Sevi's Sweat and Tears (aka learning log)

Yes, I love that we can do that :+1:t5: Thanks for the kind words, I’ll take them to heart and try not being so impatient with myself :hibiscus:

8. Juli 2024
Still not much time for learning, but I worked on 16 note strumming for ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and ‘Anyone for you’. It went well-ish; I recorded myself to find out if I keep my strumming hand moving troughout, and yes, I do. I still need to do it slower, which I really don’t want to do. Also, I do something weird with the pick. You can hear it clicking on the corpus of the guitar, and I don’t think it’s supposed to do that.

Picking has not changed that much, but I tried picking with the western guitar, which has a smaller neck, and I think it went better with the stretching out of my thumb? idk.

I did another session today, and weirdly, I got both F and B barre chords to ring out right multiple times, which is a huge win. I haven’t practiced them in a while, and it’s very weird that it worked today. It hurt after a few attempts, so I stopped, but it’s so weird.

That’s good Sevi, I’m also fighting with new chords (Dm, G atm) and it’s pretty hard, buzzing and weird noises are back too. That’s the way to learn, Rince and repeat.

We’ll make it, I’m sure!

@Gyall We will persevere, like so many before us, and we will enjoy the ride. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? And music, of course :smile:

Dm is a nice chord, I like it. Dunno why, but I do. I recently saw Justin playing it with fourth finger instead of third, and I went ‘Yeah, that’s probably lots easier’, but learning it with the first three fingers helped me with stretching my fingers, so I’ll just leave it as is, I think.

10. Juli 2024
I realised something today: scale practice is ideal for the boring parts of the online course I’m taking atm. Because my hands are busy, I can still follow the discussion without falling asleep, which helps my brain distill the useful parts from hours of drivel. It’s a little bit like magic math, where

1 boring thing (scale practice) + 1 other boring thing (endless discussions) = 1 quite satisfying practice/learning session

I got the E minor pentatonic scale down this way, and I started on C major as well. Yay for boring online trainings, I guess? :laughing:


12. Juli 2024
I think I overdid it today. I played my scales while doing the online course, then tried some new scale shapes after that (need more stretching before I can do it though), practiced some strumming, then sang a few songs and practiced my 16th note strumming some more. I don’t know how long I played exactly, but my fretting hand is a bit sore. I try taking it easy the next few days.

I also had an exam on Thursday, and I found playing songs an excellent relief for exam stress. I love music :star_struck:

14. Juli 2024
I tried some tentative improvisation on the C major scale today, just on my own, no backing track no nothing. It was fun.

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