She's Electric - Oasis (Cover)

Hey guys!

Didn’t plan to do a cover this week but just learned this the other day, felt like a good chance to post my first public video on youtube (although no person on earth will see it most probably :rofl: ).

Super fun song to practice barre chords, lots of mistakes here and there but had a blast playing it.




Loved it Kevin!!

Youre strumming and singing is very very good!!
Have to admit that i dont know Oasis very much, even though i grew up with them. I was over on the grunge side not the brit pop at the time…

Well done Kevin. Always a blast watching you play.

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Awesome take on a great song!! Good job!! I could barley tell any mistakes nice!

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Fantastic Kevin,

Chords and strumming very true to the original, and wouldn’t be complete without the ahh’s at the end :grin: brilliant.

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So good! Well done! :clap: :clap: :grinning:

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Sounded great. Really suits your voice and playing was ace.

This was one of my first CDs as a teenager. Got a mini hifi for Christmas one year with two CDs, Weezer and Oasis.

So I ended up knowing most of the words to those albums playing them on repeat. Always wondered - blister? Why is the blister relevant? Aside from it being one of the words that rhymes with sister… still works though for a rocking song :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Wow Kevin. That was terrific!!

Great strumming and singing :clap::clap:

I’m so jealous of all of you that can strum and sing along. I think is something l have to fix for my consolidation of grade 2 :grimacing:

Beautiful guitar as well, btw.

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That was great Kevin seems like a proper workout with all those barre chords! Nothing to be shy about in terms of public appearance on youtube, sounded really good to my ear! :wink:

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That was great, Kevin. You have that ability to learn songs and be able to play and sing them quickly, without noticeable (to me) flubs … I confess to being envious :grin:


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Great song and definitely a big favourite for me to play. As you say great for a barre chord workout. Nicely played and sung.

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Great song for a barré workout, Sittin on the dock of the bay is another great one if you ditch the open chords!
Enjoyed your playing and singing, very nicely done!

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@tRONd Thanks Trond, this was more of a fun song compared to what I was doing lately, really enjoyed doing it. I was also very into Nirvana until I listened to Live Forever :sweat_smile:
Britpop is not for everyone but I love the melodies, can’t help it! You could always do a grunge take on it, that would be interesting!

@Bytron08 Thank you Byron, can’t miss with a classic like this one.

@liaty Thank you Dave, it comes out naturally after listening to those albums a million times :rofl:

@grayal Cheers! Some day I’ll step up and do Oasis with my Epiphone Dot, then I’ll be electric too :sweat_smile:

@jkahn Thanks so much JK, although Oasis had a number of nonsense songs this one always stood out to me, what does it mean? who cares! lots of inspiration and…other things going on at that time :joy:

@Rumil Gracias Edgar! It will click if you work it, like everything. Always start with songs with a melody that goes along with the strumming pattern, it’s a lot easier to begin with. I still have to put the time to get comfortable with a song and be able to get the melody and the guitar part right, but it’s worth it if you enjoy it.
And yes, Epiphone does make a killer Jumbo.

@adi_mrok Thank you Adrian, I hope to post all my next stuff publicly, but for now this is yet another milestone.

@DavidP Thanks David, this is a song that I’ve listened to many many times so that played a big part in it, I already knew it inside out, just had to practice the chord changes basically. I guess we all have that feeling when we see someone else, but we should always try to compare ourselves with our own situation, and be proud of our own improvements!

@Rossco01 Thank you Jason, it’s great when you play something for yourself and for the pure enjoyment of it. This is one of those things. Cheers!

@DarrellW Thank you Darrel. Another option is choosing a song that you already know with open chords and switching them up for barred. Gotta build strength though, I had to take a breather after playing this a couple of times :joy:

Cheers everyone, thanks for listening. Like & subscribe :rofl:


Play G as an E shape barré on 3rd fret, B7 as E7 barré on 7th fret, C as E barré on 8th fret, then run down from C to A (E barré) etc….


Hi Kevin,
Very cheerful sounding and smoothly played chords and also fits well with your voice :sunglasses:
Greetings ,Rogier

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I enjoyed your version Kevin. Nicely played and sung

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@roger_holland Thanks Rogier, props to the guy who wrote it :rofl:

@R.F.W Glad you enjoyed it Rob!

Fab, love it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great work Kevin, really enjoyed it. Can’t beat a bit of old Mancunian Rock but I am still searching for the mistakes you mentioned in the intro ? Did you post the wrong take ? :rofl:


Ahhhh, Kevin, that was brilliant. One of their best songs I think and you really did it justice. :clap: :+1:

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