Silvia's Learning Log

Hi Silvia,
How good to read and good to see and hear :sunglasses: :clap: … this is a very good exercise :sunglasses: … someday I should do that too…a bit , maybe very maybe, a little … I think,hope …flip coin … right? Well, we’ll see, but it would be good if I ever did something like that :roll_eyes::hear_no_evil:
Super… :sunglasses:

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Hello Rogier, it’s nice to hear from you :hugs: I wonder what the reason of your hesitation is? :thinking: Please let me know. Greetings :blush:

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You put me to work now :grimacing:…the problem is twofold :roll_eyes:…the first one I am getting over a little and there is one song where I carefully try to sing some lyrics where my own ears don’t tend to blow/switch my brain out,I am quite sensitive in that area :confused: …I can hardly listen to myself while singing (usually not at all)…
And 2:
Most of the time I have to deal with a fellow resident and this is about exactly what happens and that is also normally accompanied by some noise … I hope I can get the photos small, otherwise it will be late me my wife look after it so as not to have those full screen pictures here (David if you read this can you edit it?)

First before ,second after about 3 minutes, 3rd within 5 minutes (and this is not the first time and sometimes she jumps on my lap (only when I whistle (in tune) she meows really loud)

Always be careful what you ask me :see_no_evil:


Hi Sylvia, again, it was a nice reading through your update and I feel, that you are so motivated and you are working with such a great dedication to master your challenges! That’s very motivating, even if I’m on another path, but from there, I’m waving to you with a big smile in my face :slightly_smiling_face:
Loved your video, you are blessed with your voice and being able to sing the whole piece in tune. Great approach!


Ooo Rogier…she’s so sweeeeet! And if she meows it will be a wonderful duet…eh :wink::smiley_cat: What’s her name? Thanks for these beautiful pictures :heart_eyes: I’m sorry I can’t help you with the not earing your voice difficulty…if you’re singing along something you should perceive being in tune or not…I wish to you that little by little, you’ll improve this…the best way is enjoying what you do…so do what you enjoy most! Thanks again for the pictures, much appreciated!

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Hi Thanks that you like it and don’t experience it as spam… her name is Poes (Dutch for female cat) she came over from the neighbors …looking for peace/no children …and never left…

And I can hear very well whether I sing in tune right away or not (but it’s always not until now :roll_eyes:) that’s not the problem my ears are good ( …until my puberty I sing every day…always the leading role in the school plays, parents of some classmates and 2 old teachers have it sometimes about how I sang so beautifully back in the day…I’ve heard so many times that I had to participate in …Children For Children… Where did it go wrong??? Oh puberty :speak_no_evil:
Perhaps the time will come when Cat goes out a bit longer (she almost always stays inside, 5 / 6 x 10 minutes outside max)…
But I can now fully devote myself to the guitar, I`m happy :blush:…but I can play along with so many songs that with a little singing…dream dream dream :grin:…I love the now :sunglasses:
Greetings and I keep my ears near you :blush: :grin:

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Thank you for your comment Andrea :blush:

I find that the simple imitation of what I’m listening works really well, also, following the dots going up and down the stave gives me a clear idea where my voice needs to go.

I actually did a lot of good (I think) practice since January, in April I’m slowing down a bit, I’ll be less structured and take things a bit easier. Also this past week neck ache killed me and I didn’t practice much…but I don’t feel guilty, there’s no point in practicing if it’s not enjoyable, right?

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Ah, your updates are like a ray of sunshine. The amount of enjoyment you’re getting from playing shines really strong.

The idea of singing parts before playing - I wonder if this somehow matches the other discussion about neuroplasticity - that the mind starts to make connections then expect the melody when the guitar is being played?

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Hi Silvia,

I am inspired by your patience and dedication to doing things step by step (baby steps). You have a great attention to detail and you’re very organized in your lessons. That is something I need to improve on myself. Your teacher from years ago ought to be ashamed of being so harsh. You are very talented and a true teacher should find that talent and help to improve it.

For Uke, I saw an amazing performer about 2 weeks ago who did an entire show of Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake style music all with the little ukulele in hand. He even did Gangster’s paradise on the Uke with a great rhythm. I don’t know a lot about that instrument, but it was inspiring what kind of talent we can all have if we work at it consistently. I wish I would have recorded a song or 2 to share.

Happy strumming


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Hello, thanks for your words of appreciation…I’m well motivated to keep doing this short clips if they bring a ray of sunshine :sun_with_face::pray::sun_with_face:

I think that is what happens, but also that there’s a lot more than that. I started reading The Inner Game of Music this morning (one of Justin’s late recomendation) and I happened to think this is somehow one of my ways to play that game, I mean the singing, approaching the piece in a natural way, doing what a child would do, such as imitating and working my way around technique. After all Legato is natural when we sing, why not practicing it through singing? One works hours with the metronome to play scales for hands synchronization but when you play, it won’t sound good if you’re costantly thinking if your hands are synchronized enough and judging yourself on how much this or that note sounded Legato…but if you have sung the piece and felt and experienced Legato it’s more likely you’ll be able to play it…it makes much sense in my head, does it make sense to you as well?

