Sharath - June 2023 - 1st post of me playing, need some feedback & tips

Hello everyone,

I’ve started playing guitar in oct 2022, I’ve been using justinguitar from the start.

now I am doing Grade 2 Beginner practice.

I was quite nervous and hesitant to post till now, but now I have finally decided to do it.

please give me some constructive criticism and tips to improve.

I play ONE by U2, I have used D D D DU UD DUDU strumming pattern over the Chords suggested by Justin

thank you.

Here’s the link to my video :


Hi Sharath,
Your fist video ,that is a big thing :partying_face: :sunglasses:
And I thought you did a great job your strumming arm was in constant motion your fingering is almost all in the right place on the fretboard close against the frets (better than I do when playing most of the time)…maybe other people see a point that needs to be noticed(?) , but I see a lot of things that would make me happy after such a short time … great job and keep it up. :clap:

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Thank you so much :smile:

You’re strumming hand keeps moving, chord changes are good as well. Didn’t see any thing wrong.
When you are comfortable you should be singing as well.

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Hey Sherath,

Congratulations on your first post. Feels good to get that initial one done hey?

Firstly, good steady pick attack, strumming and rhythm - super important. Not the easiest strum pattern early on either. And it will only get better, so you’re on winner there.

Your chords are pretty clear too, and pretty close to the frets, so well done there too. Some flying fingers here and there, but thats 100% normal early on, and will settle as time goes on, and tension lessens.
So, looks like you’re setting some solid foundations there Sherath.
Keep posting mate, and reach out anytime. Look forward to your continued progress.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

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Hi Sharath :grin: and congrats on your first recording :clap:
Nothing to be nervous about, though i know it is nerve wrecking.
Thought you did very good! As the other has mentioned. Nice even strumming. Nice chord changes. Everything looked «thight and clean»
Easy to see that you have put down a lot of hours the last months.
Keep it up! Its a lot to be happy about :+1:

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yeah feels so good.

thank you for the wonderfull feedback.

thank you :blush:

All I see is a pretty good foundation of technique :+1: smooth strumming and chord changes, really well done :clap: keep at it, you’re progressing really well :v:

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Congrats on the first video!
Keep playing, and have fun!!!

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thank you :smile:

thank you and sure :blush: :+1:

Congratulations on your first video post. For the short time you have been playing its good. The good thing is you keep your strumming hand moving all the time. Only thing I could see was on your G (I think) chord with your index finger looking in a really odd position.

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Congratulations on your first video, personally, I didn’t hear anything that I would consider wrong in your playing.

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Nicely done, and congratulations on your first posted video!

I think it sounded great! From the video, your wrist looks a bit stiff and so you could maybe work on loosening it up, but to be honest, I couldn’t actually hear any ill effects of that. The strumming sounded great and you kept a good steady beat.

Keep it up!

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Congrats on your first video! That’s a big step!

As you progress, you’ll get into dynamics a bit more. It seems to come in chunks, or waves I guess, but it adds some variation to your playing, without having to do anything specifically different. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I kind of think of it as a part of your relationship with your guitar. Justin has some good stuff on dynamics.

Awesome stuff, keep jamming :+1:

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Good progress so far.

I’d suggest you work on relaxing your strumming and adding some dynamic feel to it. It felt a bit too active and monotonous for One. Adjust the pattern through a song.

I noticed your non-fretting fingers were a bit wild, try to have them relaxed and closer. Will make changes faster.

Keep practicing!

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You are doing well and other posters have left some great feedback.

The only thing I would add is that if you are going to post videos on Reditt,I wouldn’t pay too much attention the reditt comments. The feedback you get on this site will be a lot better and more constructive.


I think you are doing just fine. Following Justin’s lessons and advancing well. Looks like great progress after not even a year in yet. Hope to see you post again soon. I enjoy watching the progress people make from this site.

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Hey Sharath
Congratulations on your first post! :smiley:
Looks and sounds great to me. You’ve made amazing progress from only Oct 22! :slight_smile: :+1: :clap:

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