you were enjoying it. The multi windows is so helpful in understanding the various parts so thanks for that.

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Thanks John. Glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun project.

Always an inspiration! Really enjoyed listening to that. Look forward to more.

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Wow, that sounded really really great. And thank you for sharing the technicalities, I just recorded my first full song from the Songs App (nowhere near to this level though :sweat_smile:) and I had some trouble.

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Wow David, that production effort seems like a HUGE step to me. You are the master of understatement. :wink: Loved the videos production, loved the multiple tracks and the lead was nicely done. Kudos to you.

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@skeldol Thanks Leon, much appreciated. I have just started trying to get the hang of string bending, which will certainly add to the lead play. And that has taken me right back into absolute beginner mode, with all the struggles that came with learning the first chords.

@swashata Thanks Swashata. Glad you enjoyed it and found the technicalities interesting. If you have questions about making recordings, post them up. There are a number of people who will be able to help you resolve your troubles

@frito Thanks Joe. The “small step” was specifically focused on the playing of the lead. The other elements (video, using the DAW, multi-track recording) have been developed, slow and steady, over the last couple of years, one small step at a time. And being able to produce this project now was extremely satisfying.