Silent Lucidity - Queensryche - a campfire version?

Following from some questions by Levi @JohnnyBeGoode hereabout approaches to playing songs that he likes that do not necessarily have strumming …

In which he mentioned that he has been learning Silent Lucidity - the intro before the other instruments come in …

I saw it as a challenge to tab out the arpeggiated guitar part and add another track of an acoustic guitar strumming chords to accompany it.

Here is what I came up with :slightly_smiling_face:

NOTE - until about 90 minutes ago I had never heard this song before.

TAB for the picking part:

TAB for the strumming part:

I have not written chords above the bars but the whole song uses only G, Em, C, Am and D.
Audio of both parts together:


Hi Richard,
No sound here…
Queensryche…that brings back memories. This was the first (real) band I saw as a 16 year old boy…what did I have to beg to go there with my parents…and how strange that they eventually y said YES :flushed:… they must have had enough of my nagging :grimacing:…Well ,that’s how I got my beautiful wife…she just finally said yes to be rid of it for a while I believe… :innocent: (Now 25 years later I’m on the safe side :smile:)

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Richard up until 2 minutes ago I had never heard of it but unfortunately Soundcloud is saying the tracks does not exist. Checked your SC “place ???” and looked at tracks and it is not listed.


Try soundcloud now … my bad, set to private.

Yes ,it`s working :grin:

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Cool just played the first 12 bars unplugged on the Gretsch sounds very nice. Now I’ll check your !!

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Chord progression works for me and compliments to arpeggio. Ha my attempt sounded nothing like that, due to timing and feel I suspect playing “deaf” as it were. I must have played straight 16th and did not let that first 8th hang ! This may an interesting piece to learn form. But off to check the original.

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Thanks Toby. Note - I rushed to finish and wasn’t happy with something so have revisited and updated. All TAB and the audio are now slightly amended from those originally posted.

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OK cool, will take a look and listen later. Its actually helped me on a couple of songs with similar type intros that I have been struggling with a little.

I wouldn’t mind hearing more than 12 bars on a plugged in Gretsch with a touch of reverb or delay and some subtle Bigsby action on the chords that are sustained for a full bar!

The fire’s getting full but I’ll see if I can find another iron! After a week of little playing I need to get back to some basics. Revisit my possible candidates for the OM, which is where the intro comes in, finally settle on my Licks In the Key of E BT for the next noodle and get some Grade 3 tech stuff down. Let alone a handful of half learnt songs and a rewrite of an original from way back. Like I need another distraction. :rofl:

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No idea what the original sounds like, Richard, but your SC sounds pretty cool. And super generous to take the effort and share for Levi, and Toby as it turns out :grin:

Hi David,
I will certainly make use of this, so Richard’s efforts are again highly appreciated here :sunglasses:… I could have been a little clearer about that :smiling_face:


This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Glad to see I’m introducing it to all these people. I don’t know why, but I often love hearing songs that switch from a major chord to the minor chord three keys below. “Woman in Chains” by Tears for Fears is another song I love that does that. Thanks a lot, Richard, for taking the time to make this!
Btw, this song is about lucid dreaming, if anyone was wondering.


Hoi Levi
Never knew, funny…Thanks… This was one of my favorite songs in the past, not heard for 20(?) years, and since 2,5 years my nights are finally stable… and my whole life I have such dreams very often…I “pulled” myself out of the nightmares with it…only a few times were such dreams okay with me when this lucid dreaming happened. …in the past at least once a night…now a little less often since well…2,5 years :smiley:… (Sorry for all that extra information…your own fault :wink: :grin: )

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I love this tune… it’s one of my favorites… thanks for the tab @Richard_close2u
probably doesn’t sound quite right on an electric(the finger picking part that is) but someday i’ll have an acoustic.