Jeff…it’s not talent, it’s practice! Haha…
Seriously, each one of us has his/her own talents and you’re absolutely right about true Teachers…we’re blessed we have Justin that can so wonderfully bring out our potential…it doesn’t matter the genre, if it’s rock or classical or whatever, it’s the mindset that counts and how wide his educational resourses and perspectives are. Happy strumming to you too…I could see you’re well on your way to have that relaxed consistent smooth movement of the arm :blush:

You definetely want to have a try…it’s way easier than strumming an acoustic and has such a joyful sound. It’s really super easy and I was nicely surprised to see how playing it is beneficial for my Rhythm skills and strumming development!


Another superb update to your learning log, Silvia.

Learning the lyrics off by heart really helps master the melody faster.

It is great that you are spending time learning to use the pick as as I’m sure that you will have great fun learning hybrid picking in the future.

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Hi Silvia. What makes a melody sound good goes for me beyond striking the right notes but including a lot of subtleties that if you are able to sing them it can help to play them in the guitar. Than you for sharing.

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Hello, Sylvia. Just finished reading your learning log. Love your process. You have very lovely presentation. I see you are feeling the music in your facial expressions and body language. I always enjoy listening to you and watching your progress.

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Of course James…in another life maybe :joy::blush::wink:…I can tell you I sometimes already feel pretty much overwhelmed with all the stuff I have on my plate at the moment! Thanks for checking my progress out, I really appreciate it and brings a smile on my face, as I know you’re on this same journey ( no, it doesn’t really matter if it’s blues or classical or whatever) :blush:

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Hello Andres, thank you :blush: I do agree with you…there is so much more than striking the right note…now I wish I could strike the right note with less effort though! :joy: But maybe the effort itself, the finding that note when you need it on the instrument…that always gives a great sense of satisfaction as well! Singing helps me really…at the moment bass notes have been introduced in my method book…singing them it’s not that easy but I’ m trying anyway: if I can sing the melody then I’ll be able to hear it in my mind…and if I can play it in my mind then I’m sure I’ll be able to enjoy it on the guitar…hope I don’t sound
crazy :roll_eyes:

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Hello Pamela,thank you for being always so kind to me! I’m glad indeed you found my learning log interesting. I love sharing both my little victories and big struggles…I suppose it’s the same for each one of us…the hard work, the enjoyment, the doubts, the lingering, the finally nailing it… a learning log is the perfect place to collect it all!


It looks like you are very busy, it is humbling to see how much effort you are putting into this process, it is turning out great.

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@RadekSiechowicz Thanks Radek! I’ve been a bit down with health this month and slowed down…I’m just going to post my update right now. Cheers.

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  • No structured Practice Routine, no Technique exercises :partying_face::grin::innocent::wink:

  • Consistent practice on the Classical Guitar Method Book - Revisiting all the materials - Bass Notes Accompainement Melodies introduced - Excellent attempt at combining chords and melody (A Fairy Tale) :heartbeat::cupid::sparkling_heart::gift_heart::heartpulse:

  • THE INNER GAME OF MUSIC: I read the first 3 chapters and found myself so well described through most of the concepts the book is about. As I started reading the fourth chapter I thought I’d better do some observation of myself while applying some of the inner game principles, before moving on with the reading; once done I re-read the first 3 chapters and cried a few tears for being such a j…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: to my own self: am I going anywhere by keeping on calling myself “rhythmically challenged”, my neurons “lazy”, my ear “weak”, my overall cognitive functioning “uncertain” ?!! Will I be able to really PLAY my loved chord melodies by costantly struggling with my own self and constantly fearing to make mistakes?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: A real eyes-opener…if this expression ever exists in English :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  • WIND OF CHANGE: I didn’t progress much with the arrangement, I decided instead to apply the Inner Game ideas to it and I allowed myself to play it and not “trying to play it”. I also stopped my overtrying, I allowed for mistakes and I’m quite happy with my results insofar…a lot of work on myself needs to be done, and this confirms how much a journey of personal growth learning to play an instrument is.

  • STRUMMING: …Oops, I strummed much more my uke than my acoustic guitar…a lot of fun with some of my campfire songs and messing around with Proud Mary…but now I’m back to my picks and acoustic to keep on the good work I’ve done insofar :innocent:

  • NEW GEAR AND HEALTH ISSUES : due to my persistent cervical pain I bought an ergo-play support for my classical guitar and a strap for my acoustic guitar in order to avoid the foot stool (that’s also why I preferred the uke) I feel very much at my ease with both and with the acoustic I’m now exploring standing up. I finally decided to do an MRI at the beginning of April but the physiatrist could see me only today and I’ll start a functional rehabilitation program in a couple of weeks in order to improve the present reduced articular mobility. I’ m a bit discouraged about all this but happy at the same time, as the doctress has been very kind and said there are a lot of things that can be done and that the physiotherapist will show me.

  • MICHELA&SILVIA DUETS: my colleague and I met a few times after work, I play she sings…she’s such a beautiful voice! Hopefully more about that on the AVOYP section soon!